Australian Economic History Review

The Australian Economic History Review is concerned with the historical treatment of economic, social and business issues, particularly relating to the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand, and parts of the region. Papers examine these issues not only from the perspective of economic history but also from the related disciplines of history, economics, history of economic thought, industrial relations, demography, sociology, politics and business studies. New methodological approaches are particularly welcome. The editors also wish to promote the exchange of critical comments on important topics in these fields.

In addition to its role as a leading journal of scholarly articles in the broad discipline of economic history, the Australian Economic History Review aims to provide a forum for frank and informal views on the teaching, research and institutional location of economic history.

Triennially: March, July, November.

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Latest articles

Chinese Regions in the Great Divergence: Provincial Gross Domestic Product per Capita, 1873–1918
Paul Caruana-Galizia, Ye Ma, ONLINE EARLY
Effects of Pastoralism and Rabbits on the Economy and Culture of the Diyari People of North-Eastern South Australia
Long-Run Trends in Australian Executive Remuneration: BHP, 1887–2012
Mike Pottenger, Andrew Leigh, ONLINE EARLY
Excise Tax Harmonisation in Australia at Federation
Born Global, Made Local: Multinational Enterprise and Australia's Early Wireless Industry
The Evolution of Australian Monetary Policy in the 1950s
Non-Residential Capital Stock in Latin America, 1875–2008: New Estimates and International Comparisons
Xavier Tafunell, Cristián Ducoing, ONLINE EARLY
Trust, Financial Regulation, and Growth
Forrest Capie, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 55 (2)

Introduction: Health, Human Capital, and Early Economic Development in Australia and New Zealand
Kris Inwood, Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, vol. 55 (2): 105-111
Estimating the Aboriginal Population in Early Colonial Australia: The Role of Chickenpox Reconsidered
Boyd H. Hunter, John Carmody, vol. 55 (2): 112-138
Infant Mortality Decline and Its Socioeconomic Correlates in New Zealand, 1873–1940
Katerina Sadetskaya, vol. 55 (2): 139-162
The Western Australian Convicts
Nicholas J. Meinzer, vol. 55 (2): 163-186
Growing Incomes, Growing People in Nineteenth-Century Tasmania
Kris Inwood, Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Deborah Oxley, Jim Stankovich, vol. 55 (2): 187-211
A Tale of Two Armies: Comparative Growth in the Mirror of the First World War
John Cranfield, Kris Inwood, vol. 55 (2): 212-233

Volume 55 (1)

John Maynard Keynes and the Keynes of the Commonwealth, Douglas Copland
Alex Millmow, vol. 55 (1): 1-19
Resourcing War While Containing Inflation: Debate among Australia's Second World War Economists
Evan Mann, vol. 55 (1): 20-41
Militarisation and Urbanisation: The Second World War, Public Housing, and the Shaping of Metropolitan Adelaide
Carol Fort, vol. 55 (1): 42-61
Sharing Scarcity: Rationing and Price Subsidisation of Tea in Australia, 1942–55
Peter Griggs, vol. 55 (1): 62-79
Divergence and Convergence: New and Shifting Paradigms in Comparative Economic History
Simon Ville, vol. 55 (1): 80-94
John F. Wilson, Anthony Webster and Rachael Vorberg-Ruch, Building Co-operation: A Business History of the Co-operative Group, 1863–2013. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 440 + XIV pp., figure, tables and plates. ISBN: 978 0 19965 511 3. Hardcover £
Gordon Boyce, vol. 55 (1): 95-97