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Since 1923, Historical Research has been a leading British historical journal. Historical Research publishes the work of established historians as well as assisting new researchers with their first articles. Its articles cover a wide geographical and temporal span, from the early middle ages to the twentieth century. It encourages the submission of articles from a broad variety of approaches, including social, political, urban, intellectual and cultural history.

Quarterly: February, May, August, November.

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Latest articles

Eugenics, socialists and the labour movement in Britain, 1865–1940
David Redvaldsen, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 90 (249)

Negotiating public history in the Republic of Ireland: collaborative, applied and usable practices for the profession
Thomas Cauvin, Ciaran O'Neill, vol. 90 (249): 0-0
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vol. 90 (249): 267-267
Getting out of jail: suicide, escape and release in late medieval and Renaissance Bologna
Trevor Dean, vol. 90 (249): 449-464
Whose city? Civic government and episcopal power in early modern Salisbury, c.1590–1640
Catherine Patterson, vol. 90 (249): 486-505
‘I was no “master of this work” but a servant to it’? William Laud, Charles I and the making of Scottish ecclesiastical policy, 1634–6
Leonie James, vol. 90 (249): 506-525
Between tension and rapprochement: Sunni-Shi‘ite relations in the pre-modern Ottoman period, with a focus on the eighteenth century
M. Sait Özervarlı, vol. 90 (249): 526-542
Charles Mason, the ‘king of China’: British imperial adventuring in the late nineteenth century
Catherine Ladds, vol. 90 (249): 567-590
Invasion, raids and army reform: the political context of ‘flotilla defence’, 1903–5
Richard Dunley, vol. 90 (249): 613-635
‘And those who live, how shall I tell their fame?’ Historical pageants, collective remembrance and the First World War, 1919–39
Angela Bartie, Linda Fleming, Mark Freeman, Tom Hulme, Paul Readman, Charlotte Tupman, vol. 90 (249): 636-661

Volume 90 (248)

‘The Gallaunts of Fawey’: a case study of Fowey during the Hundred Years’ War, c.1337–1399
S. J. Drake, vol. 90 (248): 296-317
‘To become again our brethren’: desertion and community during the American Revolutionary War, 1775–83
Jonathan Chandler, vol. 90 (248): 363-380

Volume 90 (247)

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vol. 90 (247): 1-2
Matthew Rendle, vol. 90 (247): 3-10
A revolution in March: the overthrow of tsarism in Krasnoiarsk
Alistair Dickins, vol. 90 (247): 11-31
‘The dictatorship of the democracy’? The Council of People's Commissars as Bolshevik-Left Socialist Revolutionary coalition government, December 1917–March 1918
Lara Douds, vol. 90 (247): 32-56
Russia's revolutionaries on vacation: anti-government activities in the Finnish countryside, 1900–17
Kitty Lam, vol. 90 (247): 57-75
White water, Red tide: Sino-Russian conflict on the Amur 1917–20
Yuexin Rachel Lin, vol. 90 (247): 76-100
The battle for spaces and places in Russia's civil war: revolutionary tribunals and state power, 1917–22
Matthew Rendle, vol. 90 (247): 101-116
Revolutionary conscience, remorse and resentment: emotions and early Soviet criminal law, 1917–22
Pavel Vasilyev, vol. 90 (247): 117-133