Journal of Design History

Journal of Design History is a leading journal in its field. It plays an active role in the development of design history (including the history of the crafts and applied arts), as well as contributing to the broader field of studies of visual and material culture. The journal includes a regular book reviews section and lists books received, and from time to time publishes special issues.

Quarterly: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

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Latest articles

Volume 28 (4)

The Warp & the Weft: Tradition and Innovation in Skaerbaek Tapestries, 1896-1903
Wieber, S., vol. 28 (4): 331-347
Designing for Movement: Dance Costumes, Art Schools and Natural Movement in the Early Twentieth Century
Fensham, R., vol. 28 (4): 348-367
English Modern: John Gloag and the Challenge of Design
Hooper, G., vol. 28 (4): 368-384
Parade of Homes: Salesmanship and the Post-war American Housing Industry
Dodd, S., vol. 28 (4): 385-404
Beyond the Bezel: Coin-Op Arcade Video Game Cabinets as Design History
Guins, R., vol. 28 (4): 405-426
History of Design: Decorative Arts and Material Culture, 1400-2000
Cesare, C., vol. 28 (4): 427-428
History of Design: Decorative Arts and Material Culture, 1400-2000
Capkova, H., vol. 28 (4): 429-430
World History of Design
Rezende, L., Huppatz, D. J., vol. 28 (4): 431-433
On the Current State of Brazilian Graphic Design Historiography
Farias, P. L., vol. 28 (4): 434-439
50 Years of the National Institute of Design 1961-2011
Varadarajan, S., vol. 28 (4): 439-441
New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America
Castaneda, L. M., vol. 28 (4): 441-443
The Making of European Consumption: Facing the American Challenge
Warde, A., vol. 28 (4): 443-445
Finn Juhl and His House
Obniski, M., vol. 28 (4): 446-448
Isotype: Design and Contexts, 1925-1971
Vossoughian, N., vol. 28 (4): 448-450
Design and the Question of History
Keshavarz, M., vol. 28 (4): 451-452
Design Anthropology: Theory and Practice
Magee, S., vol. 28 (4): 453-455
Books Received
vol. 28 (4): 456-458

Volume 28 (3)

Commercial Art to Graphic Design: The Rise and Decline of Commercial Art in Australia
Young, A. S., vol. 28 (3): 219-234
Olivetti: A Work of Art in the Age of Immaterial Labour
Brennan, A., vol. 28 (3): 235-253
Selling Folk Art and Modern Design: Alexander Girard and Herman Miller's Textiles and Objects Shop (1961-1967)
Obniski, M., vol. 28 (3): 254-274