Journal of Medieval History

The Journal of Medieval History aims at meeting the need for a major international publication devoted to all aspects of the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. Each issue comprises around four or five articles on European history, including Britain and Ireland, between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. The Journal also includes review articles, historiographical essays and 'state of research' studies.

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Latest articles

Volume 42 (3)

From prophecy to apocalypse: the verb tenses of Jerusalem in Robert the Monk's Historia of the First Crusade
vol. 42 (3): 304-316

Volume 42 (2)

Hegemony, rebellion and history: Flodoard's Historia Remensis ecclesiae in Ottonian perspective
vol. 42 (2): 155-176
Orderic Vitalis and the First Crusade
vol. 42 (2): 177-201
Twelfth-century Italian confraternities as institutions of pastoral care
vol. 42 (2): 202-225
Merchants on the margins: fifteenth-century Bruges and the informal market
vol. 42 (2): 226-253
The mystery of plague in medieval Iceland
vol. 42 (2): 254-284

Volume 42 (1)

The margin to act: a framework of investigation for women's (and men's) medieval art-making
vol. 42 (1): 1-25
Having her hand in it? Elite women as ‘makers’ of textile art in the Middle Ages
vol. 42 (1): 26-50
The occluded role of royal women and lost works of pre-Norman English and Irish art (tenth to twelfth centuries)
vol. 42 (1): 51-75
Holy donors, mighty queens: imaging women in the Spanish cathedral cartularies of the long twelfth century
vol. 42 (1): 76-106
A mother's gift? Astrology and the pyxis of al-Mughīra
vol. 42 (1): 107-130
Making room at the table: women, Passover and the Sister Haggadah (London, British Library, MS Or. 2884)
vol. 42 (1): 131-153

Volume 41 (4)

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vol. 41 (4): 0-0
Rewriting the founder: Werden on the Ruhr and the uses of hagiography
vol. 41 (4): 363-387
Reconsidering Donizone's Vita Mathildis: Boniface of Canossa and Emperor Henry II
vol. 41 (4): 388-408
The ‘Feast of the Liberation of Jerusalem’: remembering and reconstructing the First Crusade in the Holy City, 1099–1187
vol. 41 (4): 409-431
The kingdom of Portugal, homage and papal ‘fiefdom’ in the second half of the twelfth Century
vol. 41 (4): 432-445
Social monsters and the walking dead in William of Newburgh's Historia rerum Anglicarum
vol. 41 (4): 446-465
Friedrich Sunder and the boundaries of gender
vol. 41 (4): 466-483
The ‘schemes’ of Piero de' Pazzi and the conflict with the Medici (1461–2)
vol. 41 (4): 484-503