Journal for Maritime Research

The Journal for Maritime Research (JMR) was inaugurated in 1999 as the first fully-online, peer-refereed journal in the field of historical maritime research. The JMR is published online and in print, twice-yearly.

The JMR focuses on historical enquiry at the intersections of maritime, British and global history, an increasingly dynamic area of research. It seeks to champion a wide spectrum of innovative research on the maritime past. While the Journal has a particular focus on the British experience, it aspires to position this within broad oceanic and international contexts, encouraging comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches.

The journal publishes research essays and reviews around 15-20 new books each year across a broad spectrum of maritime history.

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Latest articles

Volume 17 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 17 (2): 0-0
Gendering the maritime world
vol. 17 (2): 97-101
Buggery's travels: Royal Navy sodomy on ship and shore in the long eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 103-116
Tears and the manly sailor in England, c. 1760–1860
vol. 17 (2): 117-133
Emma Hamilton, war, and the depiction of femininity in the late eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 135-145
Clothes make the man: naval uniform and masculinity in the early nineteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 147-154
Cut adrift or towed astern: sailors’ wives in mid-nineteenth century Portsea Island considered in perspective
vol. 17 (2): 155-168
‘A feminine touch’: gender, design and the ocean liner
vol. 17 (2): 169-181
Privateering as a language of international politics: English and French privateering against the Dutch Republic, 1655–1665
vol. 17 (2): 183-194
The Cold War and Britain's dispute with the USSR over territorial waters and fishery limits, 1953–1956
vol. 17 (2): 195-210
The First World War at sea
vol. 17 (2): 211-214
Light upon the waters: the history of Trinity House 1514–2014
vol. 17 (2): 215-216
The Dreadnought and the Edwardian age
vol. 17 (2): 217-218
Disease, war and the imperial state: the welfare of the British armed forces during the Seven Years’ War
vol. 17 (2): 218-220
The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain
vol. 17 (2): 220-221
The myth of the press gang: volunteers, impressment and the naval manpower problem in the late eighteenth century
vol. 17 (2): 221-223
Trade and cultural exchange in the early modern Mediterranean
vol. 17 (2): 223-224
Maskelyne: Astronomer Royal
vol. 17 (2): 225-226
The Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War, volume 1, 1939–1941: Norway, the Mediterranean and the Bismarck
vol. 17 (2): 226-228
British pirates and society, 1680–1730
vol. 17 (2): 228-230