Gender and History

Gender & History is now established as the major international journal for research and writing on the history of gender relations, sexuality, and the semiotics of gender in a wide geographical and chronological scope. Scanning epochs and continents, Gender & History examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts. The journal publishes rigorous and readable articles both on particular episodes in gender history and on broader methodological questions which have ramifications for the discipline as a whole.

Triennially: April, August, November.

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Latest articles

Volume 26 (1)

vol. 26 (1): 0-0
Forum: Women and Learned Culture: Introduction
Judith P. Zinsser, vol. 26 (1): 1-4
Imagining Patterns of Learned Culture: A Cross-Cultural View
Judith P. Zinsser, vol. 26 (1): 5-22
Women in Chinese Learned Culture: Complexities, Exclusivities and Connecting Narratives
Harriet Zurndorfer, vol. 26 (1): 23-35
‘Speaking Together Openly, Honestly and Profoundly’: Men and Women as Public Intellectuals in Early-Twentieth-Century France
Jean Elisabeth Pedersen, vol. 26 (1): 36-51
A Prize for Grumpy Old Men? Reflections on the Lack of Female Nobel Laureates
Marika Hedin, vol. 26 (1): 52-63
Overthrowing the Floresta–Wollstonecraft Myth for Latin American Feminism
Eileen Hunt Botting, Charlotte Hammond Matthews, vol. 26 (1): 64-83
A Man Like You: Juan Domingo Perón and the Politics of Attraction in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina
Natalia Milanesio, vol. 26 (1): 84-104
Landowning, Dispossession and the Significance of Land among Dakota and Scandinavian Women at Spirit Lake, 1900–29
Karen V. Hansen, Grey Osterud, vol. 26 (1): 105-127
‘You Must Avenge on My Behalf’: Widow Chastity and Honour in Nineteenth-Century Korea
Jungwon Kim, vol. 26 (1): 128-146
The Phantasm of the Feminine: Gender, Race and Nationalist Agency in Early Twentieth-Century China
Ping Zhu, vol. 26 (1): 147-166
“Till We Hear the Last All Clear”: Gender and the Presentation of Self in Young Girls’ Writing about the Bombing of Hull during the Second World War
James Greenhalgh, vol. 26 (1): 167-183
Elaine Farrell (ed.), ‘She Said She Was in the Family Way’: Pregnancy and Infancy in Modern Ireland (London: Institute of Historical Research, 2012), pp. xix + 247. ISBN: 978 1905165650.
KATIE BARCLAY, vol. 26 (1): 184-185
Charu Gupta (ed.), Gendering Colonial India: Reforms, Print, Caste and Communalism (New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2012), pp. viii + 394. ISBN: 978 813504472 7.
SUMITA MUKHERJEE, vol. 26 (1): 185-186
Jonathan Daniel Wells, Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011), pp. xii + 244. ISBN: 978 1107012660.
LYDIA J. PLATH, vol. 26 (1): 186-188
Carrie Hamilton, Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics, and Memory (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012), pp. vii + 298. ISBN: 978 0807835197.
CYNTHIA WRIGHT, vol. 26 (1): 188-189
Tara Povey and Elaheh Rostami-Povey (eds), Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran (Ashgate, 2012), pp. xv + 218. ISBN: 978 1409402046.
SHIRIN SAEIDI, vol. 26 (1): 189-191
vol. 26 (1): 192-193
Volume 25 (2013) Index
vol. 26 (1): 194-197

Volume 25 (3)

vol. 25 (3): 0-0