Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Started in 1946, the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences is internationally recognized as one of the top publications in its field. The journal's coverage is broad, publishing the latest original research on the written beginnings of medicine in all its aspects. When possible and appropriate, it focuses on what practitioners of the healing arts did or taught, and how their peers, as well as patients, received and interpreted their efforts.

Quarterly: January, April, July, October.

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Volume 69 (2)

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vol. 69 (2): 0-0
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vol. 69 (2): 0-0
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vol. 69 (2): 0-0
The Unwanted Heroes: War Invalids in Poland after World War I
Magowska, A., vol. 69 (2): 185-220
Efficacy and Enlightenment: LSD Psychotherapy and the Drug Amendments of 1962
Oram, M., vol. 69 (2): 221-250
The Rise of Emergency Medicine in the Sixties: Paving a New Entrance to the House of Medicine
Merritt, A. K., vol. 69 (2): 251-293
Neuro Psychiatry 1943: The Role of Documentary Film in the Dissemination of Medical Knowledge and Promotion of the U.K. Psychiatric Profession
Jones, E., vol. 69 (2): 294-324
The Cost of War--Then and Now: Commentary on "Neuro Psychiatry 1943"
Fangerau, H., vol. 69 (2): 324-326
Plague Hospitals: Public Health for the City in Early Modern Venice
Seitz, J., vol. 69 (2): 327-329
Enemy in the Blood: Malaria, Environment, and Development in Argentina
Davis, F. R., vol. 69 (2): 329-331
William Richard Gowers, 1845-1915: Exploring the Victorian Brain
Casper, S. T., vol. 69 (2): 331-333
Beriberi in Modern Japan: The Making of a National Disease
Padilla, R., vol. 69 (2): 333-335
Medicine, Morality, and Political Culture: Legislation on Venereal Disease in Five Northern European Countries, c. 1870-c. 1995
Berg, A., vol. 69 (2): 335-338
Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition
Enstad, N., vol. 69 (2): 338-340
A Disability History of the United States
Pruitt, L. J., vol. 69 (2): 341-343
Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China
Brazelton, M. A., vol. 69 (2): 343-345
Therapeutic Revolutions: Medicine, Psychiatry, and American Culture, 1945-1970
Horwitz, A. V., vol. 69 (2): 345-347
The Inevitable Hour: A History of Caring for Dying Patients in America
Daniel, V. E., vol. 69 (2): 347-349

Volume 69 (1)

The New Commentary Section: A Venture into the Middle Distance
Crenner, C., vol. 69 (1): 1-2
Scientific Strategy and Ad Hoc Response: The Problem of Typhoid in America and England, c. 1910-50
Hardy, A., vol. 69 (1): 3-37