Archives of Natural History

Archives of natural history (formerly the Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History) publishes peer-reviewed papers on the history and bibliography of natural history in its broadest sense, and in all periods and all cultures. This is taken to include botany, general biology, geology, palaeontology and zoology, the lives of naturalists, their publications, correspondence and collections, and the institutions and societies to which they belong. Bibliographical papers concerned with the study of rare books, manuscripts and illustrative material, and analytical and enumerative bibliographies are also published.

Archives of natural history is published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Society for the History of Natural History.

Publishes 2 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 41 (1)

Charles Francis Adams: diary of a young American taxidermist visiting New Zealand, 1884–1887
vol. 41 (1): 1-16
Return to sender: Hydrozoa collected by Emperor Hirohito of Japan in the 1930s and studied in Brussels
vol. 41 (1): 17-24
The Royal Horticultural Society's 1864 botanical competition
vol. 41 (1): 25-44
Popularizing marine natural history in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain
vol. 41 (1): 45-62
Natural history “collectors”: exploring the ambiguities
vol. 41 (1): 63-74
The first egg of Jerdon's courser Rhinoptilus bitorquatus and a review of the early records of this species
vol. 41 (1): 75-93
The entomologist David Sharp and his unwitting benefactor William Bontine
vol. 41 (1): 94-99
Describing plants in a new mode: the introduction of dichotomies into sixteenth-century botanical literature
vol. 41 (1): 100-112
Animal taxa named for Rollo H. Beck
vol. 41 (1): 113-123
Petrus Magni and the history of fresh-water aquaculture in the later Middle Ages
vol. 41 (1): 124-130
The katydid that was: the tananá, stridulation, Henry Walter Bates and Charles Darwin
vol. 41 (1): 131-140
The early scientific history of Galapagos iguanas
vol. 41 (1): 141-153
Michael Denis Crane (1946–2013)
vol. 41 (1): 154-158
Ming the forgotten celebrity: a giant panda skull at the Royal College of Surgeons of England
vol. 41 (1): 159-162
The natural history interests of the Barrington family of Fassaroe, County Wicklow, Ireland
vol. 41 (1): 162-164
The will of Ludwig Heinrich Bojanus (1776–1827), an interesting nineteenth-century natural history document
vol. 41 (1): 164-167
An annotated catalogue of the marine biological paintings of Thomas Alan Stephenson – a fourth missing painting found
vol. 41 (1): 167-168
Discovered in Philadelphia: a third set of Thomas Horsfield's nature prints of plants from Java
vol. 41 (1): 168-170
Another published letter by Philip Henry Gosse: a beluga in the English Channel
vol. 41 (1): 170-172
Additions to Philip Henry Gosse's bibliography: letters to newspapers and horticultural periodicals 1864–1879
vol. 41 (1): 172-175