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Volume 100 (339)

Notes on Contributors
vol. 100 (339): 0-0
From Tyrant to Unfit Monarch: Marchamont Nedham's Representation of Charles Stuart and Royalists during the Interregnum
Benjamin Woodford, vol. 100 (339): 1-20
Images of Kingship: Charles I, Accession Sermons, and the Theory of Divine Right
Elena Kiryanova, vol. 100 (339): 21-39
‘Citizen Emperor’: Political Ritual, Popular Sovereignty and the Coronation of Napoleon I
Philip Dwyer, vol. 100 (339): 40-57
Autobiography as a Micrometer for Empire: How a Nineteenth-Century English Tailor was – and was not – an Absent-Minded Imperialist
Christopher Ferguson, vol. 100 (339): 58-84
Confessional Calvinism and Evangelical Assurance: Isaac Nelson, Ulster Revivalism and the Assurance Controversy in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, c.1859–1867
Daniel Ritchie, vol. 100 (339): 85-106
How Fighting Ends: A History of Surrender. Edited by Holger Afflerbach and Hew Strachan. Oxford University Press. 2012. xx + 473pp. £70.00.
Sean McGlynn, vol. 100 (339): 107-108
Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Edited and translated by Christopher Grocock and I. N. Wood. Oxford Medieval Texts. Oxford University Press. 2013. cxx + 214pp. £95.00.
Thomas Pickles, vol. 100 (339): 109-110
York: The Making of a City 1068–1350. By Sarah Rees-Jones. Oxford University Press. 2013. xxxii + 373pp. £75.00. Medieval York 600–1540. By D. M. Palliser. Oxford University Press. 2014. xxii + 332pp. £45.00.
Paul Oldfield, vol. 100 (339): 110-112
Princes, Prelates and Poets in Medieval Ireland: Essays in Honour of Katharine Simms. Edited by Seán Duffy. Four Courts Press. 2013. xxiv + 599pp. £50.00.
Huw Pryce, vol. 100 (339): 112-114
Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait. By Denys Turner. Yale University Press. 2013. xi + 300pp. £18.99.
Barbara Bombi, vol. 100 (339): 114-116
Episcopal Appointments in England, c.1214–1344: From Episcopal Election to Papal Provision. By Katherine Harvey. Ashgate. 2014. xviii + 334pp. £75.00.
R. N. Swanson, vol. 100 (339): 116-118
To Follow in their Footsteps: The Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages. By Nicholas L. Paul. Cornell University Press. 2012. xiv + 350pp. £30.00/$57.95.
Jochen Schenk, vol. 100 (339): 118-119
Henry V: New Interpretations. Edited by Gwilym Dodd. York Medieval Press. 2013. xiii + 305pp. £60.00.
Sean McGlynn, vol. 100 (339): 119-121
Crusading and the Ottoman Threat, 1453–1505. By Norman Housley. Oxford University Press. 2012. xii + 242pp. £60.00.
Peter Edbury, vol. 100 (339): 121-122
Death, Life and Religious Change in Scottish Towns, c.1350–1560. By Mairi Cowan. Manchester University Press. 2013. ix + 264pp. £60.00.
C. S. Watkins, vol. 100 (339): 122-124
Rebellion: Britain's First Stuart Kings 1567–1642. By Tim Harris. Oxford University Press. 2014. xvii + 588pp. £30.00.
John Miller, vol. 100 (339): 124-126
Parallel Histories: Muslims and Jews in Inquisitorial Spain. By James S. Amelang. Louisiana State University Press. 2013. xi + 207pp. $25.95.
Trevor J. Dadson, vol. 100 (339): 126-128
Westminster 1640–60: A Royal City in a Time of Revolution. By J. F. Merritt. Manchester University Press. 2013. xii + 276pp. £75.00.
Jason Peacey, vol. 100 (339): 128-130
The Oxford Handbook of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America. Edited by Brian P. Levack. Oxford University Press. 2013. 646pp. £100.00.
Laura Stokes, vol. 100 (339): 130-131