European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

The European Review of History - Revue Européenne d'Histoire is an international journal covering European history of all centuries and subdisciplines. It aims to create a forum for ideas from across Europe, to encourage the most innovatory research, to make diverse historiographies better known and to practically assist exchanges between young historians.

Publishes 6 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 21 (3)

Africa in translation: a history of colonial linguistics in Germany and beyond, 1814–1945
vol. 21 (3): 433-435
Tuairim, Intellectual Debate and Policy Formation: Rethinking Ireland, 1954–1975
vol. 21 (3): 441-443
A Spy in the Archives: A Memoir of Cold War Russia
vol. 21 (3): 443-445

Volume 21 (2)

European Socialist regimes facing globalisation and European co-operation: dilemmas and responses – introduction
vol. 21 (2): 157-164
The globalisation process and the Eastern bloc countries in the 1970s and 1980s
vol. 21 (2): 165-181
Comecon and the South in the years of détente: a study on East–South economic relations
vol. 21 (2): 183-199
National separation, controlled co-operation: how state-socialist elites communicated economic openings
vol. 21 (2): 201-217
Soviet elites and European integration: from Stalin to Gorbachev
vol. 21 (2): 219-233
Building détente in Europe? East–West trade and the beginnings of Romania's nuclear programme, 1964–70
vol. 21 (2): 235-253
Between ideology and pragmatism: the ČSSR, the GDR and West European companies in the 1970s and 1980s
vol. 21 (2): 255-269
Failed Eastern integration and a partly successful opening up to the West: the economic re-orientation of Hungary during the 1970s
vol. 21 (2): 271-291
Polish economic policy at the time of détente, 1966–78
vol. 21 (2): 293-309
Acknowledging economic realities. The CMEA policy change vis-à-vis the European Community, 1970–3
vol. 21 (2): 311-328
A troubled relationship: Yugoslavia and the European Economic Community in détente
vol. 21 (2): 329-348

Volume 21 (1)

Nineteenth-century statecraft and the politics of moderation in the Franco-Prussian War
vol. 21 (1): 1-17
Dealing with the past and planning the future: the urban renewal of Rome and Barcelona through the Olympic Games
vol. 21 (1): 19-36
France, Patrie, Nation: figures de lutte et discours national (XVIème–XIXème siècles)
vol. 21 (1): 37-57
From English to British liberty, 1550–1800
vol. 21 (1): 59-72
Traumatic echoes of memories in child survivors' narratives of the Holocaust: the Polish experiences of Michał Głowiński and Henryk Grynberg
vol. 21 (1): 73-90
Anti-methodology par excellence: Richard Cobb (1917–96) and history-writing
vol. 21 (1): 91-110