Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean is an international journal covering all aspects of the Islamic Mediterranean culture from the second to the ninth AH/eighth to the fifteenth centuries AD. It is concerned with fostering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the Mediterranean region, creating a forum of ideas, encouraging debate on the influence of Islamic culture in the Mediterranean and promoting innovatory research. Research papers use a range of theoretical and methodological approaches covering studies in the humanities and social sciences. The journal invites submissions for thematic issues. Each issue will be peer-reviewed to ensure competence in all fields of research and the editorial direction of the journal. The journal is a publication of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, which aims to promote, through conferences and meetings, the study of the intercultural relationships and interfaces in the eastern, central and western Mediterranean during the Middle Ages.

Publishes three issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (3)

A Mediterranean of Relations for the Medieval Maghrib: Historiography in Question
Ramzi Rouighi, vol. 29 (3): 201-220
The Sword and the Sun: The Old World Drought Atlas as a Source for Medieval Mediterranean History
Matt King, vol. 29 (3): 221-234
“ʿAlā fūr Tuṭīla”: Jews and Muslims in the Administrative Culture of Post-Conquest Tudela, c.1118–1220
Rodrigo García-Velasco Bernal, vol. 29 (3): 235-257
Writing the Barbarian Past: Studies in Early Medieval Historical Narrative
Christopher Heath, vol. 29 (3): 273-274
The Age of the Seljuqs
Andrew Peacock, vol. 29 (3): 274-275
A Dictionary of Medieval Judeo-Arabic in the India Book Letters from the Geniza and in Other Texts
Esther-Miriam Wagner, vol. 29 (3): 276-277
The Andalusi Literary and Intellectual Tradition: The Role of Arabic in Judah Ibn Tibbon's Ethical Will
Marci Freedman, vol. 29 (3): 277-279
Selections from Ṣubḥ al-A‘shā by al-Qalqashandī, Clerk of the Mamluk Court: Egypt: “Seats of Government” and “Regulations of the Kingdom”, from Early Islam to the Mamluks
Nicholas Morton, vol. 29 (3): 279-280
Mediterranes Kaisertum und imperiale Ordnung: Das lateinische Kaiserreich von Konstantinopel
Spyros P. Panagopoulos, vol. 29 (3): 281-282

Volume 29 (2)

The Middling Sort at Court in Early Medieval Christian Iberia
Robert Portass, vol. 29 (2): 99-113
Authority and Justice in the Formation of the Kingdom of Asturias–León
Iñaki Martín Viso, vol. 29 (2): 114-132
Ruling through court: The political meanings of the settlement of disputes in Castile and Álava (ca. 900–1038)
Igor Santos Salazar, vol. 29 (2): 133-150
Secular Sanctions and Sales in Early Medieval León (9th-11th c.): Beyond Diplomatic Practice
Álvaro Carvajal Castro, vol. 29 (2): 151-171
Negotiating Fines in the Early Middle Ages: Local Communities, Mediators and the Instrumentalization of Justice in the Kingdom of León
Fernando Luis Corral, vol. 29 (2): 172-185
Eternal Ravenna: From the Etruscans to the Venetians
T.S. Brown, vol. 29 (2): 186-188
Conquerors, Brides and Concubines: Interfaith Relations and Social Power in Medieval Iberia
Ann Chamberlin, vol. 29 (2): 188-189
Ann Chamberlin, vol. 29 (2): 189-191
Mechanisms of Exchange: Transmission in Medieval Art and Architecture of the Mediterranean, ca. 1000–1500
Johan MacKechnie, vol. 29 (2): 191-193
Crusader Landscapes in the Medieval Levant: The Archaeology and History of the Latin East
Nicholas Morton, vol. 29 (2): 193-195
The Jalayirids: Dynastic State Formation in the Mongol Middle East
Harry Munt, vol. 29 (2): 195-197