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Volume 101 (346)

Issue Information - TOC
vol. 101 (346): 333-333
Notes on Contributors
vol. 101 (346): 334-335
Introduction: Military and Political Violence in History and Theory
MARK HEWITSON, vol. 101 (346): 337-361
A (Conceptual) History of Violence
ADRIANO VINALE, vol. 101 (346): 362-378
Political Violence, Violent Politics: Protestant Democrats and Republicans at War in Virginia, 1862
JOHN H. MATSUI, vol. 101 (346): 379-395
German Soldiers and the Horror of War: Fear of Death and the Joy of Killing in 1870 and 1914
MARK HEWITSON, vol. 101 (346): 396-424
‘A Most Gruesome Sight’: Colonial Warfare, Racial Thought, and the Question of ‘Radicalization’ during the First World War in German South-West Africa (Namibia)
ANDREA ROSENGARTEN, vol. 101 (346): 425-447
Bringing back Culture: Combatant and Civilian Attitudes during the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939
CLAUDIO HERNÁNDEZ BURGOS, vol. 101 (346): 448-463
Presenting Oneself: Red Army Soldiers and Violence in the Great Patriotic War, 1941–1945
KERSTIN BISCHL, vol. 101 (346): 464-479

Volume 101 (345)

vol. 101 (345): 179-179
Notes on Contributors
vol. 101 (345): 180-181
The Fate of Anglo-Saxon Saints after the Norman Conquest of England: St Æthelwold of Winchester as a Case Study
REBECCA BROWETT, vol. 101 (345): 183-200
Henry VIII: ‘Catholicism without the Pope?’
G. W. BERNARD, vol. 101 (345): 201-221
‘We should dress us fairly for our end’: The Significance of the Clothing Worn at Elite Executions in England in the Long Sixteenth Century
MARIA HAYWARD, vol. 101 (345): 222-245
‘A Reformer's Wife ought to be an Heroine’: Gender, Family and English Radicals Imprisoned under the Suspension of Habeas Corpus Act of 1817
KATRINA NAVICKAS, vol. 101 (345): 246-264
War without Terms: George Jackson, Black Power and the American Radical Prison Rights Movement, 1941–1971
Zoe Colley, vol. 101 (345): 265-286
White Magic: The Age of Paper. By Lothar  Müller. Translated by Jessica  Spengler. Polity Press. 2014. 352pp. £20.00/€25.00.
ORIETTA DA ROLD, vol. 101 (345): 287-288
Performing Indigeneity: Global Histories and Contemporary Experiences. Edited by Laura R.  Graham and H.  Glenn Penny. University of Nebraska Press. 2014. ix + 431pp. $35.00/£21.99
REETTA HUMALAJOKI, vol. 101 (345): 288-290
Chivalry, Kingship and Crusade: The English Experience in the Fourteenth Century. By Timothy  Guard. Boydell. 2013. x + 280pp. £60.00.
NICHOLAS MORTON, vol. 101 (345): 290-292
Writing the Early Crusades: Text, Transmission and Memory. Edited by Marcus  Bull and Damien  Kempf. Boydell. 2014. ix + 174pp. £50.00.
NICHOLAS VINCENT, vol. 101 (345): 292-293