The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

This journal has established itself as an internationally respected forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth and in comparative European colonial experiences. Particular attention is given to imperial policy and rivalries; colonial rule and local response; the rise of nationalism; the process of decolonization and the transfer of power and institutions; the evolution of the Imperial and Commonwealth association in general; and the expansion and transformation of British culture. The journal also features a substantial review section of recent literature.

Five issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 42 (2)

Patronage and Professionalism: Manning a Transitional Empire, 1760–1870
vol. 42 (2): 193-214
British Merchants in New Markets: The Case of Wylie and Hancock in Brazil and the River Plate, c. 1808–19
vol. 42 (2): 215-238
British Colonialism and the Creation of Acholi Ethnic Identity in Uganda, 1894 to 1962
vol. 42 (2): 239-257
Organic Union or Aggressive Altruism: Imperial Internationalism in East Africa in the 1920s
vol. 42 (2): 258-285
‘Demonstrating the Machine Guns’: Rebellion, Violence and State Formation in Early Colonial Darfur
vol. 42 (2): 286-307
Dogs and British Colonialism: The Contested Ban on Eating Dogs in Colonial Hong Kong
vol. 42 (2): 308-328
The Centre Cannot Hold: Canada, Colonialism and the ‘Afro-Asian Bloc’ at the United Nations, 1960–62
vol. 42 (2): 329-349
The Kenya Papers of General Sir George Erskine, 1953–1955
vol. 42 (2): 350-352
Britain and Jordan: Imperial Strategy, King Abdullah I and the Zionist Movement
vol. 42 (2): 352-355
Macaulay and Son: Architects of Imperial Britain
vol. 42 (2): 355-357
Human Rights in the Shadow of Colonial Violence: The Wars of Independence in Kenya and Alger
vol. 42 (2): 357-362
Ending ‘East of Suez’: The British Decision to Withdraw from Malaysia and Singapore, 1964–1968
vol. 42 (2): 362-364
Malawi in Crisis: The 1959/60 Nyasaland State of Emergency and its Legacy
vol. 42 (2): 364-367
Enoch Powell and the Making of Postcolonial Britain
vol. 42 (2): 367-369
Heroic Imperialists in Africa: The Promotion of British and French Colonial Heroes, 1870–1939
vol. 42 (2): 369-371
Where the Negroes Are Masters: An African Port in the Era of the Slave Trade
vol. 42 (2): 371-373
The Language of Disenchantment: Protestant Literalism and Colonial Discourse in British India
vol. 42 (2): 374-376

Volume 42 (1)

The Standing of New Subjects: Grenada and the Protestant Constitution after the Treaty of Paris (1763)
vol. 42 (1): 1-21
The Failure of Restored British Rule in Revolutionary Charleston, South Carolina
vol. 42 (1): 22-40
Homo in Nubibus: Altitude, Colonisation and Political Order in the Khasi Hills of Northeast India
vol. 42 (1): 41-60