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The English Historical Review (EHR) deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era. The EHR includes major Articles, 'Notes and Documents', and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unrivalled range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.

Five issues a year: February, April, June, September, November

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Latest articles

Volume 131 (549)

Gibbon on Islam
Fowden, G., vol. 131 (549): 261-292
Revisiting the 'Violence We Have Lost: Homicide in Seventeenth-Century Cheshire
Sharpe, J. A., Dickinson, J. R., vol. 131 (549): 293-323
Kissing for Virtuosi: William Stukeleys Philosophy of Pleasure (1757)
Klein, L., vol. 131 (549): 324-352
'To Vote or not to Vote: Charity Voting and the Other Side of Subscriber Democracy in Victorian England
Kanazawa, S., vol. 131 (549): 353-383
Back in Old Rus and the USSR: Archaeology, History and Politics
Shepard, J., vol. 131 (549): 384-405
Pagans and Philosophers: The Problem of Paganism from Augustine to Leibniz, by John Marenbon
Goldhill, S., vol. 131 (549): 406-407
The Ruin of Roman Britain: An Archaeological Perspective, by James Gerrard
White, R., vol. 131 (549): 407-409
The Collectio Burdegalensis: A Study and Register of an Eleventh-Century Canon Law Collection, by Kriston R. Rennie
Trumbore Jones, A., vol. 131 (549): 409-411
The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe, 1090-1500, by Emilia Jamroziak
Sykes, K., vol. 131 (549): 411-412
The Normans and Empire, by David Bates * Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest, ed. Tom Licence
Green, J. A., vol. 131 (549): 412-415
Alliances and Treaties between Frankish and Muslim Rulers in the Middle East: Cross-Cultural Diplomacy in the Period of the Crusades, by Michael A. Köhler, tr. Peter M. Holt (revised and edited by Konrad Hirschler)
Lewis, K., vol. 131 (549): 415-417
John of Brienne: King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople, c.1175-1237, by Guy Perry
Harris, J., vol. 131 (549): 417-419
The Emergence of Leon-Castile, c.1065-1500: Essays presented to J.F. OCallaghan, ed. James J. Todesca
Linehan, P., vol. 131 (549): 419-420
Der Rang der Pfalzgrafen bei Rhein: Die Gestaltung der politisch-sozialen Ordnung des Reichs im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert, by Jörg Peltzer
Whaley, J., vol. 131 (549): 420-422
Grenzerfahrung und monarchische Ordnung: Europa 1200-1500, by Bernd Schneidmüller
Scales, L., vol. 131 (549): 422-423
Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England, by Michael Johnston
Cooper, H., vol. 131 (549): 424-425
Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France, by Tracy Adams
Rigby, S. H., vol. 131 (549): 425-427
Venice and the Veneto during the Renaissance: The Legacy of Benjamin Kohl, ed. Michael Knapton, John E. Law and Alison Smith
Maglaque, E., vol. 131 (549): 427-429
The Prelate in England and Europe, 1300-1560, ed. Martin Heale
Swanson, R. N., vol. 131 (549): 429-430
Antemurale Christianitatis: Zur Genese der Bollwerksrhetorik im östlichen Mitteleuropa an der Schwelle vom Mittelalter zur Frühen Neuzeit, by Paul Srodecki
Whelan, M., vol. 131 (549): 431-432