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French History offers an important international forum for everyone interested in the latest research in the subject. It provides a broad perspective on contemporary debates from an international range of scholars, and covers the entire chronological range of French history from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century. French History includes articles covering a wide range of enquiry across the arts and social sciences, as well as across historical periods, and a book reviews section that is essential reference for any serious student of French history.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (2)

Origo Consulum: rumours of murder, a crisis of lordship, and the legendary origins of the Counts of Anjou
Paul, N. L., vol. 29 (2): 139-160
'Belle comme le jour': beauty, power and the king's mistress
Adams, C., vol. 29 (2): 161-181
Public celebrations and public joy at the beginning of the French Revolution (1788-91)
Valade, P., vol. 29 (2): 182-203
'Il fut bon pere': the Institut de France, funeral eulogies and the formation of bourgeois identity in early nineteenth-century France
Arnold, J., vol. 29 (2): 204-224
Mingrat: anatomy of a restoration cause celebre
Counter, A. J., vol. 29 (2): 225-246
The First French Reformation: Church Reform and the Origins of the Old Regime
Baumgartner, F. J., vol. 29 (2): 247-248
Rumor, Diplomacy and War in Enlightenment Paris
Seaward, L., vol. 29 (2): 248-249
Let God Arise: The War & Rebellion of the Camisards
Strayer, B. E., vol. 29 (2): 250-251
Dangerous and Dishonest Men: The International Bankers of Louis XIV's France
Bonney, R., vol. 29 (2): 251-252
Money and Political Economy in the Enlightenment
Kleer, R. A., vol. 29 (2): 252-253
Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France
Horowitz, S., vol. 29 (2): 254-255
The Idea of the Sciences in the Enlightenment: A Reinterpretation
Seaward, L., vol. 29 (2): 255-256
The Museum of French Monuments 1795-1816. 'Killing art to make history'
Wrigley, R., vol. 29 (2): 256-257
Peuples en Revolution; d'aujourd'hui a 1789
Andress, D., vol. 29 (2): 258-259
French Women and the Empire: The Case of Indochina
Vann, M. G., vol. 29 (2): 259-260
Petain's Jewish Children. French Jewish Youth and the Vichy Regime, 1940-1942
Godet, A., vol. 29 (2): 261-262
Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France
Oddy, N., vol. 29 (2): 262-263
The Gondi: Family Strategy and Survival in Early Modern France
Fletcher, C., vol. 29 (2): 263-264
The Hero of Italy: Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma, His Soldiers, and His Subjects in the Thirty Years' War
Shaw, J., vol. 29 (2): 264-264
Tenir boutique a Paris au XVIII siecle: Luxe et demi-luxe
Gayne, M. K., vol. 29 (2): 265-265