The Journal of Pacific History

The Journal of Pacific History is a refereed international journal serving historians, prehistorians, anthropologists and others interested in the study of mankind in the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii and New Guinea), and is concerned generally with political, economic, religious and cultural factors affecting human presence there. It publishes articles, annotated previously unpublished manuscripts, notes on source material and comment on current affairs. It also welcomes articles on other geographical regions, such as Africa and Southeast Asia, or of a theoretical character, where these are concerned with problems of significance in the Pacific.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 50 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 50 (4): 0-0
Solomon Islands in Transition?
vol. 50 (4): 381-397
The Teleology and Romance of State-building in Solomon Islands
vol. 50 (4): 398-418
Honiara: Arrival City and Pacific Hybrid Living Space
vol. 50 (4): 419-436
From Taovia to Trustee: Urbanisation, Land Disputes and Social Differentiation in Kakabona
vol. 50 (4): 437-449
Customary Authority and State Withdrawal in Solomon Islands: Resilience or Tenacity?
vol. 50 (4): 450-472
Big Money in the Rural: Wealth and Dispossession in Western Solomons Political Economy
vol. 50 (4): 473-485
Maasina Rule beyond Recognition
vol. 50 (4): 486-503
Urban Land in Honiara: Strategies and Rights to the City
vol. 50 (4): 504-518
From the Archives
vol. 50 (4): 519-532
John Roughan
vol. 50 (4): 533-542
Greed and Grievance in Solomon Islands
vol. 50 (4): 543-547
Colonialism, Maasina Rule, and the Origins of Malaitan Kastom
vol. 50 (4): 548-549

Volume 50 (3)

vol. 50 (3): 0-0
Nuancing the Marquesan Post-contact Demographic Decline: An Archaeological and Historical Case Study on Ua Huka Island
vol. 50 (3): 253-274
Heart, Spirit and Understanding: Protestant Hymnody as an Agent of Transformation in Melanesia, 1840s–1940s
vol. 50 (3): 275-303
Applied Anthropology and Interwar Internationalism: Felix and Marie Keesing and the (White) Future of the ‘Native’ Pan-Pacific
vol. 50 (3): 304-321
The Rimbunan Hijau Group in the Forests of Papua New Guinea
vol. 50 (3): 322-343
The Sutton Case: The First Franco-Australian Foray into Blackbirding
vol. 50 (3): 344-364
Cap Bocage: when a mountain fell into the sea
vol. 50 (3): 365-366