Australian Historical Studies

Australian Historical Studies is a refereed journal publishing original and previously unpublished (online or hard copy) articles. First published in 1940, it is now one of Australia's oldest, best-known and most highly-regarded academic journals, which ERA rate as A. It receives contributions from leading academics in the field. It is published in March, June and December each year.
Australian Historical Studies deals with all aspects of the history of Australia-New Zealand, and Pacific regional issues and with other histories insofar as they significantly inform the understanding of this history. All varieties of history are welcomed.

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Latest articles

Volume 46 (1)

Remembering Australia's First World War
vol. 46 (1): 1-6
Anzac for Sale: Consumer Culture, Regulation and the Shaping of a Legend, 1915–21
vol. 46 (1): 7-26
‘Accurate to the Point of Mania’: Eyewitness Testimony and Memory Making in Australia's Official Paintings of the First World War
vol. 46 (1): 27-44
Australia's Global Memory Footprint: Memorial Building on the Western Front, 1916–2015
vol. 46 (1): 45-63
Marching to the Beat of an Imperial Drum: Contextualising Australia's Military Effort During the First World War
vol. 46 (1): 64-80
Mythologising the Dominion Fighting Man: Australian and Canadian Narratives of the First World War Soldier, 1914–39
vol. 46 (1): 81-99
William Morris Hughes, Empire and Nationalism: The Legacy of the First World War
vol. 46 (1): 100-118
WWI: Love & Sorrow
vol. 46 (1): 119-121
Australia Will Be There: Victorians in the First World War
vol. 46 (1): 122-124
Road to Recovery, Te Ara Haumanu
vol. 46 (1): 125-127
Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War
vol. 46 (1): 128-129
Before the Anzac Dawn: A Military History of Australia to 1915
vol. 46 (1): 129-130
Jungle Warriors: From Tobruk to Kokoda and Beyond, How the Australian Army Became the World's Most Deadly Jungle Fighting Force
vol. 46 (1): 130-131
Aborigines and the ‘Sport of Kings’: Aboriginal Jockeys in Australian Racing History. Revised Edition
vol. 46 (1): 131-132
Making Change Happen: Black and White Activists Talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union and Liberation Politics
vol. 46 (1): 132-133
Australian Settler Colonialism and the Cummeragunja Aboriginal Station: Redrawing Boundaries.
vol. 46 (1): 133-134
The Black War: Fear, Sex and Resistance in Tasmania / The Last Man: A British Genocide in Tasmania
vol. 46 (1): 134-136
The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka
vol. 46 (1): 136-137
Restless Men: Masculinity and Robinson Crusoe, 1788–1840
vol. 46 (1): 137-138
Manly Affections: The Photographs of Robert Gant 1885–1915.
vol. 46 (1): 138-139