Art History

Art History is a refereed journal that publishes essays and reviews on all aspects, areas and periods of the history of art, from a diversity of perspectives. Founded in 1978, it has established an international reputation for publishing innovative essays at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. At the forefront of scholarly enquiry, its contributions are opening up the discipline to new developments and to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches which are increasingly important in a globalised world.

Five issues per year: February, April, June, September, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 39 (3)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 39 (3): 432-435
Relay and Delay: Dürer's Triumphal Chariots in the Era of the Post
Shira Brisman, vol. 39 (3): 436-465
Reassessing Piero di Cosimo
Paula Nuttall, vol. 39 (3): 600-603
Looking at Dutch Visual Culture
Caroline O. Fowler, vol. 39 (3): 604-608
Thinking Beauty Through: Paul Guyer's Narrative of Modern Aesthetics
Sarah Hegenbart, vol. 39 (3): 609-611
Paris Goes Global: Nineteenth-Century Art History's Transnational Turn
Alexis Clark, vol. 39 (3): 612-615
A Metaphysical Journey
Willard Bohn, vol. 39 (3): 616-619
Working It Out
Kamini Vellodi, vol. 39 (3): 619-622
Living Pluralism: Lawrence Alloway as Critic, Curator and Teacher
Rachel Stratton, vol. 39 (3): 622-627
Same Old Marxist Art History
James Day, vol. 39 (3): 627-631

Volume 39 (2)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 39 (2): 192-197
After Prometheus: Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe
Genevieve Warwick, Richard Taws, vol. 39 (2): 198-209
Historians in the Laboratory: Reconstruction of Renaissance Art and Technology in the Making and Knowing Project
Pamela H. Smith, , vol. 39 (2): 210-233
Works in Progress: Painting and Modelling in Seventeenth-Century Holland
Jan Blanc, vol. 39 (2): 234-253
Looking in the Mirror of Renaissance Art
Genevieve Warwick, vol. 39 (2): 254-281
Squaring the Circle: The Telescopic View in Early Modern Landscapes
Amy Knight Powell, vol. 39 (2): 282-301
After Galileo: The Image of Science in Niccolò Tornioli's Astronomers
Giulia Martina Weston, vol. 39 (2): 302-317
The Monument to Louis XIV at the Place Vendôme (1699) as a Technical Achievement: A Question of Interest
Etienne Jollet, vol. 39 (2): 318-339
A Clock Picture as a Philosophical Experiment: The Tableau Mécanique in the Physics Cabinet of Bonnier de la Mosson
Hanneke Grootenboer, vol. 39 (2): 340-355
Of Air Pumps and Teapots: Joseph Wright of Derby, John Singleton Copley and the Technology of Seeing
Bryan J. Wolf, vol. 39 (2): 356-375