Historical geography

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Dr. Simon T. Loseby
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: Late antique and early medieval history and archaeology, esp. cities; exchange systems; Gaul/Francia; the Mediterranean; Gregory of Tours.
Professor Dawn M. Hadley
Prof. of Med. Archaeol., Sheffield, Department of Archaeology and Prehistory
Research interests: Medieval archaeology; society, economy and settlement in the Anglo-Saxon period; Vikings; gender.
Dr. Rossano Balzaretti
Sen. Lecturer in Med. History, Nottingham, School of History
Dr. Helen Fenwick
Lecturer in Archaeol., Hull, Department of History
Research interests: Medieval settlement; landscape archaeology and G.I.S..
Professor Stephen J. Rippon
Prof. of Landscape Archaeol., Exeter, Archaeology
Research interests: History of landscape; wetland archaeology.
Mr. John B. Mitchell
Reader in History of Art, East Anglia, School of World Art Studies and Museology
Research interests: Art, architecture and material culture of early medieval Europe.
Dr. Peter M. Warner
Cambridge, Homerton College
Research interests: Landscape archaeology; origins of the shire; Suffolk.
Dr. Christopher P. Callow
Lecturer in Med. History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Medieval Iceland; early medieval history and archaeology.
Professor Nicholas P. Brooks
Emeritus Prof. of Med. History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon and central medieval history and archaeology.
Dr. Fèlix Racine
Lecturer in Anc. History, Saint Andrews, Department of Ancient History and Church History
Research interests: Cultural and intellectual history of Roman Empire, Roman stagecraft and foreign relations; ancient and medieval travel and geography; childhood and education in antiquity.
Dr. Jonathan Kissock
Sen. Lecturer, Newport, department of History
Research interests: Freehold land market; feet of fines.
Professor Margaret Walsh
Emerita Prof. of American Econ. and Soc. History, Nottingham, School of American and Canadian Studies
Research interests: Long-distance bus industry in U.S.; Americanca's working women; the American West.
Professor Jeremy P. Boulton
Prof., Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Poor and Poor Law in early modern England; London 1500-1750.
Ms. Elizabeth Williamson
Executive Editor, $Victoria County History$, London: Institute of Historical research
Research interests: Historyric environment; architectural history.
Professor David C. Gentilcore
Prof. of History, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Social and cultural history of early modern Italy; history of medicine; food history.
Dr. Karen R. Jones
Lecturer, Kent at Canterbury, School of History
Research interests: The American West; environmental history.
Dr. Timothy J. Cole
Prof. of Econ. and Soc. History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: Holocaust ghettoisation in Hungary; representations of the Holocaust post-1945.
Dr. Mark Hennessy
Lecturer in Geog., Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin), Department of categories
Research interests: Historical geography of medieval Ireland.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. William H. Whyte
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, St. John's College
Research interests: How investigation of the built and natural environment affects existing narratives about modern British and European history, architecture, institutions such as schools, universities and churches.
Dr. Renaud Morieux
university Lecturer, Cambridge, Jesus College
Research interests: 18th c. British and French history; migrations, borders, maritime spaces, war captivity, trade and interest groups.
Professor Tom Beaumont James
Prof. Emeritus, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: English urban history; elite architecture; archaeology and landscape; demography and death.