Journal for Maritime Research

The Journal for Maritime Research (JMR) was inaugurated in 1999 as the first fully-online, peer-refereed journal in the field of historical maritime research. The JMR is published online and in print, twice-yearly.

The JMR focuses on historical enquiry at the intersections of maritime, British and global history, an increasingly dynamic area of research. It seeks to champion a wide spectrum of innovative research on the maritime past. While the Journal has a particular focus on the British experience, it aspires to position this within broad oceanic and international contexts, encouraging comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches.

The journal publishes research essays and reviews around 15-20 new books each year across a broad spectrum of maritime history.

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Latest articles

Volume 15 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 15 (2): 0-0
The muddy middle-ground: representing the wreck of the Wager
vol. 15 (2): 115-128
Naval power and the Province of Senegambia, 1758–1779
vol. 15 (2): 129-147
‘Children of the service’: paternalism, patronage and friendship in the Georgian navy
vol. 15 (2): 149-165
‘The hero with a thousand faces’: the literary legacy of Lord Cochrane
vol. 15 (2): 167-182
‘Or vast fiery cross, on the banner of morn’: reading the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's shipwrecks
vol. 15 (2): 183-203
Richard Hakluyt and travel writing in early modern Europe
vol. 15 (2): 205-207
Midshipmen and quarterdeck boys in the British Navy 1771–1831
vol. 15 (2): 207-209
Arming the periphery: the arms trade in the Indian Ocean during the age of global empire
vol. 15 (2): 209-212
Land based air power or aircraft carriers? A case study of the debate about maritime air power in the 1960s
vol. 15 (2): 212-213
Hacks, sycophants, adventurers, and heroes: Madison's commanders in the War of 1812
vol. 15 (2): 213-216
Buccaneers and privateers: the story of the English sea rover, 1675–1725
vol. 15 (2): 216-218
The social history of English seamen, 1485–1649
vol. 15 (2): 218-220
Shipping, trade and crusade in the medieval Mediterranean: studies in honour of John Pryor
vol. 15 (2): 220-221
Roles of the sea in medieval England
vol. 15 (2): 221-224
Strategy and war planning in the British Navy, 1887–1918
vol. 15 (2): 224-226
Macaulay and son: architects of imperial Britain
vol. 15 (2): 226-228
The world's key industry: history and economics of international shipping
vol. 15 (2): 228-229
Across the North Sea. Later historical archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c. 1500–2000 AD
vol. 15 (2): 229-231
Inside the illicit economy: reconstructing the smugglers' trade of sixteenth-century Bristol
vol. 15 (2): 231-232