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French History offers an important international forum for everyone interested in the latest research in the subject. It provides a broad perspective on contemporary debates from an international range of scholars, and covers the entire chronological range of French history from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century. French History includes articles covering a wide range of enquiry across the arts and social sciences, as well as across historical periods, and a book reviews section that is essential reference for any serious student of French history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 30 (2)

Writers and the press in France 1600-2000: politics, pamphlets and propaganda
Dubbelboer, M., vol. 30 (2): 157-164
Mazarinades, manifestos and mavericks: political and ideological engagement during the Fronde
Bannister, M., vol. 30 (2): 165-180
An Anglo-French revolutionary? Jean-Paul Marat channels the spirits of Wilkes and Junius
Ritchie, N., vol. 30 (2): 181-196
Monsieur Viperin: Emile de Girardin and the republican satirical press in 1848
OBrien, L., vol. 30 (2): 197-217
Impartial reporter or ecrivain engage? Andree Viollis and the transformation of French journalism, 1918-40
Harbers, F., Broersma, M., vol. 30 (2): 218-240
A powerful political platform: Francoise Giroud and LExpress in a Cold War climate
Long, I., vol. 30 (2): 241-258
Great Battles: Agincourt
Honig, J. W., vol. 30 (2): 259-260
The Ideas of Man and Woman in Renaissance France: Print, Rhetoric, and Law
Bromilow, P., vol. 30 (2): 260-261
The Politics of Religion in Early Modern France
Smith, S. A., vol. 30 (2): 262-263
Les Guise et leur paraitre
Durot, E., vol. 30 (2): 264-265
Toulouse au Grand Siecle: Le rayonnement de la Reforme catholique (1590-1710)
Schneider, R. A., vol. 30 (2): 265-266
Experiencing Exile: Huguenot Refugees in the Dutch Republic, 1680-1700
Diefendorf, B. B., vol. 30 (2): 267-268
Les compagnons de Mercure, journalisme et politique dans lEurope de Louis XIV
Dagenais, S., vol. 30 (2): 268-270
The Marquis dArgens. A Philosophical Life
Seifert, H.-U., vol. 30 (2): 270-271
Une Generation au Service de lEtat: les procureurs generaux syndics de la Revolution francaise
Burgess, L., vol. 30 (2): 271-273
Touche: The Duel in Literature
Banks, S., vol. 30 (2): 273-274
Commitment and Sacrifice: Personal Diaries from the Great War
Prosser, C., vol. 30 (2): 274-276
Politics and the Individual in France 1930-1950
Rispin, W. H. E., vol. 30 (2): 276-277
Remembering French Algeria. Pieds-Noirs, Identity, and Exile
Hey, K. M., vol. 30 (2): 277-279
Our Fighting Sisters. Nation, Memory and Gender in Algeria, 1954-2012
Hey, K. M., vol. 30 (2): 279-280