History and Technology

This journal stimulates research in the history of technology from antiquity to the present. It seeks to contribute to our understanding of technology as embedded in society, exploring its links between science, on the one hand, and the cultural, economic, political and institutional contexts on the other. Within that framework, and while not favouring any particular school or methodological approach, it welcomes papers which think about the relations between technology and society in new ways (e.g. the social construction of technologies, large technical systems, technology and business history). The composition of its editorial board reflects, to some extent, these concerns. Special procedures have been put in place to facilitate the publication of work by young researchers, and scholars who would not normally publish in an English language journal. The book reviews section will pay particular attention to material not published in English.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

Museums, objects, and historical meaning
Butterfield’s nightmare: the history of science as Disney history
Making oeconomic people: The Spanish Magazine of Agriculture and Arts for Parish Rectors (1797–1808)
Policing the oeconomy of nature: The oiseau martin as an instrument of oeconomic management in the eighteenth-century French maritime world
Practicing oeconomy during the second half of the long eighteenth century: an introduction
Ashes to ashes: the stewardship of waste and oeconomic cycles of agricultural and industrial improvement, 1750–1800
Designed women: gender and the problem of female automata
Self-knowledge in the history of technology: industrialism, cultural analysis and desire
Entangled in questions of cultural analysis

Volume 30 (1-2)

Editor’s Note
vol. 30 (1-2): 1-2
‘Applied science’ in nineteenth-century Britain: public discourse and the creation of meaning, 1817–1876
vol. 30 (1-2): 3-36
Making science at home: visual displays of space science and nuclear physics at the Science Museum and on television in postwar Britain
vol. 30 (1-2): 37-60
The politics of donating technological artifacts: techno-nationalism and the donations of the world’s first jet engines
vol. 30 (1-2): 61-82
Penicillin and the European response to post-war American hegemony: the case of Leo-penicillin
vol. 30 (1-2): 83-103
Governing the future: science, policy and public participation in the construction of the long term in the Netherlands and Sweden
vol. 30 (1-2): 104-122
Television and taste on the New Frontier: ‘A Tour Of The White House With Mrs. John F. Kennedy’
vol. 30 (1-2): 123-132

Volume 27 (1)

Food, technology, and trust: an introduction
Østby, Per, vol. 27 (1): 1-10
Redefining food: the standardization of products and production in Europe and the United States, 1880-1914
Spiekermann, Uwe, vol. 27 (1): 11-36
'Purity as life': H.J. Heinz, religious sentiment, and the beginning of the industrial diet
Petrick, Gabriella M., vol. 27 (1): 37-64
Atoms for peace and radiation for safety - how to build trust in irradiated foods in Cold War Europe and beyond
Zachmann, Karin, vol. 27 (1): 65-90