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French History offers an important international forum for everyone interested in the latest research in the subject. It provides a broad perspective on contemporary debates from an international range of scholars, and covers the entire chronological range of French history from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century. French History includes articles covering a wide range of enquiry across the arts and social sciences, as well as across historical periods, and a book reviews section that is essential reference for any serious student of French history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (1)

France and the Early Modern Mediterranean
Armstrong, M. C., Weiss, G., vol. 29 (1): 1-5
The Ottoman view of France from the late fifteenth to the mid-sixteenth century
Vatin, N., vol. 29 (1): 6-11
French mercantilism and the early modern Mediterranean: a case study of Marseille's silk industry
Takeda, J. T., vol. 29 (1): 12-17
Building, enforcing and subverting monopoly: France's Compagnie royale d'Afrique and eighteenth-century Mediterranean trade
Denis-Delacour, C., Grenet, M., vol. 29 (1): 18-23
A view from the water's edge: Greater Tunisia, France and the Mediterranean before colonialism
Clancy-Smith, J., vol. 29 (1): 24-30
Protean boundaries: Montesquieu's Europe and the Mediterranean world
D'Auria, M., vol. 29 (1): 31-45
'Les ennemis du nom Chrestien': echoes of the crusade in Louis XIV's France
McCluskey, P., vol. 29 (1): 46-61
'Abdallah ibn 'Aisha and the French Court, 1699-1701: an ambassador without diplomacy
Matar, N., vol. 29 (1): 62-75
Lessons of the Levant: early modern French economic development in the Mediterranean
Horn, J., vol. 29 (1): 76-92
King Cotton on the Middle Sea: acclimatization projects and the French links to the early modern Mediterranean
Horan, J., vol. 29 (1): 93-108
Heroines of the French Epic: A Second Selection of Chansons de Geste
Harris, L., vol. 29 (1): 109-110
The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage and Spiritual Authority
Goodwin, E., vol. 29 (1): 110-111
Jean de Saintre. A Late Medieval Education in Love and Chivalry
Delogu, D., vol. 29 (1): 112-113
Hero or Tyrant? Henry III, King of France, 1574-89
Van Tol, J., vol. 29 (1): 113-114
Vox Populi: Une Histoire du Vote avant le Suffrage Universel
Racaut, L., vol. 29 (1): 114-116
Credit, Fashion, Sex: Economies of Regard in Old Regime France
Jenkin, A., vol. 29 (1): 116-117
Le parti huguenot: Chronique d'une desillusion (1557-1572)
Van Der Linden, D., vol. 29 (1): 117-119
Fashion Beyond Versailles: Consumption and Design in Seventeenth-Century France
Jones, J. M., vol. 29 (1): 119-120
The Smile Revolution in Eighteenth-Century Paris
Jenkin, A., vol. 29 (1): 120-121
La Republique en voyage, 1770-1830
Pauncefort, E., vol. 29 (1): 122-123