Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust

Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust is an inter-disciplinary publication which promotes the study of the Holocaust period and the issue of anti-Semitism through the various disciplines and methodologies, and gives expression to new research agendas in Israel and around the world.

The journal's aim is to provide a platform through which our readers are informed of the most recent and innovative research done in the various fields and in different countries. As part of this agenda, we encourage the publication of research done on contemporary issues such as collective memory of the Holocaust in museums, educational programs and cultural expressions such as film, literature, art and theatre; psychological adjustment of survivors in their old age and more.

Publishes 3 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 30 (3)

James E. Young, vol. 30 (3): 159-161
Holocaust Commemoration: New Trends in Museums and Memorials
Michal Aharony, vol. 30 (3): 162-165
Holocaust and Heroism in the Process of Establishing Yad Vashem (1942–1970)
Doron Bar, vol. 30 (3): 166-190
Is Eastern European ‘Double Genocide’ Revisionism Reaching Museums?
Dovid Katz, vol. 30 (3): 191-220
From the Periphery to the Center of Memory: Holocaust Memorials in Vienna
Heidemarie Uhl, vol. 30 (3): 221-242
Transmitting the Survivor’s Voice: Redeveloping the Sydney Jewish Museum
Avril Alba, vol. 30 (3): 243-257
Mixed Metaphors in Muranów: Holocaust Memory and Architectural Meaning at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, vol. 30 (3): 258-273
Yad Layeled at the Ghetto Fighters’ House: A Museum about Children in the Holocaust or a Museum for Children about the Holocaust?
Nadav Heidecker, vol. 30 (3): 274-281
Genocide and Relevance: Current Trends in United States Holocaust Museums
Leah Angell Sievers, vol. 30 (3): 282-295
Subjects of Memory? On Performing Holocaust Memory in Two German Historical Museums
Irit Dekel, vol. 30 (3): 296-314
Poetics of Memory: Aesthetics and Experience of Holocaust Remembrance in Museums
Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich, vol. 30 (3): 315-334

Volume 30 (2)

Testimonies, Liminality Rituals and the Memory of the Self in the Concentration Camps
Moriya Rachmani, vol. 30 (2): 75-92
Am I My Brother’s Keeper? The Jewish Committees in the Ghettos of Mogilev Province and the Romanian Regime in Transnistria during the Holocaust, 1941–1944
Gali Tibon, vol. 30 (2): 93-116
‘It Is Not My Fault That You Are Jewish!’: Jews, Czechs, and the Memory of the Holocaust in Film, 1949–2009
Tatjana Lichtenstein, vol. 30 (2): 117-141
Mothers, Monsters, Heroes and Whores: Reinscribing Patriarchy in European Holocaust Films
Deb Waterhouse-Watson, vol. 30 (2): 142-157

Volume 30 (1)

Pushing Aside the Nazi: Personal and Collective Exculpation and the Everyday German in Markus Zusak's The Book Thief
Kirril Shields, vol. 30 (1): 1-15
Subjugated Motherhood and the Holocaust
Esther Hertzog, vol. 30 (1): 16-34
Abandoning Representations: Holocaust Imageries in Late Israeli Art Music
Assaf Shelleg, vol. 30 (1): 35-52
National Socialism and the English Genius: Revisiting George Orwell's Political Views on Nazi Ideology
Danae Karydaki, vol. 30 (1): 53-73

Volume 29 (3)

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