Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean is an international journal covering all aspects of the Islamic Mediterranean culture from the second to the ninth AH/eighth to the fifteenth centuries AD. It is concerned with fostering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the Mediterranean region, creating a forum of ideas, encouraging debate on the influence of Islamic culture in the Mediterranean and promoting innovatory research. Research papers use a range of theoretical and methodological approaches covering studies in the humanities and social sciences. The journal invites submissions for thematic issues. Each issue will be peer-reviewed to ensure competence in all fields of research and the editorial direction of the journal. The journal is a publication of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, which aims to promote, through conferences and meetings, the study of the intercultural relationships and interfaces in the eastern, central and western Mediterranean during the Middle Ages.

Publishes three issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 26 (2)

Judicial Authority and Qāḍīs' Autonomy under the ʿAbbāsids
vol. 26 (2): 119-131
Sultans' Paradise: The Royal Necropolis of Shāla, Rabat
vol. 26 (2): 132-146
The Unratified Treaty between the Mamlūks and the Franks of Acre in 1268
vol. 26 (2): 147-167
Acerca del hielo en el islam medieval
vol. 26 (2): 168-182
Western Medicine for the Masters of Damascus: Benvenutus Grapheus's Experimenta
vol. 26 (2): 183-195
Neo-Platonism in Ibn Khaldūn's Poetics
vol. 26 (2): 196-215
Beyond Elegy: Classical Arabic Women's Poetry in Context
vol. 26 (2): 216-217
The Transmission and Dynamics of the Textual Sources of Islam: Essays in Honour of Harald Motzki
vol. 26 (2): 217-219
Kausalität in der Muʿtazilitischen Kosmologie: Das Kitāb al-Muʾaththirāt wa-miftāḥ al-muškilāt des Zayditen al-Ḥasan ar-Raṣṣāṣ (st. 584/1188)
vol. 26 (2): 219-221
The Slave Girls of Baghdad: The Qiyān in the Early Abbasid Era
vol. 26 (2): 221-223
The Word in Arabic
vol. 26 (2): 223-224
Vehicles of Transmission, Translation, and Transformation in Medieval Textual Culture
vol. 26 (2): 224-226
Histories of the Middle East: Studies in Middle Eastern Society, Economy and Law in Honor of A. L. Udovitch
vol. 26 (2): 226-228
A History of Muslim Sicily
vol. 26 (2): 228-229
Well Begun Is Only Half Done: Tracing Aristotle's Political Ideas in Medieval Arabic, Syriac, Byzantine, and Jewish Sources
vol. 26 (2): 230-232
The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium. The Empire of Constantinople (1204–1228)
vol. 26 (2): 232-234
The Prophet's Ascension: Cross-Cultural Encounters with the Islamic Miʿrāj Tales
vol. 26 (2): 234-236
Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: History, Religion and Muslim Legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate
vol. 26 (2): 237-239

Volume 26 (1)

From “Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean” to “Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean”
vol. 26 (1): 1-2
Cosmopolitanism in Medieval Alexandria: Introduction
vol. 26 (1): 3-4