Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society

Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society is a journal of 'British world' history. The editors invite research articles, review essays, and book reviews from historians of all ranks on the ways in which Britain has interacted with other societies since the seventeenth century.  The journal is sponsored by The British Scholar Society.

Britain and the World focuses on Britain’s global history in the modern era, which is defined as beginning with the changes ushered in by the seventeenth century as these set Britain on a course towards world power status. The focus on the history of the 'British world' is unique amongst all journals concerned with British history.

Published March & September

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Latest articles

Volume 10 (1)

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War, Policing, Identities, and Female Migration: the Complex Interacting Ethnicities of the British Empire
John M. MacKenzie, vol. 10 (1): 1-5
European Subaltern War Asses: ‘Service’ or ‘Employment’ in the Cypriot Mule Corps during the Great War?
Andrekos Varnava, vol. 10 (1): 6-31
Meriel Talbot and the Society for the Overseas Settlement of British Women, 1919–1937
Bonnie White, vol. 10 (1): 32-52
Policing the British Empire on the Bund: The Origin of the Sikh Police Unit in Shanghai
Cao Yin, vol. 10 (1): 53-73
Another British World? Tamils, Empire, and Mobility
L. M. Ratnapalan, vol. 10 (1): 74-87
Presbyterianism and Scottish Identity in Global Context
John M. MacKenzie, vol. 10 (1): 88-112
Danielle McCormack, The Stuart Restoration and the English in Ireland
Toby Barnard, vol. 10 (1): 113-115
Daniel Maudlin and Bernard L. Herman (eds), Building the British Atlantic World: Spaces, Places, and Material Culture, 1600–1850
G. A. Bremner, vol. 10 (1): 115-118
Peter Grindal, Opposing the Slavers: The Royal Navy's Campaign against the Atlantic Slave Trade
John M. MacKenzie, vol. 10 (1): 118-120
Peter Sloman, The Liberal Party and the Economy, 1929–1964
Ryan Shaffer, vol. 10 (1): 120-122
George Goodwin, Benjamin Franklin in London: The British Life of America's Founding Father
Philipp Ziesche, vol. 10 (1): 122-124
Peter Mangold, What the British Did: Two Centuries in the Middle East
Lanver Mak, vol. 10 (1): 125-126
Mary Morrissey, Politics and the Paul's Cross Sermons, 1558–1642
Christopher J. van der Krogt, vol. 10 (1): 126-129

Volume 9 (2)

British Ethnicities and their Rivals from the Nineteenth Century to Today
vol. 9 (2): 161-166
Making Home in a Sojourner World: Organised Ethnicity and British Associationalism in Singapore, c1880s–1930s
vol. 9 (2): 167-196
Was it really the ‘white man's burden’?: The Non-British Engineers who Engineered the British Empire
vol. 9 (2): 197-212
E.D. Morel (1873–1924), the Congo Reform Association, and the History of Human Rights
vol. 9 (2): 213-235
Restocking the British World: Empire Migration and Anglo-Canadian Relations, 1919–30
vol. 9 (2): 236-269