East European Jewish Affairs

East European Jewish Affairs (formerly Soviet Jewish Affairs) is an interdisciplinary journal which is essential for an understanding of the position and prospects of Jews in the former Soviet Union and the countries of East-Central Europe. It deals with issues in historical perspective and in the context of general, social, economic, political, and cultural developments in the region. The journal includes analytical, in-depth articles; review articles; archival documents; conference notes; and annotated books.

Publishes 3 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 47 (1)

Editors’ introduction
David Shneer, vol. 47 (1): 1-2
Between hagiography and historiography: Chabad, scholars of Hasidism, and the case of the portrait of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady
Wojciech Tworek, vol. 47 (1): 3-27
Jewish acculturation in late nineteenth-century Russia: the case of Yonah Berkhin
Alex Valdman, vol. 47 (1): 28-44
Beyond Petliura: the Ukrainian national movement and the 1919 pogroms
Christopher Gilley, vol. 47 (1): 45-61
Police harassment and the politicization of Jewish youth in interwar Bessarabia
Katherine Sorrels, vol. 47 (1): 62-84
The blood libel trials in Vratsa and Yambol, Bulgaria (1891–1903)
Jochanan Benbassat, vol. 47 (1): 85-106
The Kishinev Ghetto, 1941–1942: a documentary history of the Holocaust in Romania’s contested borderlands
David Esarey, vol. 47 (1): 107-108
The assassination of Symon Petliura and the trial of Scholem Schwarzbard 1926–1927: A selection of documents
Christopher Gilley, vol. 47 (1): 108-110
Czechs, Slovaks and the Jews, 1938–1948: Beyond idealisation and condemnation
Peter Hallama, vol. 47 (1): 110-113
Jews and the Left: The rise and fall of a political alliance
Eli Lederhendler, vol. 47 (1): 113-115
Pioneers of Zionism: Hess, Pinsker, Rülf. Messianism, settlement policy, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Daniel Mahla, vol. 47 (1): 115-117
Doppelt Vertrieben: Deutsch-jüdische Komponisten aus dem östlichen Europa in Palästina/Israel
Adi Nester, vol. 47 (1): 117-119
1945. La découverte
Meredith Scott Weaver, vol. 47 (1): 119-121
Osteuropäisch-jüdische Literaturen im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert: Identität und Poetik/Eastern European Jewish Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries: Identity and Poetics (Die Welt der Slaven Sammelbände, vol. 52)
Adrian Wanner, vol. 47 (1): 121-122
The Holocaust in the Crimea and the North Caucasus
Irina Rebrova (Berlin), vol. 47 (1): 123-125

Volume 46 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 46 (3): 0-0
Editorial Board
vol. 46 (3): 0-0
Editor's Introduction
Anna Shternshis, vol. 46 (3): 239-240
Editor's Introduction
Anna Shternshis, vol. 46 (3): 239-240
Introduction to The New Wave of Russian Jewish American Culture
Anna Katsnelson, vol. 46 (3): 241-244