Art History

Art History is a refereed journal that publishes essays and reviews on all aspects, areas and periods of the history of art, from a diversity of perspectives. Founded in 1978, it has established an international reputation for publishing innovative essays at the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. At the forefront of scholarly enquiry, its contributions are opening up the discipline to new developments and to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches which are increasingly important in a globalised world.

Five issues per year: February, April, June, September, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 37 (2)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 37 (2): 204-207
In Search of Mantegna's Poetics: An Introduction
Stephen J. Campbell, Jérémie Koering, vol. 37 (2): 208-221
Andrea Mantegna: Painting's Mediality
Klaus Krüger, vol. 37 (2): 222-253
Signing Mantegna
Daniel Arasse, vol. 37 (2): 254-274
Mantegna the Grammarian
Guillaume Cassegrain, vol. 37 (2): 276-292
Changing Forms: Mantegna's Poietics in the Camera Picta
Jérémie Koering, vol. 37 (2): 294-312
Mantegna's Camera Picta: Visuality and Pathos
Stephen J. Campbell, vol. 37 (2): 314-332
The Griffin's Gaze and the Mask of Medusa: Self-Referential Motifs in Andrea Mantegna's Trial of St James
Andreas Hauser, vol. 37 (2): 334-351
Artifice and Stability in Late Mantegna
Andrea Bolland, vol. 37 (2): 352-375
Mantegna's Fictive Bronze Judith and Dido: Beyond Exemplarity
Francis Fletcher, vol. 37 (2): 376-399

Volume 37 (1)

Abstracts & Authors’ Biographies
vol. 37 (1): 4-7
Gavin Parkinson, vol. 37 (1): 9-9
Ladies-in-Waiting in Waiting: Picturing Adolescence in Dmitry Levitsky's Smolny Portraits, 1772–76
Rosalind P. Blakesley, vol. 37 (1): 10-37
Hands on the Table: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Expressionist Still Life
William Sherwin Simmons, vol. 37 (1): 96-125
Water Worlds: Examining Mobility, Power and Civilization in the Islamic World
Zainab Cheema, vol. 37 (1): 166-169
Fragonard's Reverse Whodunnit and Other Tales of Relocation
Melissa Percival, vol. 37 (1): 169-174
Victorian Shock Value
Ayla Lepine, vol. 37 (1): 175-180
Documents of American Art
David Peters Corbett, vol. 37 (1): 180-183
Sladey Ladies and Femmes Modernes
Brian Foss, vol. 37 (1): 184-188
Pop Art and Subjectivity: Diversification of Narrative Frameworks and Expansion of the Field's Scope
Elisa Schaar, vol. 37 (1): 189-194