Art History

Art History is a refereed journal that publishes essays and reviews on all aspects, areas and periods of the history of art, from a diversity of perspectives. Founded in 1978, it has established an international reputation for publishing innovative essays at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. At the forefront of scholarly enquiry, its contributions are opening up the discipline to new developments and to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches which are increasingly important in a globalised world.

Five issues per year: February, April, June, September, November.

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Latest articles

Abbott Thayer and the Invention of Camouflage
Dogs and Dogma: Perception and Revelation in Rembrandt's Presentation in the Temple, c. 1640
Elizabeth Sutton, ONLINE EARLY
Disaster in Paris: Andy Warhol and the French Automotive Imaginary, c. 1964
Liam Considine, ONLINE EARLY
Jimmie Durham's Building a Nation and the Ruins of American Exceptionalism

Volume 38 (5)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 38 (5): 810-813
Sculpture Triumphant
Katherine Faulkner, vol. 38 (5): 964-967
American Laughter
David Peters Corbett, vol. 38 (5): 967-970
Gauguin's Vision, or Credulity as Method
Gavin Parkinson, vol. 38 (5): 970-975
Crossing Borders: Expressionist Encounters with the French Avant-Garde
Christian Weikop, vol. 38 (5): 976-981
From the Spanish Civil War to the ‘Nuclear Age’
Robert James Sutton, vol. 38 (5): 982-987
Art of Deception
Laura Morowitz, vol. 38 (5): 987-990
Neatness Isn't a Very Good Reason to Think about Art
Wouter Davidts, vol. 38 (5): 990-994
Un-Bound: Sites of Blackness Set Free
Nikki A. Greene, vol. 38 (5): 994-997
Index to Volume 38
vol. 38 (5): 998-999

Volume 38 (4)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 38 (4): 598-603
Introduction: Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World
Meredith Martin, Daniela Bleichmar, vol. 38 (4): 604-619
Exotica on the Move: Birds of Paradise in Early Modern Holland
Claudia Swan, vol. 38 (4): 620-635
The Persian Madonna and Child: Commodified Gifts between Diplomacy and Armed Struggle
Sinem Arcak Casale, vol. 38 (4): 636-651
Mirror Reflections: Louis XIV, Phra Narai, and the Material Culture of Kingship
Meredith Martin, vol. 38 (4): 652-667
An Imperial Mughal Tent and Mobile Sovereignty in Eighteenth-Century Jodhpur
Zirwat Chowdhury, vol. 38 (4): 668-681