American Nineteenth Century History

American Nineteenth Century History is a peer-reviewed, transatlantic journal devoted to the history of the United States during the long nineteenth century. It welcomes contributions on themes and topics relating to America in this period: slavery, race and ethnicity, the Civil War and Reconstruction, military history, American nationalism, urban history, immigration and ethnicity, western history, the history of women, gender studies, African Americans and Native Americans, cultural studies and comparative pieces. In addition to articles based on original research, historiographical pieces, reassessments of historical controversies, and reappraisals of prominent events or individuals are welcome. Special issues devoted to a particular theme or topic will also be considered.

Three issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 16 (2)

“Charcoal scribblings of the most rascally character”: conflict, identity, and testimony in American Civil War graffiti
vol. 16 (2): 111-127
“The true principles of government”: William Henry Harrison and the Whig counter-revolution
vol. 16 (2): 129-157
From abolitionists to fundamentalists: the transformation of the Wesleyan Methodists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 16 (2): 159-191
The Character and Influence of Abolitionism: A Sermon that Gripped a Nation and Defined a Man
vol. 16 (2): 193-211
Being American in Europe, 1750–1850
vol. 16 (2): 213-215
Nation Builder: John Quincy Adams and the Grand Strategy of the Republic
vol. 16 (2): 215-216
The Market Preparation of Carolina Rice: An Illustrated History of Innovations in the Lowcountry Rice Kingdom
vol. 16 (2): 216-218
Memories of War: Visiting Battlegrounds and Bonefields in the Early American Republic
vol. 16 (2): 218-220
True Yankees: The South Seas and the Discovery of American Identity
vol. 16 (2): 220-222
Sex, Sickness, and Slavery: Illness in the Antebellum South
vol. 16 (2): 222-223
Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery, and the Legacy of Margaret Garner
vol. 16 (2): 223-226
Liberty and Liberticide: The Role of America in Nineteenth-Century British Radicalism
vol. 16 (2): 226-228
Northern Men with Southern Loyalties: The Democratic Party and the Sectional Crisis
vol. 16 (2): 228-230
The Tie That Bound Us: The Women of John Brown's Family and the Legacy of Radical Abolitionism
vol. 16 (2): 230-232
The Green and the Gray: The Irish in the Confederate States of America
vol. 16 (2): 232-234
After Slavery: Race, Labor, and Citizenship in the Reconstruction South
vol. 16 (2): 234-236
A Foreign Kingdom: Mormons and Polygamy in American Political Culture, 1852–1890
vol. 16 (2): 236-238
World's Fairs in a Southern Accent: Atlanta, Nashville, and Charleston, 1895–1902
vol. 16 (2): 238-239
Books Reviewed
vol. 16 (2): 240-240

Volume 16 (1)

The Bicentennial of the War of 1812: Reconsidering the “Forgotten Conflict”
vol. 16 (1): 1-10