Contemporary British History

Contemporary British History offers innovative new research on any aspect of British history - foreign, Commonwealth, political, social, cultural or economic - dealing with the period since the First World War. The editors welcome work which involves cross-disciplinary insights, as the journal seeks to reflect the work of all those interested in the recent past in Britain, whatever their subject specialism. Work which places contemporary Britain within a comparative (whether historical or international) context is also encouraged. In addition to articles, the journal regularly features interviews and profiles, archive reports, and a substantial review section.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 30 (4)

Golden age, apathy or stealth? Democratic engagement in Britain, 1945–1950
vol. 30 (4): 441-462
Using the personal to critique the popular: women’s memories of 1960s youth
vol. 30 (4): 463-483
‘Slowing down the going-away process’ — Tom Stoppard and Soviet Dissent
vol. 30 (4): 484-504
Marx–Lenin–Rotten–Strummer: British Marxism and youth culture in the 1970s
vol. 30 (4): 505-521
An Opportunistic Anglophobe: Charles J. Haughey, the Irish Government and the Falklands War, 1982
vol. 30 (4): 522-541
From Propaganda to ‘Information’: Reforming Government Communications in Britain
vol. 30 (4): 542-562
Welsh Office exceptionalism, economic development and devolution, 1979 to 1997
vol. 30 (4): 563-583
Planning the new industrial nation: Scotland 1931 to 1979
vol. 30 (4): 584-606

Volume 30 (3)

‘Angelic Spirits of ‘68’: Memories of 60s’ Radicalism in Responses to the 2010–11 UK Student Protests
vol. 30 (3): 305-325
Importing fascism: reappraising the British fascisti, 1923–1926
vol. 30 (3): 326-348
Remaking the Fighting Man. Martial Masculinity and the British Army’s Command Depots, 1915–1918
vol. 30 (3): 349-367
‘Science must be the Basis’. Sir Oswald Mosley’s Political Parties and their Policies on Health, Science and Scientific Racism 1931–1974
vol. 30 (3): 368-388
The playwright who dramatised his own war record: a reassessment of William Douglas-Home’s accounts of his refusal to fight for the liberation of Le Havre
vol. 30 (3): 389-406
‘A Repository, a Switchboard, a Dynamo’: H.L. Beales, a Historian in a Mass Media Age
vol. 30 (3): 407-426
Family Men: Fatherhood and Masculinity in Britain, c. 1914–1960
vol. 30 (3): 427-428
Remembering the revolution: dissent, culture, and nationalism in the Irish free state
vol. 30 (3): 428-430
The experience of suburban modernity: how private transport changed interwar London
vol. 30 (3): 430-432
Going to the palais: a social and cultural history of dancing and dance halls in Britain, 1918–1960
vol. 30 (3): 432-433
The Liberal Party and the economy, 1929–1964
vol. 30 (3): 433-435
Fish & chips, a history
vol. 30 (3): 435-436