Gender and History

Gender & History is now established as the major international journal for research and writing on the history of gender relations, sexuality, and the semiotics of gender in a wide geographical and chronological scope. Scanning epochs and continents, Gender & History examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts. The journal publishes rigorous and readable articles both on particular episodes in gender history and on broader methodological questions which have ramifications for the discipline as a whole.

Triennially: April, August, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 28 (3)

Issue Information
vol. 28 (3): 559-560
vol. 28 (3): 561-566
The Legacy of the ‘War to End All Wars’
Louise Edwards, Martha Hanna, Patricia M. E. Lorcin, vol. 28 (3): 567-586
A Most Unmanly War: British Military Masculinity in Macedonia, Mesopotamia and Palestine, 1914–18
Justin Fantauzzo, Robert L. Nelson, vol. 28 (3): 587-603
About-Face: Gender, Disfigurement and the Politics of French Reconstruction, 1918–24
Julie M. Powell, vol. 28 (3): 604-622
‘Protection against the Lust of Men’: Progressivism, Prostitution and Rape in the Dominican Republic under US Occupation, 1916–24
Micah Wright, vol. 28 (3): 623-640
Feminism, Pacifism and Political Violence in Europe and China in the Era of the World Wars
Mona L. Siegel, vol. 28 (3): 641-659
Gendered Archetypes of Wartime Occupation: ‘New Women’ in Occupied North China, 1937–40
Jeremy E. Taylor, vol. 28 (3): 660-686
From Control to Terror: German Prostitution Policies in Eastern and Western European Territories during both World Wars
Maren Röger, Emmanuel Debruyne, vol. 28 (3): 687-708
‘Shirkers’, ‘Scrimjacks’ and ‘Scrimshanks’?: British Civilian Masculinity and Reserved Occupations, 1914–45
Juliette Pattinson, vol. 28 (3): 709-727
‘My Body was Aflame with His Memory’: War, Gender and Colonial Ghosts in Hiroshima mon amour (1959)
Sandrine Sanos, vol. 28 (3): 728-753
From Partisan Warfare to Memory Battlefields: Two Women's Stories about the Second World War and Its Aftermath in Lithuania
Dovilė Budrytė, vol. 28 (3): 754-774
Gender and Post-war Relief: Support for War-Widowed Mothers in Occupied Japan (1945–52)
Akiko Takenaka, vol. 28 (3): 775-793
Rape as a Weapon of War(riors): The Militarisation of Sexual Violence in the United States, 1990–2000
Josh Cerretti, vol. 28 (3): 794-812
‘The Men Have Come’: Gender and Militarisation in Kampala, 1966–86
Benjamin Twagira, vol. 28 (3): 813-832
‘My Daughter was Genetically Drafted with me’: US-Vietnam War Veterans, Disabilities and Gender
Leslie J. Reagan, vol. 28 (3): 833-853
vol. 28 (3): 862-865

Volume 28 (2)

Issue Information
vol. 28 (2): 265-267
vol. 28 (2): 269-274
Stuart Airlie, Maud Anne Bracke, Rosemary Elliot, vol. 28 (2): 275-282