Journal of the History of Collections

The Journal of the History of Collections is dedicated to providing the clearest insight into all aspects of collecting activity. For centuries collecting has been the pursuit of princes and apothecaries, scholars and amatuers alike. Only recently, however, has the study of collections and their collectors become the subject of great multidisciplinary interest. The range of the Journal of the History of Collections embraces the contents of collections, the processes which initiated their formation, and the circumstances of the collectors themselves. As well as publishing original papers, the Journal includes listings of forthcoming events, conferences, and reviews of relevant publications and exhibitions, making it the most comprehensive source available on a subject of increasing interest and study.


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Latest articles

Volume 26 (2)

Roman antiquities and the emergence of Renaissance civic collections
Stenhouse, W., vol. 26 (2): 131-144
Dynasty, archaeology and conservation: the Bourbon rediscovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum in eighteenth-century Naples
Echlin, A., vol. 26 (2): 145-159
'In materia totale di pitture si rivolsero al singolar Museo Borghesiano': la quadreria Borghese tra il palazzo di Ripetta e la villa Pinciana
Pierguidi, S., vol. 26 (2): 161-170
The ambassador and the artist: Sir Dudley Carleton's relationship with Peter Paul Rubens: connoisseurship and art collecting at the court of the early Stuarts
Hill, R., Bracken, S., vol. 26 (2): 171-191
The cast collection of John Sanders, architect, at the Royal Academy
Lenaghan, J., vol. 26 (2): 193-205
From relic to relic: a brief history of the skull of Confucius
Pearce, N., vol. 26 (2): 207-222
The Royal Decree of 1721 and the ephemeral archaeological collection of the Royal Academy of Portuguese History
Ramos, P. O., vol. 26 (2): 223-227
Dr Louis Auzoux and his collection of papier-mache flowers, fruits and seeds
Cocks, M. M., vol. 26 (2): 229-248
Going east: the Wallace Collection at Bethnal Green, 1872-1875
Lasic, B., vol. 26 (2): 249-261
Inscribing missionary impact in Central Polynesia: mapping the George Bennet collection (1821-1824)
Jacobs, K., vol. 26 (2): 263-276
Coin collectors and museum donors: contextualizing Delfino Trucchi and Antonino Salinas in early post-Unification Sicily (1868-73)
Crisa, A., vol. 26 (2): 277-286
Rosamond's Bower, The Pryor's Bank, and the long shadow of Strawberry Hill
Clarke, S., vol. 26 (2): 287-306
'New China' and an old-fashioned collector: Vaclav Stejskal's collection in the 1950s
Heroldova, H., vol. 26 (2): 307-314
The King's Pictures: The Formation and Dispersal of the Collections of Charles I and his Courtiers
Wilks, T., vol. 26 (2): 315-317
Holophusicon: The Leverian Museum - An Eighteenth-Century English Institution of Science, Curiosity, and Art
Coote, J., vol. 26 (2): 317-318
Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great's Hermitage
Zutter, J., vol. 26 (2): 319-321
Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Lee, S. S., vol. 26 (2): 321-322
Natural Histories. Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library
MacGregor, A., vol. 26 (2): 322-323
Historias Naturales. Un proyecto de Miguel Angel Blanco
Mason, P., vol. 26 (2): 323-324
Provenance: An Alternate History of Art
Sebag-Montefiore, C., vol. 26 (2): 324-325