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The English Historical Review (EHR) deals not only with British history, but also with almost all aspects of European and world history since the classical era. The EHR includes major Articles, 'Notes and Documents', and Debates on medieval and modern themes, as well as an unrivalled range of Reviews and Shorter Notices of books published throughout the world. A summary of international periodical literature published in the previous twelve months is also provided.

Five issues a year: February, April, June, September, November

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Latest articles

Volume 129 (536)

The Rebel Barons of 1264 and the Commune of London: An Oath of Mutual Aid
Stone, I., vol. 129 (536): 1-18
The Lion, the Witch, and the King: Thomas Stapleton's Apologia pro Rege Catholico Philippo II (1592)
Machielsen, J., vol. 129 (536): 19-46
The Religious Marketplace: Public Disputations in Civil War and Interregnum England
Capp, B., vol. 129 (536): 47-78
Continental European Soldiers in British Imperial Service, c.1756-1792
Conway, S., vol. 129 (536): 79-106
'Affluence' and the Left in Britain, c.1958-1974
Middleton, S., vol. 129 (536): 107-138
From 'Borderland' via 'Bloodlands' to Heartland? Recent Western Historiography of Ukraine
Pyrah, R., vol. 129 (536): 139-156
A Companion to World History, ed. Douglas Northrop
Strathern, A., vol. 129 (536): 157-160
Wales and the Britons, 350-1064, by T.M. Charles-Edwards
Woolf, A., vol. 129 (536): 160-162
Rural Settlements and Society in Anglo-Saxon England, by Helena Hamerow
Pickles, T., vol. 129 (536): 162-164
Otto der Grosse, Kaiser und Reich: Eine Biographie, by Matthias Becher
Warner, D. A., vol. 129 (536): 164-166
'Ecclesia in medio nationis': Reflections on the Study of Monasticism in the Central Middle Ages--Reflexions sur l'etude du monachisme au moyen age central, ed. Steven Vanderputten and Brigitte Meijns,
Bruce, S. G., vol. 129 (536): 166-168
The Oxford History of the Laws of England. Volume II : 871-1216, by JohnHudson
Coss, P., vol. 129 (536): 168-171
Facsimiles of English Episcopal Acta, 1085-1305, by Martin Brett, with Philippa Hoskin and David Smith
Carpenter, D. X., vol. 129 (536): 172-173
The Crusader States, by Malcolm Barber
Jotischky, A., vol. 129 (536): 173-174
The Knights Hospitaller in the Levant, c.1070-1309, by Jonathan Riley-Smith
Tyerman, C. J., vol. 129 (536): 174-176
Letters from the East: Crusaders, Pilgrims and Settlers in the 12th-13th Centuries, tr. Malcolm Barber and Keith Bate * The Chanson d'Antioche: An Old French Account of the First Crusade, tr. Susan B. Edgington and Carol Sweetenham
Lewis, K., vol. 129 (536): 176-178
Money in the Medieval English Economy, 973-1489, , by J.L. Bolton * Mints and Money in Medieval England, by Martin Allen
Britnell, R., vol. 129 (536): 179-181
Creating Cistercian Nuns: The Women's Religious Movement and its Reform in Thirteenth-Century Champagne, by Anne E. Lester
Leyser, H., vol. 129 (536): 181-182
The Making of Medieval Antifraternalism: Polemic, Violence, Deviance, and Remembrance, by G. Geltner
Forrest, I., vol. 129 (536): 183-184
The Italian Renaissance State, ed. Andrea Gamberini and Isabella Lazzarini
Margolis, O. J., vol. 129 (536): 184-186