American Nineteenth Century History

American Nineteenth Century History is a peer-reviewed, transatlantic journal devoted to the history of the United States during the long nineteenth century. It welcomes contributions on themes and topics relating to America in this period: slavery, race and ethnicity, the Civil War and Reconstruction, military history, American nationalism, urban history, immigration and ethnicity, western history, the history of women, gender studies, African Americans and Native Americans, cultural studies and comparative pieces. In addition to articles based on original research, historiographical pieces, reassessments of historical controversies, and reappraisals of prominent events or individuals are welcome. Special issues devoted to a particular theme or topic will also be considered.

Three issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 16 (3)

“Half Bacchanalian, Half Devout”: White Intellectuals, Black Folk Culture, and the “Negro Problem”
vol. 16 (3): 241-267
Cities are Alive with the Sound of Music: Saengerfest and the Transformation of Urban Public Music in Nineteenth-century America
vol. 16 (3): 269-296
Parade's End: A Sesquicentennial Snapshot of Civil War Soldiers, Civilians and Veterans
vol. 16 (3): 297-306
Making Banks Fit for the People: Confidence, Democracy, and the Rise of Banking Alternatives in America, 1880–1914
vol. 16 (3): 307-328
The Memory of Slavery at Saint Louis University
vol. 16 (3): 329-350
Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health
vol. 16 (3): 351-352
The Maroons of Prospect Bluff and Their Quest for Freedom in the Atlantic World
vol. 16 (3): 353-354
Humboldt and Jefferson: A Transatlantic Friendship of the Enlightenment
vol. 16 (3): 354-356
South Pass: Gateway to a Continent
vol. 16 (3): 356-358
The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1848–1898
vol. 16 (3): 360-362
Doctoring Freedom: The Politics of African American Medical Care in Slavery and Emancipation
vol. 16 (3): 362-363
Against Wind and Tide: The African American Struggle against the Colonization Movement
vol. 16 (3): 364-365
Lincoln's Dilemma: Blair, Sumner, and the Republican Struggle over Racism and Equality in the Civil War Era
vol. 16 (3): 366-367
America's Corporal: James Tanner in War and Peace
vol. 16 (3): 367-368
Stories of the South: Race and the Reconstruction of Southern Identity, 1865–1915
vol. 16 (3): 368-370
American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890
vol. 16 (3): 370-372
Grover Cleveland's New Foreign Policy: Arbitration, Neutrality, and the Dawn of American Empire
vol. 16 (3): 372-374

Volume 16 (2)

“Charcoal scribblings of the most rascally character”: conflict, identity, and testimony in American Civil War graffiti
vol. 16 (2): 111-127
“The true principles of government”: William Henry Harrison and the Whig counter-revolution
vol. 16 (2): 129-157
From abolitionists to fundamentalists: the transformation of the Wesleyan Methodists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
vol. 16 (2): 159-191