Philosophy of history

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Professor Janet Coleman
Prof. of Anc. and Med. Pol. Thought, London: London School of Economics, Department of Government
Research interests: Ancient, medieval and Renaissance political history; pre-modern theories of state and church.
Mr. Ian S. Moxon
Lecturer in Anc. History, Leeds, School of History
Professor David C. Gentilcore
Prof. of History, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Social and cultural history of early modern Italy; history of medicine; food history.
Dr. Alan Marshall
Lecturer, Bath Spa, School of Historical and Cultural Studies
Research interests: Cromwellian and Restoration Britain; the coal industry in N.E. England, 1800-50; military and espionage history, 1600-1899.
Dr. Richard D. Whatmore
Reader in Intellectual History, Sussex, School of History
Research interests: French and British intellectual history 1700-1900.
Dr. W. Stuart Howard
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sunderland, School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture
Research interests: Literature of labour; history of coalmining.
Mr. Paul Wood
Sen. Lecturer in Art History, Open, Department of Art History
Research interests: Theory of modern art.
Dr. Richard I. Winton
Lecturer in Classical Stud., Nottingham, Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies
Research interests: Thucydides.
Mr. Howard J. Wickes
Princ. Lecturer in History, Northumbria, School of Arts and Social Sciences
Research interests: Descartes; 17th c. natural philosophy.
Professor John V. Pickstone
Emeritus Prof. of the History of Knowledges, C.H.S.T.M., Manchester, Centre for History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Research interests: 19th-20th c. French science; medicine, science and technology 1750-present; local history and heritage; contemporary history.
Dr. Guido Giglioni
Cassamarca Lecturer in Neo-Latin Cultural and Intellectual History, 1400-1700, London: Warburg Institute
Research interests: Early modern science, medicine and philosophy.
Professor Mary J.A. Fulbrook
Prof. of German History, Department of German, London: university College, Department of German
Research interests: Social history of G.D.R.; German national identity.
Professor Justin A.I. Champion
Prof. of History, London: Royal Holloway university of London, Department of History
Research interests: Cultural and material history of the Bible 1500-1800.
Professor P. Glenn Burgess
Prof. of History, Hull, Department of History
Research interests: Tudor and Stuart political thought.
Professor Joseph L. Melling
Prof. of History of Medicine and Industry, Exeter, History
Research interests: History of industrial supervision; lunacy.
Dr. Tom Webster
Lecturer in Brit. History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: 17th c. English religious history; early modern ecclesiastical architecture; philosophy of history.
Dr. Kevin Passmore
Reader in Mod. History, Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: The Right and extreme Right in France since 1870.
Professor Niall M. Sharples
Prof. of Archaeol., Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: Brochs; hillforts; chambered tombs; history of archaeology.
Professor Bruce A. Haddock
Prof. in Mod. Eur. Soc. and Pol. Thought, Sch. of Eur. Stud., Cardiff, School of European Studies
Research interests: Modern European federal theory; politics and culture in Italy and Romania.
Professor Simon R.S. Szreter
Prof. of History and Public Policy, Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: History of urbanisation; public health; fertility; sexuality; socio-demographic thought.
Professor John C. Robertson
Prof. of History of Pol. Thought, Cambridge, Clare College
Research interests: History of political thought.
Dr. V. Martyn Housden
Reader in Mod. History, Bradford, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Patrick Finney
Sen. Lecturer in Int. History, Aberystwyth, Department of International Politics
Research interests: Origins of World War II; collective memory; Greece and Balkans; Holocaust; theory.
Professor Peter Mack
Director, Prof. of the History of the Classical Tradition, London: Warburg Institute
Research interests: Renaissance literature, rhetoric and thought.