Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society

Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society is a journal of 'British world' history. The editors invite research articles, review essays, and book reviews from historians of all ranks on the ways in which Britain has interacted with other societies since the seventeenth century.  The journal is sponsored by The British Scholar Society.

Britain and the World focuses on Britain’s global history in the modern era, which is defined as beginning with the changes ushered in by the seventeenth century as these set Britain on a course towards world power status. The focus on the history of the 'British world' is unique amongst all journals concerned with British history.

Published March & September

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Latest articles

Volume 9 (1)

Empires and States in Expansion and Contraction
vol. 9 (1): 1-9
The Role of Britain in Late Modern Norwegian History: A Longitudinal Study
vol. 9 (1): 10-31
‘Grey Dawn’ in the British Pacific: Race, Security and Colonial Sovereignty on the Eve of World War I
vol. 9 (1): 32-54
Evolution and Empire: Alfred Russel Wallace and Dutch Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
vol. 9 (1): 55-75
Britain's Retreat East of Suez and the Conundrum of Korea 1968–1974
vol. 9 (1): 76-95
Humanitarianism, Human Rights and Biopolitics in the British Empire, 1890–1902
vol. 9 (1): 96-115
A ‘Boots-on-the-Ground’ Perspective: Fighting for Gender Balance and Gender Justice
vol. 9 (1): 116-131
Sport and the British World, 1900–1930: Amateurism and National Identity in Australasia and Beyond, Erik Nielsen
vol. 9 (1): 132-134
British Historians and National Identity: From Hume to Churchill, Anthony Brundage and Richard A. Cosgrove
vol. 9 (1): 134-135
Informal Empire and the Rise of One World Culture, Gregory A. Barton
vol. 9 (1): 135-137
The Scottish Nation at Empire's End, Bryan S. Glass
vol. 9 (1): 137-138
The Mass Observers: A History, 1937–1949, James Hinton
vol. 9 (1): 139-142
Margot Asquith's Great War Diary, 1914–1916, Michael Brock and Eleanor Brock (eds)
vol. 9 (1): 142-144
The British Soldier in the Peninsular War: Encounters with Spain and Portugal, 1808–1814, Gavin Daly
vol. 9 (1): 144-145
Imperial Culture in Antipodean Cities, 1880–1939, John Griffiths
vol. 9 (1): 145-146
British Policy in the Persian Gulf, 1961–1968: Conceptions of Informal Empire, Helene von Bismarck
vol. 9 (1): 146-148
James Anthony Froude: An Intellectual Biography of a Victorian Prophet, Ciaran Brady
vol. 9 (1): 149-150
The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century. Volume 1: Travellers and Tourists, Martin Farr and Xavier Guégan (eds)
vol. 9 (1): 151-153
Dissent & the Bible in Britain, c. 1650–1950, Scott Mandelbrote and Michael Ledger-Lomas (eds)
vol. 9 (1): 153-155
The Men Who Lost America: British Command during the Revolutionary War and the Preservation of the Empire, Andrew O'Shaughnessy
vol. 9 (1): 155-157