Diplomatic History

As the sole journal devoted to the history of U.S. diplomacy, foreign relations, and national security, Diplomatic History examines issues from the colonial period to the present in a global and comparative context. The journal of record of The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR), Diplomatic History offers a variety of perspectives on economic and strategic issues, as well as those involving gender, culture, ethnicity, and ideology. This journal appeals to readers from a wide variety of disciplines, including American studies, international economics, American history, national security studies, and Latin American, Asian, African, and European studies.

Five times a year: January, April, June, October, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 36 (5)

Introduction: Turning the Lens on Film and Foreign Relations
Laura A. Belmonte, vol. 36 (5): 785-787
Have You Heard from Johannesburg
Melani Mcalister, vol. 36 (5): 789-792
Freedom's Other
Ryan M. Irwin, vol. 36 (5): 793-796
A Grand Design
Simon Stevens, vol. 36 (5): 797-800
Film Review of Have You Heard from Johannesburg: Seven Stories from the Global Anti-Apartheid Movement
Thomas Borstelmann, vol. 36 (5): 801-804
Comment on Connie Field's Have You Heard from Johannesburg
Mark Philip Bradley, vol. 36 (5): 805-808
Connie Field, vol. 36 (5): 809-813
Black and White at Center Court: Arthur Ashe and the Confrontation of Apartheid in South Africa
Eric J. Morgan, vol. 36 (5): 815-841
“From the Viewpoint of a Southern Governor”: The Carter Administration and Apartheid, 1977–81
Simon Stevens, vol. 36 (5): 843-880
For King and Country: Jack O'Connell, the CIA, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1963–71
Nigel J. Ashton, vol. 36 (5): 881-910
Was Jefferson's Haitian Policy Racist?
Lawrence A. Peskin, vol. 36 (5): 911-913
The Global Aspects of the American Civil War
Norman E. Saul, vol. 36 (5): 915-918
Abraham Lincoln: Moses or Pharoah?
Claude Clegg, vol. 36 (5): 919-921
Trans-Pacific Histories of U.S.–Japan Relations
Yujin Yaguchi, vol. 36 (5): 923-926
International Relations Meets Urban History
Christopher Endy, vol. 36 (5): 927-929
Through the Looking Glass: American Constructs of the Middle East
Janice J. Terry, vol. 36 (5): 931-933
Kennan and Nitze 2.1
Frank Costigliola, vol. 36 (5): 935-937
Bolivian Dexterity
James Dunkerley, vol. 36 (5): 939-941
Asianizing the Cold War
Stein Tønnesson, vol. 36 (5): 943-945
Internationalizing American Criminal Justice: The War on Drugs and Its Pitfalls
Jeremy Kuzmarov, vol. 36 (5): 947-949