AD 1-500

Mr. Stephen P. Roskams
Lecturer in Archaeol., York, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Roman and medieval urbanism; Roman-medieval transitions; Marxism.
Professor Julian D. Richards
Prof. of Archaeol., York, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlement and burial.
Professor Martin O.H. Carver
Emeritus Prof. of Archaeol., York, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Archaeology of medieval Europe.
Dr. Dan Levene
Reader in History, Southampton, Department of History
Research interests: Magic bowls.
Dr. Niall P. Finneran
Reader in Archaeol., p/t, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: Late antique/early medieval Ethiopia, Egypt, western Asia; post-Roman western Britain; archaeology of early Christianity; historical archaeology in the Caribbean.
Dr. Nigel Pollard
Lecturer, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Roman history.
Professor Richard D. Oram
Prof. of History, Stirling, Department of History
Research interests: Scottish history $c$.800-1300; the medieval environment.
Dr. Simon T. Loseby
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: Late antique and early medieval history and archaeology, esp. cities; exchange systems; Gaul/Francia; the Mediterranean; Gregory of Tours.
Professor Glynis E.M. Jones
Prof. of Archaeol., Sheffield, Department of Archaeology and Prehistory
Research interests: Archaeobotany; statistics; biomolecules.
Dr. Charlotte Behr
Sen. Lecturer, Roehampton, History Programme
Research interests: Migration period gold bracteates.
Dr. Bryan R. Ward-Perkins
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Trinity College
Research interests: Mediterranean region in the period of transition from the Roman world to that of the middle ages $c$.300-700; urban and economic history.
Dr. Peter J. Thonemann
Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: History and archaeology of pre-Islamic Turkey; Greek epigraphy, particularly of Asia Minor; land tenure and village life in the Byzantine world.
Mrs. Averil M. Cameron
Oxford, Keble College
Dr. Christopher Loveluck
Lecturer in Archaeol., Nottingham, Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies
Research interests: Societies in Europe A.D. 400-1500.
Dr. Jane L. Webster
Sen. Lecturer in History Archaeol., Newcastle upon Tyne, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Historical archaeology, esp. the study of colonialism.
Dr. Scott Ashley
Lecturer in Early Med. History, Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Christianity; social memory; Carolingian Renaissance; Vikings; ethnicity.
Professor Alexander Samely
Prof. of Jewish Thought, Manchester, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
Research interests: Talmudic literature; Hebrew manuscripts.
Professor Andrew D.E. Lewis
Prof. of Comparative Legal History, Fac. of Laws, London: university College, Faculty of Laws
Research interests: Montesquieu's $Collectio Juris$ (for an edition); history of tithes.
Professor Kate Cooper
Prof. of Eccles. History, Manchester, Department of Religions and Theology
Research interests: Late antiquity: gender; rise of Christianity; pagans and Christians.
Professor J.N. Peregrine B. Horden
Prof. in History of Medicine, London: Royal Holloway university of London, Department of History
Research interests: Healthcare in N.W. Europe and E. Mediterranean $c$.250-$c$.850.
Professor Janet Coleman
Prof. of Anc. and Med. Pol. Thought, London: London School of Economics, Department of Government
Research interests: Ancient, medieval and Renaissance political history; pre-modern theories of state and church.
Professor John Lowden
Prof. of History of Art and Head of Stud. for the Med. and Byz. categories, London: Courtauld Institute of Art, Department of History of Art
Research interests: Medieval art, esp. the illuminated manuscript between late antiquity and the end of the middle ages.
Dr. Neil J. Christie
Reader in Archaeol., Leicester, School of Archaeology and Ancient History
Research interests: Barbarian Europe; late Roman-early medieval Italy.
Professor Ian N. Wood
Prof. of Early Med. History, Leeds, School of History
Research interests: Missionary hagiography; transformation of the Roman world; modern historiography of late antiquity; Bede's hagiography.
Dr. Augustine Casiday
Lecturer, Cardiff
Research interests: History of monasticism; early Christian thought; history of theology; history of ideas.
Dr. Francisca Rumsey
Trinity St. David, department of Theology and Religious Studies
Research interests: Early medieval theology; history of monasticism; history of women in religion; history of liturgy.
Mr. Ian S. Moxon
Lecturer in Anc. History, Leeds, School of History
Dr. John C. Richards
Sen. Lecturer in History of Art, Glasgow, Department of History of Art
Research interests: Humanism and visual arts in Italian trecento.
Professor Julia M.H. Smith
Edwards Prof. of Med. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Research interests: Late Roman and early medieval history, including politics; women and gender; saints' cults and religion.
Dr. Marilyn Dunn
Sen. Lecturer in Med. History, Glasgow, Department of History