Journal of Victorian Culture

The Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC) promotes the best work on all aspects of nineteenth-century society, culture, and the material world including: literature, art, performance, politics, science, medicine, technology, lived experience, and ideas. It welcomes submissions which address a broad Victorian studies readership and explore new questions and approaches. Concerned with the long nineteenth century, its legacies, and echoes in the present day, the journal encourages articles which interrogate periodisation, historiography and critical traditions.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 21 (2)

‘The Stupidest Tea-Party in All My Life’: Lewis Carroll and Victorian Psychiatric Practice
vol. 21 (2): 147-167
Portraits of the Poor in Early Nineteenth-Century Radical Journalism
vol. 21 (2): 168-183
Liberal Evolutionism and the Satirical Ape
vol. 21 (2): 205-225
Perspective: Digitizing the Diary – Experiments in Queer Encoding (A Retrospective and a Prospective)
vol. 21 (2): 226-241
vol. 21 (2): 242-246
Maps of Utopia: H. G. Wells, Modernity, and the End of Culture
vol. 21 (2): 246-249
Printing and Painting the News in Victorian London: The Graphic and Social Realism, 1869–1891
vol. 21 (2): 249-252
Aestheticism and the Marriage Market in Victorian Popular Fiction: The Art of Female Beauty
vol. 21 (2): 253-255
Distant Strangers: How Britain Became Modern
vol. 21 (2): 256-260
Victorian Classical Burlesques: A Critical Anthology / The Golden Age of Pantomime: Slapstick, Spectacle and Subversion in Victorian England
vol. 21 (2): 261-264
The Bigamy Plot: Sensation and Convention in the Victorian Novel
vol. 21 (2): 264-267
Reading and the Victorians
vol. 21 (2): 267-270
British India and Victorian Literary Culture
vol. 21 (2): 270-273
The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women’s Writing
vol. 21 (2): 273-276

Volume 21 (1)

vol. 21 (1): 1-2
Masters of Healing: Cocaine and the Ideal of the Victorian Medical Man
vol. 21 (1): 3-20
Shattered Minds: Madmen on the Railways, 1860–80
vol. 21 (1): 21-39
Reading with the Occultists: Arthur Machen, A. E. Waite, and the Ecstasies of Popular Fiction
vol. 21 (1): 40-55
Fashioning the Domestic Novel: Rewriting Narrative Patterns in Margaret Oliphant’s Phoebe, Junior and Dress
vol. 21 (1): 56-73
A Feminist Network in an Artists’ Home: Mary and George Watts, George Meredith, and Josephine Butler
vol. 21 (1): 74-91