Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature

Published on behalf of the Historical Association, the Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature (ABHL) is a unique publication, providing a selective and critical analysis of new historical books, journals and journal articles. Epoch by epoch and area by area, ABHL provides an indispensable guide to recent work by established and emerging scholars from around the world.

This indispensable research tool is now an online resource.

For the first time, the wealth of information published in the journal each year is available in database form, making it possible for researchers and students to find exactly what they need - quickly and easily. Sophisticated searching and browsing facilities provide a range of options and parameters for locating specific publications, or particular themes within the journal. In addition, wherever you see a hyperlinked book in ABHLO you can click on the title to get the full review of the book publishing in History.

Reviews, all written by acknowledged experts and extensively cross-referenced, place new works in the context of ongoing and emerging debates. Each review features the price and publisher of the work and a discussion of its most salient features. ABHL is an essential course preparation resource for university and college lecturers and sixth-form teachers. It is also an invaluable research aid for librarians building collections, university students and all historians engaged in research. The ABHL is now published in print as the fifth issue of History.

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Latest articles

Volume 96 (1)

Wilberforce: Family and Friends. By Anne Stott . Oxford University Press. 2012. xvi + 338pp. £35.00.
Gareth Atkins, vol. 96 (1): 85-87
The Americanization of the British Press, 1830s–1914: Speed in the Age of Transatlantic Journalism. By Joel H. Wiener . Palgrave Macmillan. 2011. x + 253pp. £55.00/$85.00.
Graham Law, vol. 96 (1): 87-88
The Reinterpretation of Italian Economic History from Unification to the Great War. By Stefano Fenoaltea . Cambridge University Press. 2011. xxi + 296pp. £50.00.
Alexis Litvine, vol. 96 (1): 88-89
Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain 1914–30. By Fiona Reid . Continuum. 2010. 214pp. £19.99. Treating the Trauma of the Great War: Soldiers, Civilians and Psychiatry in France 1914–1940. By Gregory M. Thomas . Louisiana State Un
Peter Leese, vol. 96 (1): 89-92
The Stalin Cult: A Study in the Alchemy of Power. By Jan Plamper . Yale University Press. 2012. xx + 310pp. £40.00.
Jonathan Waterlow, vol. 96 (1): 92-94
The Two Unions: Ireland, Scotland and the Survival of the United Kingdom 1707–2007. By Alvin Jackson. Oxford University Press. 2011. 488pp. £35.00.
Thomas Bartlett, vol. 96 (1): 94-95
An Enlightenment Statesman in Whig Britain: Lord Shelburne in Context, 1737–1805. Edited by Nigel Aston and Clarissa Campbell Orr . Boydell. 2011. xviii + 288pp. £60.00.
Richard A. Gaunt, vol. 96 (1): 95-97
Physician to the Fleet: The Life and Times of Thomas Trotter 1760–1832. By Brian Vale and Griffith Edwards. Boydell. 2011. xiii + 235pp. £60.00.
Steven Cherry, vol. 96 (1): 97-98
The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance. Edited by Ann Veronica Coats and Philip MacDougall . Boydell. 2011. xviii + 316pp. £60.00.
Andrew Lambert, vol. 96 (1): 98-99
John Bright: Statesman, Orator, Agitator. By Bill Cash. I. B. Tauris. 2011. xv + 328pp. £25.00.
Keith Robbins, vol. 96 (1): 99-100
Understanding the Victorians: Politics, Culture and Society in Nineteenth-Century Britain. By Susie L. Steinberg. Routledge. 2012. xxx + 278pp. £23.99.
Donna Loftus, vol. 96 (1): 101-102
The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain: Masculinity, Political Culture and the Struggle for Women's Rights. By Ben Griffin. Cambridge University Press. 2012. xii + 352pp. £60.00.
David Thackeray, vol. 96 (1): 102-103
The Minority Voice: Hubert Butler and Southern Irish Protestantism, 1900–1991. By Robert Tobin. Oxford University Press. 2012. vi + 302pp. £65.00.
Aidan O'Malley, vol. 96 (1): 103-104
Monarchy, Myth and Material Culture in Germany 1750–1950. By Eva Giloi. Cambridge University Press. 2012. x + 422pp. £60.00.
Tim Blanning, vol. 96 (1): 105-106
Dissonant Lives: Generations and Violence through the German Dictatorships. By Mary Fulbrook. Oxford University Press. 2011. xii + 515pp. £35.00.
Tim Grady, vol. 96 (1): 106-107
Nazis and the Cinema. By Susan Tegel. Hambledon Continuum. 2007. xi + 324pp. £16.00.
James Chapman, vol. 96 (1): 107-108
Burma 1942: The Road from Rangoon to Mandalay. By Alan Warren. Continuum. 2011. 296pp. £25.00.
Robert Lyman, vol. 96 (1): 108-109
Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War and the Holocaust. By David Shneer. Rutgers University Press. 2012. xiii + 283pp. $32.50.
Jan Láníček, vol. 96 (1): 109-111
Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Ruins in Postwar Germany and Poland. By Michael Meng. Harvard University Press. 2011. xiv + 351pp. £25.95.
Katrin Stoll, vol. 96 (1): 111-112
Domesticating the Airwaves. By Maggie Andrews. Continuum. 2012. 267pp. £19.99.
Su Holmes, vol. 96 (1): 112-114