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Molina Fellowship in the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens (USA)
Contact: Committee on Fellowships,
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Dr. Katharina Rowland
Sen. Lecturer, Roehampton, History Programme
Research interests: History of childhood; women's and gender history; history of medicine.
Dr. Elise Smith
Assistant Prof. of History of Medicine, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: History of medicine in Britain and the British Empire during modern period.
Dr. Clare Hickman
Lecturer, Chester, Department of History and Archaeology
Research interests: Medical humanities; landscape and garden history.
Dr. Irina Metzler
Res. Fellow in Medical Humanities, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Medieval disability; medieval European culture.
Dr. Michael C. Bressalier
Lecturer in History of Medicine, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Modern medicine, 19-20th c.; history of disease; international health; animals and history; global history.
Dr. Piero Tassinari
Lecturer in Classical Greek and Latin, Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: Ancient medicine and the Galenic tradition.
Dr. Katherine Foxhall
Lecturer in Mod. Hist, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Migration; British Empire; health; medicine.
Professor Deborah J. Oxley
Prof. of Soc. Sc. History, Oxford, All Souls College
Research interests: Height and health in history; micro-economics of the household; penal transportation to Australia; coercive labour systems; colonial Australian development; crime and punishment in Britain and Ireland.
Professor Mark Harrison
Prof. of the History of Medicine, Oxford, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Research interests: History of disease and medicine, especially in relation to the history of war and imperialism 17th-20th c.; history of medicine and British imperial expansion, $c$.1700-1850.
Professor Ruth Harris
Prof. of Mod. Eur. History, Oxford, New College
Research interests: 19th and 20th c. European history; religious, cultural and intellectual themes.
Dr. Erica Charters
University Lecturer, Oxford, Wolfson College
Research interests: Disease, state power, warfare and how these intersect in the 18th c., esp. in colonial contexts.
Professor Laurence W.B. Brockliss
Prof. of Early Mod. French History, Oxford, Magdalen College
Research interests: Early modern French education; science and medicine.
Dr. Emma Spary
Reader in Mod. Eur. History, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Health; nutrition; medical chemistry; the Parisian corporations; the French food and drugs trade.
Professor Simon R.S. Szreter
Prof. of History and Public Policy, Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: History of demographic, social and economic change in Britain since *c*.1750; history of international thought in the empirical social sciences and demography.
Dr. Sujit P. Sivasundaram
Reader in World and Imp. History, Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College
Research interests: History of Pacific, S. and S.E. Asia; global history of science, medicine, archaeology, culture, Buddhism and Christianity.
Dr. Alice Reid
Cambridge, Churchill College
Research interests: Child health and mortality in 19th and 20th c. Britain.