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Since 1923, Historical Research has been a leading British historical journal. Historical Research publishes the work of established historians as well as assisting new researchers with their first articles. Its articles cover a wide geographical and temporal span, from the early middle ages to the twentieth century. It encourages the submission of articles from a broad variety of approaches, including social, political, urban, intellectual and cultural history.

Quarterly: February, May, August, November.

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Latest articles

The vagaries and value of the army transport mule in the British army during the First World War
Andrekos Varnava, ONLINE EARLY
‘That racial chasm that yawns eternally in our midst’: the British empire and the politics of Asian migration, 1900–14
Cornelis Heere, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 90 (247)

Issue Information – TOC
vol. 90 (247): 1-2
Matthew Rendle, vol. 90 (247): 3-10
A revolution in March: the overthrow of tsarism in Krasnoiarsk
Alistair Dickins, vol. 90 (247): 11-31
‘The dictatorship of the democracy’? The Council of People's Commissars as Bolshevik-Left Socialist Revolutionary coalition government, December 1917–March 1918
Lara Douds, vol. 90 (247): 32-56
Russia's revolutionaries on vacation: anti-government activities in the Finnish countryside, 1900–17
Kitty Lam, vol. 90 (247): 57-75
White water, Red tide: Sino-Russian conflict on the Amur 1917–20
Yuexin Rachel Lin, vol. 90 (247): 76-100
The battle for spaces and places in Russia's civil war: revolutionary tribunals and state power, 1917–22
Matthew Rendle, vol. 90 (247): 101-116
Revolutionary conscience, remorse and resentment: emotions and early Soviet criminal law, 1917–22
Pavel Vasilyev, vol. 90 (247): 117-133
Breaking free from the prison walls: penal reforms and prison life in revolutionary Russia
Aaron B. Retish, vol. 90 (247): 134-150
‘They know not what they do’? Bolshevik understandings of the agency of perpetrators, 1918–30
James Ryan, vol. 90 (247): 151-171
Fighters for Ukrainian independence? Imposture and identity among Ukrainian warlords, 1917–22
Christopher Gilley, vol. 90 (247): 172-190
Revolution in health: nervous weakness and visions of health in revolutionary Russia, c.1900–31
Simon Pawley, vol. 90 (247): 191-209
Ability to bear rights or ability to work? The meaning of rights and equality for the Russian deaf in the revolutionary period
Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala, vol. 90 (247): 210-229
Inspiring a ‘fourth revolution’? The modern revolutionary tradition and the problems surrounding the commemoration of 1917 in 2017 in Russia
Matthew Rendle, Anna Lively, vol. 90 (247): 230-249
Bibliography of Secondary Sources
vol. 90 (247): 250-266

Volume 89 (246)

Ambition, anxiety and aspiration: the use and abuse of Cambridge University's ten-year divinity statute
Sara Slinn, vol. 89 (246): 0-0
Passages from India: Indian anti-colonial activism in exile, 1905–20
Zaib un Nisa Aziz, vol. 89 (246): 0-0
The public rivalry between regulated and joint stock corporations and the development of seventeenth-century corporate constitutions
William A. Pettigrew, Tristan Stein, vol. 89 (246): 0-0