Archives of Natural History

Archives of natural history (formerly the Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History) publishes peer-reviewed papers on the history and bibliography of natural history in its broadest sense, and in all periods and all cultures. This is taken to include botany, general biology, geology, palaeontology and zoology, the lives of naturalists, their publications, correspondence and collections, and the institutions and societies to which they belong. Bibliographical papers concerned with the study of rare books, manuscripts and illustrative material, and analytical and enumerative bibliographies are also published.

Archives of natural history is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Society for the History of Natural History.

Publishes 2 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 42 (1)

Isaac Bayley Balfour, Sphagnum moss, and the Great War (1914–1918)
vol. 42 (1): 1-9
Peeping at nature with the Reverend Charles A. Hall FRMS (1872–1965)
vol. 42 (1): 10-22
History of the extant museum specimens of the Faroese white-speckled raven
vol. 42 (1): 23-38
Who invented the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus)? On the authorship of the fraudulent 1812 journal of Charles Le Raye
vol. 42 (1): 39-50
A re-examination of C. J. Temminck's sources for his descriptions of the extinct Japanese wolf
vol. 42 (1): 51-65
The publications and collections of Louis-Albert Necker (1786–1861)
vol. 42 (1): 66-75
New information on Indian rhinoceroses (Rhinoceros unicornis) in Britain in the mid-eighteenth century
vol. 42 (1): 76-84
The identity of Richard of Richard's pipit (Anthus richardi Vieillot, 1818)
vol. 42 (1): 85-90
Review of the mounted skins and skulls of the extinct Falkland Islands wolf, Dusicyon australis, held in museum collections
vol. 42 (1): 91-100
Coffee and qat on the Royal Danish expedition to Arabia – botanical, ethnobotanical and commercial observations made in Yemen 1762–1763
vol. 42 (1): 101-112
The perfect pest: natural history and the red squirrel in nineteenth-century Scotland (William T. Stearn Prize 2014)
vol. 42 (1): 113-125
Philip Brookes Mason (1842–1903): surgeon, general practitioner and naturalist
vol. 42 (1): 126-139
Józef Rostafiński's ethnobotanical enquiry of 1883 concerning Polish vernacular names and uses of plants
vol. 42 (1): 140-152
Jan Černý’s Knieha lekarska (1517): closing a gap in the history of printed illustrated herbals
vol. 42 (1): 153-164
New insights into the controversy surrounding marine biological laboratory (Marine Station) facilities in the Firth of Clyde in the early twentieth century
vol. 42 (1): 165-170
Pyrenean plants for the botanical garden of Berlin: botany as a symbol of power during the Napoleonic era
vol. 42 (1): 171-173
The myth of the Malaspina Expedition in the Galapagos Islands
vol. 42 (1): 173-175
Alfred Russel Wallace's introduction to botany through John Lindley
vol. 42 (1): 175-178
Exercitia phytologica (1792) by J. E. Gilibert in European libraries
vol. 42 (1): 178-181
Botanical contributions to the Library of Useful Knowledge
vol. 42 (1): 181-184