Jewish Culture and History

Jewish Culture and History is an inter-disciplinary journal which brings together the best of current research in Jewish social history with innovative work in Jewish cultural studies. The journal includes cutting-edge research by younger scholars as well as established specialists, reviews of recent publications, and a documents section in each issue reproduces selected primary materials from archives and lesser-known resources for the study of Jewish culture and history. The journal explores previously neglected areas of the Jewish experience from a range of different perspectives including Jewish popular culture, social and political history, literary and cultural representation of Jews, and the global contexts of Jewish culture and history.

Publishes 3 issues a year. 

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Latest articles

Volume 17 (1-2)

Behind the Screens: Immigrants, émigrés and exiles in mid twentieth-century Los Angeles
Jeffrey Fear, vol. 17 (1-2): 1-21
Final crossings: Carl Laemmle between Laupheim and Los Angeles
Cristina Stanca-Mustea, vol. 17 (1-2): 22-44
‘The antithesis of the film magnate’: Irving Thalberg and the politics of ethno-religious identity in early Hollywood
Kathleen A. Feeley, vol. 17 (1-2): 45-58
Liberties and constraints: émigré producers in Hollywood Motion Pictures from the 1930s to the early 1950s
Margrit Frölich, vol. 17 (1-2): 59-80
Illuminated Darkness: Exiles and Émigrés in the Golden Age of Hollywood
Doris Berger, vol. 17 (1-2): 81-93
Anti-fascist theater and dance in Californian exile: “For the time being a row of palm trees is nothing but a nice façade”
Marion Kant, vol. 17 (1-2): 94-114
Werner Richard Heymann in Hollywood: a case study of German-Jewish emigration after 1933 as a transnational experience
Joachim Schlör, vol. 17 (1-2): 115-132
Making German history in Los Angeles: German Jewish refugees and West German diplomats in the 1950s and 1960s
Anne C. Schenderlein, vol. 17 (1-2): 133-151
Images of Germanness and L.A.’s mid twentieth century German-speaking community
Nichole Neuman, vol. 17 (1-2): 152-168
Commemorating the Holocaust: the dilemmas of remembrance in France and Italy
vol. 17 (1-2): 169-170
The forgotten kindertransportees: the Scottish experience
Hannah Holtschneider, vol. 17 (1-2): 171-172
Visualizing and exhibiting Jewish space and history
Esther Jilovsky, vol. 17 (1-2): 173-175
Out of Chaos. Hidden Children Remember the Holocaust
Dana Mihăilescu, vol. 17 (1-2): 175-178
Time and eternity in Jewish mysticism: that which is before and that which is after
Michael T. Miller, vol. 17 (1-2): 178-181

Volume 16 (3)

Editorial Board
vol. 16 (3): 0-0
Odessa time, Odessa space: rethinking cultural space in a cosmopolitan city
Efraim Sicher, vol. 16 (3): 221-241
Wandering Jews: camping culture and Jewish socialist youth in interwar Poland
Magdalena Kozłowska, vol. 16 (3): 242-253
“Of the two the Jew is – (Curtain falls.)” Sammy Gronemann’s dramaturgy of the German–Jewish encounter in Palestine/Israel (1936–1952)
Jan Kühne, vol. 16 (3): 254-274
‘A birthday party, only a little bigger’: a historical anthropology of the Israeli bat mitzvah
Hizky Shoham, vol. 16 (3): 275-292
Playing the Jew: anti-Semitism and football in the twenty-first century
Jon Stratton, vol. 16 (3): 293-311