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The Australian Journal of Politics and History presents papers addressing significant problems of general interest to those working in the fields of history, political studies and international affairs. Articles explore the politics and history of Australia and modern Europe, intellectual history, political history, and the history of political thought. The journal also publishes articles in the fields of international politics, Australian foreign policy, and Australia's relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

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Volume 63 (3)

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vol. 63 (3): 0-0
Centenary (Inter)national, 1914–1924: The Politics of Commemoration and Historical Memory in International Relations
Brent J. Steele, vol. 63 (3): 339-344
The “Greatness” of the Great War: Commemoration and the Politics of Soldier Dead
Jessica Auchter, vol. 63 (3): 345-356
Covering the Cough? Memory, Remembrance, and Influenza Amnesia
Jeremy Youde, vol. 63 (3): 357-368
Terrorists are Other People: Contested Memory of the 1914 Sarajevo Assassination
Jelena Subotić, vol. 63 (3): 369-381
Race War and the Global Imperial Order: The Armenian Genocide of 1915
Alexander D. Barder, vol. 63 (3): 382-393
The Inquiry and the Birth of International Relations, 1917–19
David M. McCourt, vol. 63 (3): 394-405
Remembering Gallipoli: Anzac, the Great War and Australian Memory Politics
Matt McDonald, vol. 63 (3): 406-418
Knowing and Forgetting the Easter 1916 Rising
Cian O'Driscoll, vol. 63 (3): 419-429
A New Russian Holiday Has More Behind It Than National Unity: the Political Functions of Historical Commemorations
Mariya Omelicheva, vol. 63 (3): 430-442
Patriots All Around: Inter/national Timing, Round Numbers, and the Politics of Commemorative Critique
Andrew R. Hom, vol. 63 (3): 443-456
Influences on Anglo-American Republicanism: The Contributions of Eric Nelson
Derek McDougall, vol. 63 (3): 457-465
Public Opinion, Campaign Politics and Media Audiences: New Australian Perspectives
Norman Abjorensen, vol. 63 (3): 466-467
The Manner of Their Going Prime Ministerial Exits from Lyne to Abbott
Rae Wear, vol. 63 (3): 467-468
Disposable Leaders: Media and Leadership Coups from Menzies to Abbott
Ian Ward, vol. 63 (3): 468-469
Party Rules: Dilemmas of Political Party Regulation in Australia
Tracey Arklay, vol. 63 (3): 469-471
Nazis in our Midst: German-Australians, Internment and the Second World War
John A. Moses, vol. 63 (3): 471-472
Sex, Soldiers and the South Pacific, 1939–45: Queer Identities in Australia in the Second World War
Leigh Boucher, vol. 63 (3): 472-473
The Boy Who Would Be Premier: A Political Biography of Jack Duggan. Volume 1
Lyndon Megarrity, vol. 63 (3): 473-474
The House that Jack Built: Jack Mundey, Green Bans Hero
Jon Piccini, vol. 63 (3): 474-475