Australian Historical Studies

Australian Historical Studies is a refereed journal publishing original and previously unpublished (online or hard copy) articles. First published in 1940, it is now one of Australia's oldest, best-known and most highly-regarded academic journals, which ERA rate as A. It receives contributions from leading academics in the field. It is published in March, June and December each year.
Australian Historical Studies deals with all aspects of the history of Australia-New Zealand, and Pacific regional issues and with other histories insofar as they significantly inform the understanding of this history. All varieties of history are welcomed.

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Latest articles

Volume 45 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 45 (3): 0-0
Australia: Present and Past Histories
vol. 45 (3): 295-296
Indigenous Heterogeneity
vol. 45 (3): 297-310
Defending Settler Colonial Studies
vol. 45 (3): 311-316
Writing Indigenous Histories Now
vol. 45 (3): 317-330
Archaeology and Aboriginal Protest: The Influence of Rhys Jones's Tasmanian Work on Australian Historiography
vol. 45 (3): 331-349
Emotional Encounters: Indigenous Peoples in the Dutch East India Company's Interactions with the South Lands
vol. 45 (3): 350-367
From Camp Life to Suburbia: Aboriginal Housing in Perth
vol. 45 (3): 368-387
Governing Nature: The Problem of Northern Australia
vol. 45 (3): 388-406
Rural Geographies and Chinese Empires: Chinese Shopkeepers and Shop-Life in Australia
vol. 45 (3): 407-424
Biography of an Archive: ‘Australia 1938’ and the Vexed Development of Australian Oral History
vol. 45 (3): 425-449
Philippa (Pip) Maddern (1952–2014)
vol. 45 (3): 450-451
The Cambridge History of Australia, Volumes 1 and 2
vol. 45 (3): 452-454
Australian History Now
vol. 45 (3): 454-455
The 1960s in Australia: People, Power and Politics
vol. 45 (3): 455-456
Intimacy, Violence and Activism: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives on Australian History and Society
vol. 45 (3): 456-457
Wanted, a Beautiful Barmaid: Women Behind the Bar in New Zealand, 1830–1976
vol. 45 (3): 458-459
Boom: The Underground History of Australia, from Gold Rush to GFC
vol. 45 (3): 459-460
Chequered Lives: John Barton Hack and Stephen Hack and the Early Days of South Australia
vol. 45 (3): 460-461
Nature's Line: George Goyder: Surveyor, Environmentalist, Visionary
vol. 45 (3): 461-462