Al Masaq Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean

Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean is an international journal covering all aspects of the Islamic Mediterranean culture from the second to the ninth AH/eighth to the fifteenth centuries AD. It is concerned with fostering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the Mediterranean region, creating a forum of ideas, encouraging debate on the influence of Islamic culture in the Mediterranean and promoting innovatory research. Research papers use a range of theoretical and methodological approaches covering studies in the humanities and social sciences. The journal invites submissions for thematic issues. Each issue will be peer-reviewed to ensure competence in all fields of research and the editorial direction of the journal. The journal is a publication of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, which aims to promote, through conferences and meetings, the study of the intercultural relationships and interfaces in the eastern, central and western Mediterranean during the Middle Ages.

Publishes three issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (1)

Identity and Otherness: Maghribi Images in the Historiography about Alfonso XI of Castile (1311–1350)
Miguel Ángel Manzano Rodríguez, vol. 29 (1): 1-12
La semantique politique du jeu de couleurs merinide: pureté et clarté, blancheur et verdeur (xiiie–xve siècles)
Serge Gubert, vol. 29 (1): 13-40
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Continuity and Change of the Lex Rhodia's Jettison Principles in Roman and Medieval Mediterranean Rulings
Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz, vol. 29 (1): 41-59
The Last and Most Developed Naṣrid Palace in the Alhambra: The Alijares and Its Country Estate (Fourteenth Century)
Luis José García-Pulido, vol. 29 (1): 60-83
Rome's World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered
Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz, vol. 29 (1): 84-86
The Chanson des Chétifs and Chanson de Jérusalem: Completing the Central Trilogy of the Old French Crusade Cycle
Nicholas Morton, vol. 29 (1): 86-88
Court and Cosmos: The Great Age of the Seljuqs
Nicholas Morton, vol. 29 (1): 88-89
In Search of the First Venetians: Prosopography of Early Medieval Venice
Christopher Heath, vol. 29 (1): 89-91
The Caliph and the Heretic, Ibn Sabaʾ and the Origins of Shīʿism
Yasmin Amin, vol. 29 (1): 91-93
Dante and Islam
Patrizia Sardina, vol. 29 (1): 93-95
The Byzantine Turks: 1204–1461
Spyros P. Panagopoulos, vol. 29 (1): 95-97

Volume 28 (3)

Solomon, Lord of the Rings: Fashioning the Signet of Power from Electrum to Nuḥās
Allegra Iafrate, vol. 28 (3): 221-241
Kinship, Camaraderie and Contestation: Fāṭimid Relations with the Ashrāf in the Fourth/Tenth Century.
Shainool Jiwa, vol. 28 (3): 242-264
The Earthly Landscape of the Heavenly City: A New Framework for the Examination of the Urban Development of Frankish Jerusalem
Anna Gutgarts, vol. 28 (3): 265-281
Louis IX in Medieval Arabic Sources: The Saint, the King, and the Sicilian Connection
Mohamad El Merheb, vol. 28 (3): 282-301
Muslim Spain Reconsidered: From 711 to 1502
Nicola Clarke, vol. 28 (3): 302-303
Medieval Damascus: Plurality and Diversity in an Arabic Library: the Ashrafīya Library Catalogue
Nicholas Morton, vol. 28 (3): 303-305
Defining Boundaries in Al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Islamic Iberia
Simon Barton, vol. 28 (3): 305-306
Making Early Medieval Societies: Conflict and Belonging in the Late West, 300–1200
E.T. Dailey, vol. 28 (3): 306-308
Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean: a History of Cross-Cultural Encounters
Emilia Mataix, vol. 28 (3): 308-311