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The Australian Journal of Politics and History presents papers addressing significant problems of general interest to those working in the fields of history, political studies and international affairs. Articles explore the politics and history of Australia and modern Europe, intellectual history, political history, and the history of political thought. The journal also publishes articles in the fields of international politics, Australian foreign policy, and Australia's relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Volume 62 (2)

Negotiating Liberty: The Use of Political Opportunities and Civil Society by Barbary State Captives and Guantánamo Bay Detainees
Cynthia Banham, Brett Goodin, vol. 62 (2): 171-185
Handout or Hand-up: Ongoing Tensions in the Long History of Government Response to Drought in Australia
Karen Downing, Rebecca Jones, Blake Singley, vol. 62 (2): 186-202
Australian-Asian Sociability, Student Activism, and the University Challenge to White Australia in the 1950s
Kate Darian-Smith, James Waghorne, vol. 62 (2): 203-218
Market Power and Misunderstandings: The Case of EU-Australian Trade Diplomacy
Lachlan McKenzie, vol. 62 (2): 219-235
The Renewal of Social Democracy? The Rann Labor Government (2002–11)
Rob Manwaring, vol. 62 (2): 236-250
Pearson and Responsibility: (Mis-)Understanding the Capabilities Approach
Matthew Johnson, Morgan Brigg, Mary Graham, vol. 62 (2): 251-267
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 2015
Katie Linnane, vol. 62 (2): 268-281
Commonwealth of Australia July to December 2015
John Wanna, vol. 62 (2): 282-287
New South Wales July to December 2015
David Clune, vol. 62 (2): 288-294
Victoria July to December 2015
Nick Economou, vol. 62 (2): 294-300
Queensland July to December 2015
Paul D. Williams, vol. 62 (2): 301-308
Western Australia July 2015 to December 2015
Harry C.J. Phillips, Liz Kerr, vol. 62 (2): 308-313
South Australia July to December 2015
Rob Manwaring, vol. 62 (2): 314-319
Tasmania July to December 2015
Dain Bolwell, Heath Whiley, Richard Eccleston, vol. 62 (2): 319-326
Northern Territory July to December 2015
Robyn Smith, vol. 62 (2): 326-330
Australian Capital Territory July to December 2015
Brendan McCaffrie, vol. 62 (2): 331-334
Editors' Note
Andrew G. Bonnell, Matt McDonald, vol. 62 (2): 335-335

Volume 62 (1)

Issue Information
vol. 62 (1): 0-0
“English Institutions and the Irish Race”: Race and Politics in Late Nineteenth-Century Australia
Dianne Hall, Elizabeth Malcolm, vol. 62 (1): 1-15
State vs Federal Government in the “Barmaids” Case: Regulating Australia's Second World War Home Front
Carol Fort, vol. 62 (1): 16-29