Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Started in 1946, the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences is internationally recognized as one of the top publications in its field. The journal's coverage is broad, publishing the latest original research on the written beginnings of medicine in all its aspects. When possible and appropriate, it focuses on what practitioners of the healing arts did or taught, and how their peers, as well as patients, received and interpreted their efforts.

Quarterly: January, April, July, October.

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Latest articles

Volume 71 (1)

Animals, Pictures, and Skeletons: Andreas Vesalius's Reinvention of the Public Anatomy Lesson
Shotwell, R. A., vol. 71 (1): 1-18
Louis Sambon and the Clash of Pellagra Etiologies in Italy and the United States, 1905-14
Gentilcore, D., vol. 71 (1): 19-42
An Asymmetrical Network: National and International Dimensions of the Development of Mexican Physiology
Cueto, M., vol. 71 (1): 43-63
Medical Aid, Repression, and International Relations: The East German Hospital at Metema
Borowy, I., vol. 71 (1): 64-92
Expelling the Plague: The Health Office and the Implementation of Quarantine in Dubrovnik, 1377-1533
Jones, L., vol. 71 (1): 93-95
Indigenous and Western Medicine in Colonial India
Berger, R., vol. 71 (1): 95-97
The Politics of Wounds: Military Patients and Medical Power in the First World War
Adler, J. L., vol. 71 (1): 97-99
Reproducing the British Caribbean: Sex, Gender and Population Politics after Slavery
Gomez, P. F., vol. 71 (1): 99-101
Modern Colonization by Medical Intervention: U.S. Medicine in Puerto Rico
De Barros, J., vol. 71 (1): 101-103
Health Rights Are Human Rights: Peace and Justice Activism in Los Angeles, 1963-1978
Kluchin, R., vol. 71 (1): 103-105
Vaccine Nation: America's Changing Relationship with Immunization
Yudell, M., vol. 71 (1): 105-107
Race Unmasked: Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century
Keel, T., vol. 71 (1): 107-109
Cancer on Trial: Oncology as a New Style of Practice
Kutcher, G., vol. 71 (1): 109-111
Medical Monopoly: Intellectual Property Rights and the Origins of the Modern Pharmaceutical Industry
Tobbell, D., vol. 71 (1): 112-114

Volume 70 (4)

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vol. 70 (4): 0-0
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vol. 70 (4): 0-0
Panic and Culture: Hysterike Pnix in the Ancient Greek World
Mattern, S. P., vol. 70 (4): 491-515
Anatomical Mercury: Changing Understandings of Quicksilver, Blood, and the Lymphatic System, 1650-1800
Hendriksen, M. M. A., vol. 70 (4): 516-548
"Made Up from Many Experimentall Notions": The Society of Apothecaries, Medical Humanism, and the Rhetoric of Experience in 1630s London
Levitin, D., vol. 70 (4): 549-587