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The Economic History Review is published quarterly and each volume contains over 800 pages. It is an invaluable source of information and is available free to members of the Economic History Society. Publishing reviews of books, periodicals and information technology, The Review will keep anyone interested in economic and social history abreast of current developments in the subject. It aims at broad coverage of themes of economic and social change, including the intellectual, political and cultural implications of these changes.

Quarterly: February, May, August, November.

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Latest articles

Rating the UK: the British government's sovereign credit ratings, 1976–8
David James Gill, ONLINE EARLY
The occupational attainment of migrants and natives in Barcelona, 1930
Javier Silvestre, María Isabel Ayuda, Vicente Pinilla, ONLINE EARLY
An irrevocable shift: detailing the dynamics of rural poverty in southern England, 1762–1834: a case study
Henry French, ONLINE EARLY
Corporate ownership and control in Victorian Britain
Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, John D. Turner, Nadia Vanteeva, ONLINE EARLY
Small-scale technologies and European coal mine safety, 1850–1900
John E. Murray, Javier Silvestre, ONLINE EARLY
Independent invention in Italy during the Liberal Age, 1861–1913
Alessandro Nuvolari, Michelangelo Vasta, ONLINE EARLY
Copper sheathing and the British slave trade
Peter M. Solar, Klas Rönnbäck, ONLINE EARLY
Does history matter? Colonial education investments in India
Latika Chaudhary, Manuj Garg, ONLINE EARLY
The diffusion and impact of the corporation in 1910
James Foreman-Peck, Leslie Hannah, ONLINE EARLY
Consumption conundrums unravelled
Sara Horrell, Jane Humphries, Ken Sneath, ONLINE EARLY
‘The city has been wronged and abused!’: institutional corruption in the eighteenth century
Modern secondary education and economic performance: the introduction of the Gewerbeschule and Realschule in nineteenth-century Bavaria†
Alexandra Semrad, ONLINE EARLY
Health, height, and the household at the turn of the twentieth century
Roy E. Bailey, Timothy J. Hatton, Kris Inwood, ONLINE EARLY
Living standards and plague in London, 1560–1665
Neil Cummins, Morgan Kelly, Cormac Ó Gráda, ONLINE EARLY
American colonial incomes, 1650–1774
Peter H. Lindert, Jeffrey G. Williamson, ONLINE EARLY
Yankee Doodle went to London: Anglo-American breweries and the London securities market, 1888–92
Mary A. O'Sullivan, ONLINE EARLY
Informational efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1931–40
Jean-Pascal Bassino, Thomas Lagoarde-Segot, ONLINE EARLY
Big push or big grab? Railways, government activism, and export growth in Latin America, 1865–1913
Vincent Bignon, Rui Esteves, Alfonso Herranz-Loncán, ONLINE EARLY
Information asymmetry and the speed of adjustment: debasements in the mid-sixteenth century
‘Eating the bread out of their mouth’: Antwerp's export trade and generalized institutions, 1544–5
Jeroen Puttevils, ONLINE EARLY