Journal of Religious History

The Journal of Religious History is an international, fully refereed journal which publishes articles and reviews current work in the history of religions and their relationship with all aspects of human experience. With high quality international contributors, the journal explores religion and its related subjects, along with debates on comparative method and theory in religious history.

Triennially: February, June, October.

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Latest articles

Volume 0 (0)

Ecumenist and Controversialist: The Dual Legacy of Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf
Anna Marie Johnson, ONLINE EARLY
Martin Luther in Nineteenth-Century France
David Mullan, ONLINE EARLY
Restorationist Counter-Enlightenment: Thomas M'Crie on the Concept of Civil Liberty
Fatih Durgun, ONLINE EARLY
Defending the Faith: Orangeism and Ulster Protestant Identities in Colonial New South Wales
The Shifting Ideological Currents of the Transatlantic Puritan Community in the Early Seventeenth Century
Jared Duinen, ONLINE EARLY
Polycarp's Cup: Imitatio in the Martyrdom of Polycarp
L. Stephanie Cobb, ONLINE EARLY
Richard Bourke: For the Honour of God and the Good of Man
David Stoneman, ONLINE EARLY
Power and Religion in a Modern State: Desecularisation in Australian History
Stuart Piggin, ONLINE EARLY
The Religion of the Secularists

Volume 37 (4)

Law, Theology, and Praxis ca. 1140–1380: New Approaches to the Study of Law and Theology in Medieval Europe
Constant J. Mews, vol. 37 (4): 435-440
Theology, Practice, and Policy at the Turn of the Thirteenth Century: the Papacy and Peter Lombard
Clare Monagle, vol. 37 (4): 441-456
The Reception of Gratian's Tractatus de penitentia and the Relationship between Canon Law and Theology in the Second Half of the Twelfth Century
Atria A. Larson, vol. 37 (4): 457-473
Law, Theology, and Morality: Conceptions of the Rights to Relief of the Poor in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Jason Taliadoros, vol. 37 (4): 474-493
Attendant to a Higher Judge: Competing Paradigms of Legal Practice in the Thought of Alexander Neckam (1157–1217)
Tomas Zahora, vol. 37 (4): 494-509
Making Practicality a Virtue: Morality, Law, and Fortitude in Giovanni da Legnano's De Bello
Jasonne M. Grabher, vol. 37 (4): 510-527
“Being Scorned by One's Own is Perfect Joy”: The Strange Case of Dorothy Day
Jacob Phillips, vol. 37 (4): 528-540
Sheilas on the Move? Religion, Spirituality, and Tourism
Mike Grimshaw, vol. 37 (4): 541-552
Peter Howard: Creating Magnificence in Renaissance Florence. Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2012; pp. 173.
Nicholas Scott Baker, vol. 37 (4): 553-554
Michael Stausberg: Religion and Tourism: Crossroads, Destinations and Encounters. London and New York: Routledge, 2011; pp. xii + 292.
Vivien Cinque, vol. 37 (4): 554-556
Norman Simms: Alfred Dreyfus: Man, Milieu, Mentality and Midrash. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2012; pp. 332.
Carole M. Cusack, vol. 37 (4): 556-557