First World War Studies

First World War Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that seeks to publish articles that explore comparative, trans-national, and multi-disciplinary strengths evident in the International Society for First World War Studies and pursue as its guiding principles the same intellectual assets. As the Society draws its strengths from graduate students to more experienced scholars, the journal is equally committed to a collegial academic forum open to any scholar irrespective of degree, academic seniority, or disciplinary affiliation. The journal approaches the subject of the First World War without chronological, geographic, or topical constraints. It embraces not merely the period associated with the years between 1914 and 1918, but seeks to include the diplomatic, political, social, cultural, and military complexities evident before, during, and most certainly after the cessation of hostilities. The journal will contribute significantly to the ongoing debates concerning the origins and causes, conduct, and implications of the First World War. First World War Studies is the only scholarly journal devoted to this extraordinary and controversial conflict and maintains an Editorial Board that consists of many internationally recognized scholars.

Two issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 5 (1)

An explosion of new endeavours: global humanitarian responses to industrialized warfare in the First World War era
vol. 5 (1): 1-16
The disaster of war: American understandings of catastrophe, conflict and relief
vol. 5 (1): 17-28
An American enterprise? British participation in US food relief programmes (1914–1923)
vol. 5 (1): 29-42
Touring occupied Belgium: American humanitarians at ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ (1914–1917)
vol. 5 (1): 43-53
Waging relief: the politics and logistics of American Jewish war relief in Europe and the Near East (1914–1918)
vol. 5 (1): 55-68
Politics of wartime relief in Ottoman Beirut (1914–1918)
vol. 5 (1): 69-82
The American Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross' humanitarian politics and policies in Asia Minor and Greece (1922–1923)
vol. 5 (1): 83-99
‘A highly successful experiment in international partnership?’ The limited resonance of the American Committee for Devastated France
vol. 5 (1): 101-115
The alchemy of humanitarianism: the First World War, the Japanese Red Cross and the creation of an international public health order
vol. 5 (1): 117-129
British popular culture and the First World War
vol. 5 (1): 131-132
Weimar Radicals: Nazis and Communists between authenticity and performance
vol. 5 (1): 132-134
Men of Mont St Quentin: between victory and death
vol. 5 (1): 134-135
Of little comfort: war widows, fallen soldiers, and the remaking of the nation after the Great War
vol. 5 (1): 136-137
‘Boredom is the enemy’: the intellectual and imaginative lives of Australian soldiers in the Great War and beyond
vol. 5 (1): 137-139
Kult und Krieg. Herz Jesu – Sacré Cœur – Christus Rex im deutsch-französischen Vergleich, 1914–1925
vol. 5 (1): 139-141
Woodrow Wilson: a biography
vol. 5 (1): 141-143
The German–Jewish soldiers of the First World War in history and memory
vol. 5 (1): 143-144
Planning Armageddon: British economic warfare and the First World War
vol. 5 (1): 144-146

Volume 4 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 4 (2): ebi-ebi
vol. 4 (2): 139-140