Journal of the History of Collections

The Journal of the History of Collections is dedicated to providing the clearest insight into all aspects of collecting activity. For centuries collecting has been the pursuit of princes and apothecaries, scholars and amatuers alike. Only recently, however, has the study of collections and their collectors become the subject of great multidisciplinary interest. The range of the Journal of the History of Collections embraces the contents of collections, the processes which initiated their formation, and the circumstances of the collectors themselves. As well as publishing original papers, the Journal includes listings of forthcoming events, conferences, and reviews of relevant publications and exhibitions, making it the most comprehensive source available on a subject of increasing interest and study.


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Latest articles

Volume 27 (2)

Identifying provenance: Flinders Petrie's textile collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Smalley, R., vol. 27 (2): 135-146
Said to be or not said to be: the findspot of the so-called Trebonianus Gallus statue at the Metropolitan Museum in New York
Marlowe, E., vol. 27 (2): 147-157
Public display and civic identity: antiquities in the Seggi of southern Italy, 14th to 18th centuries
Lenzo, F., vol. 27 (2): 159-174
From the French galerie to the Italian garden: sixteenth-century displays of Primaticcio's bronzes at Fontainebleau
Bensoussan, N., vol. 27 (2): 175-198
Publicly accessible art collections in Copenhagen during the Napoleonic era
Svenningsen, J., vol. 27 (2): 199-210
The 3rd Duke of Bridgewater as a collector of Old Master paintings
Humfrey, P., vol. 27 (2): 211-225
Between patriotism and internationalism: contemporary art at the Musee du Luxembourg in the nineteenth century
Tas, S., vol. 27 (2): 227-240
Models as cross-cultural design: ethnographic ship models at the National Maritime Museum
Wintle, C., vol. 27 (2): 241-256
Rockefeller's Guernica and the collection of modern copies
Wells, K. L. H., vol. 27 (2): 257-277
Von der Reliquie zum Ding: Heiliger Ort - Wunderkammer - Museum
Donkin, L., vol. 27 (2): 279-280
Roman Antiquities in Renaissance France, 1515-65
Mason, P., vol. 27 (2): 280-282
Sculpture Collections in Early Modern Spain
Sepponen, W., vol. 27 (2): 282-283
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and the World of Elizabethan Art
Hill, R., vol. 27 (2): 283-284
Exhibiting Animals in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Empathy, Education, Entertainment
Grigson, C., vol. 27 (2): 284-285
Books Received
vol. 27 (2): 287-287
Beauty and Power - Plymouth's Greatest Gift - The Cottonian Collection
Avery-Quash, S., vol. 27 (2): 289-290

Volume 27 (1)

The performance of displaying: gesture, behaviour and art in early modern Italy
Furlotti, B., vol. 27 (1): 1-13
The diverse curiosita of Giacomo Francesco Arpino (1607-1684): an introduction to an early collector of Italian Renaissance plaquettes
Leino, M., vol. 27 (1): 15-31
The travels and curious collections of Richard Pococke, Bishop of Meath
Finnegan, R., vol. 27 (1): 33-48
Fine art for the New World: Thomas Jefferson, collecting for the future
Zalewski, L., vol. 27 (1): 49-55