Australian Historical Studies

Australian Historical Studies is a refereed journal publishing original and previously unpublished (online or hard copy) articles. First published in 1940, it is now one of Australia's oldest, best-known and most highly-regarded academic journals, which ERA rate as A. It receives contributions from leading academics in the field. It is published in March, June and December each year.
Australian Historical Studies deals with all aspects of the history of Australia-New Zealand, and Pacific regional issues and with other histories insofar as they significantly inform the understanding of this history. All varieties of history are welcomed.

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Latest articles

Volume 47 (2)

New Directions in Australian History
vol. 47 (2): 189-190
Enshrined in Law: Legislative Justifications for the Removal of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children in Colonial and Post-Colonial Australia
vol. 47 (2): 191-208
Proximate Strangers and Familiar Antagonists: Violence on an Intimate Frontier
vol. 47 (2): 209-224
Winda Lingo Parugoneit or Why Set the Bush [On] Fire? Fire and Victorian Aboriginal People on the Colonial Frontier
vol. 47 (2): 225-240
Contesting White Australia: Black Jazz Musicians in a White Man's Country
vol. 47 (2): 241-258
Chinese Students in White Australia: State, Community, and Individual Responses to the Student Visa Program, 1920-25
vol. 47 (2): 259-277
The Collaboration of Intellectuals and Politicians in the Postwar Reconstruction: A Reassessment
vol. 47 (2): 278-294
‘Days of Rage’ Downunder: Considering American Influences on ‘Home-Grown’ Terrorism and ASIO's response in 1970s Australia
vol. 47 (2): 295-310
Tom Stannage 1944–2012
vol. 47 (2): 311-313
Geoffrey Bolton 1931–2015
vol. 47 (2): 314-315
The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art: Global and Local in Australia
vol. 47 (2): 316-324
Intolerant Bodies: A Short History of Autoimmunity
vol. 47 (2): 325-326
The Hanged Man and the Body Thief: Finding Lives in a Museum Mystery
vol. 47 (2): 326-327
Insanity, Identity and Empire: Immigrants and Institutional Confinement in Australia and New Zealand 1873–1910 / Migration, Ethnicity, and Madness: New Zealand, 1860–1910
vol. 47 (2): 327-329
The Lives of Colonial Objects
vol. 47 (2): 329-330
In the Eye of the Beholder: What Six Nineteenth-Century Women Tell Us about Indigenous Authority and Identity
vol. 47 (2): 330-331
Lost Relations: Fortunes of My Family in Australia’s Golden Age
vol. 47 (2): 331-332
Republicanism and Responsible Government: The Shaping of Democracy in Australia and Canada
vol. 47 (2): 332-334
Settler Colonial Governance in Nineteenth Century Victoria
vol. 47 (2): 334-335
Methodism in Australia: A History (Ashgate Methodist Studies) / Anglican Clergy in Australia, 1788–1850: Building a British World (Studies in History)
vol. 47 (2): 335-337