The Journal of Pacific History

The Journal of Pacific History is a refereed international journal serving historians, prehistorians, anthropologists and others interested in the study of mankind in the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii and New Guinea), and is concerned generally with political, economic, religious and cultural factors affecting human presence there. It publishes articles, annotated previously unpublished manuscripts, notes on source material and comment on current affairs. It also welcomes articles on other geographical regions, such as Africa and Southeast Asia, or of a theoretical character, where these are concerned with problems of significance in the Pacific.

4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 51 (3)

Colonial Refractions of a Malakulan Chief
vol. 51 (3): 231-254
What the Political Corruption Scandal of 2015 Reveals about Checks and Balances in Vanuatu Governance
vol. 51 (3): 255-277
Money, Manipulation and Misunderstanding on Manus Island
vol. 51 (3): 301-329
Manuscript XXX: The Letters of Pā
vol. 51 (3): 330-342
Dumont d’Urville: explorer & polymath
vol. 51 (3): 347-348
Tropenliebe: Schweizer Naturforscher und niederländischer Imperialismus in Südostasien um 1900
vol. 51 (3): 348-349
Navigating Colonial Orders: Norwegian entrepreneurship in Africa and Oceania
vol. 51 (3): 349-352
‘I Think I Am Becoming a New Zealander’: letters of J.C. Beaglehole
vol. 51 (3): 352-353
The British Pyramid of Power: manning an empire in the long nineteenth century, 1800–1914
vol. 51 (3): 353-354
The Political Economy of Imperial Relations: Britain, the sterling area, and Malaya 1945–1960
vol. 51 (3): 354-356

Volume 51 (2)

Local Intermediaries? The Missionising and Governing of Colonial Subjects in South Dutch New Guinea, 1920–42
vol. 51 (2): 111-142
The Legacy of Planter Jean My: Analysis of Two Private Colonial Homes in Southern Melanesia
vol. 51 (2): 143-168
The Last of Australian Imperial Dreams for the Southwest Pacific: Paul Hasluck, the Department of Territories and a Greater Melanesia in 1960
vol. 51 (2): 169-185
Intergenerational Trust Funds in the Pacific
vol. 51 (2): 186-204
Whatever Happened to Otaheitan Jem?
vol. 51 (2): 205-214
Kanak: l'art est une parole = Kanak: art is speech
vol. 51 (2): 215-216
Encountering the Pacific in the Age of Enlightenment
vol. 51 (2): 217-218
Indigenous Intermediaries: new perspectives on exploration archives
vol. 51 (2): 218-220
Island Queens and Mission Wives: how gender and empire remade Hawai‘i's Pacific world
vol. 51 (2): 220-222
The Echo of Things: the lives of photographs in the Solomon Islands
vol. 51 (2): 222-223