Innes Review

The Innes Review is a fully peer-reviewed journal promoting the study of the history of Catholic Scotland. It covers all aspects of Scottish history and culture, especially ones related to religious history. 

Published continuously by the Scottish Catholic Historical Association since 1950, it contains articles and book reviews on a wide field of ecclesiastical, cultural, liturgical, architectural, literary and political history from earliest times to the present day. It is named after Thomas Innes (1662-1744), a missionary priest, historian, and archivist of the Scots College in Paris whose impartial scholarship stood out amongst the denominational prejudices of the time.

Published May & Nov

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Latest articles

Volume 65 (1)

Geoffrey Wallis Steuart Barrow, 1924–2013: a memoir
Hector MacQueen, vol. 65 (1): 1-12
The medieval church of Montrose: a place ‘of much antiquity and abundantly populous’
Catriona Anna Gray, vol. 65 (1): 13-32
Support networks for the Catholic mission in Scotland
Tom McInally, vol. 65 (1): 33-51
Looking for Catholics: using Protestant missionary society records to investigate nineteenth-century Highland Catholicism
Elizabeth Ritchie, vol. 65 (1): 52-75
Angus Martin, Kintyre Places and Place-Names. The Grimsay Press: Kilkerran, 2013. 383 pp. £19.95 paperback. ISBN 9781845301347.
Leonie Dunlop, vol. 65 (1): 76-78

Volume 64 (2)

Psalm 44 and the Pictish king
vol. 64 (2): 87-99
From Mary Queen of Scots to the Scottish Capuchins: Scotland as a symbol of Protestant persecution in seventeenth-century Italian literature
vol. 64 (2): 100-119
Representations of the ‘State of Popery’ in Scotland in the 1720s and 1730s
vol. 64 (2): 120-226
The earliest evidence for anti-Lollard polemics in medieval Scotland
vol. 64 (2): 227-234
Nicholas Evans, The Present and the Past in Medieval Irish Chronicles. Studies in Celtic History 27. Boydell: Woodbridge, 2010. xv+289 pp. £60 hardback. ISBN 9781843835493.
vol. 64 (2): 235-240
Scottish Latin Authors in Print up to 1700: A Short-title List, ed. R. P. H. Green, P. H. Burton and D. J. Ford with the help of G. Tournoy. Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 30. Leuven University Press: Leuven, 2012. 392 pp. €59.50 hardback. ISBN 97890
vol. 64 (2): 240-242
Caroline Casuistry: The Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell SJ, ed. Peter Holmes. Catholic Record Society: Records Series 84. Boydell: Woodbridge, 2012. xlviii + 308 pp. £45 hardback. ISBN 9780902832275.
vol. 64 (2): 242-244
Iain Whyte, Send Back the Money! The Free Church of Scotland and American Slavery. James Clarke: Edinburgh, 2012. 176 pp. £19.50 paperback. ISBN 9780227173893.
vol. 64 (2): 244-247

Volume 64 (1)

Planning for pilgrims: St Andrews as the second Rome
vol. 64 (1): 1-22
Spittal place-names in Menteith and Strathendrick: evidence of crusading endowments?
vol. 64 (1): 23-38
The Isle of Loch Clunie: the key to the see of Dunkeld
vol. 64 (1): 39-65
The Christmas Eve massacre, Iona, AD 986
vol. 64 (1): 66-71
Emilia Jamroziak, Survival and Success on Medieval Borders. Cistercian Houses in Medieval Scotland and Pomerania from the Twelfth to the Late Fourteenth Century. Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe 24. Brepols: Turnhout, Belgium, 2011. xvi+215
vol. 64 (1): 72-73
Karen Eileen Overbey, Sacral Geographies: Saints, Shrines and Territory in Medieval Ireland. Studies in the Visual Cultures of the Middle Ages 2. Brepols: Turnhout, Belgium, 2012. xx+258 pp. €90 hardback. ISBN 978 2 503 52767 3
vol. 64 (1): 73-78
Historic Bute: Land and People, ed. Anna Ritchie. The Scottish Society for Northern Studies: Edinburgh, 2012. ix+162 pp. £12.95 paperback. ISBN 0 9535226 4 4
vol. 64 (1): 78-82