Journal of Victorian Culture

The Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC) promotes the best work on all aspects of nineteenth-century society, culture, and the material world including: literature, art, performance, politics, science, medicine, technology, lived experience, and ideas. It welcomes submissions which address a broad Victorian studies readership and explore new questions and approaches. Concerned with the long nineteenth century, its legacies, and echoes in the present day, the journal encourages articles which interrogate periodisation, historiography and critical traditions.

Four issues a year.

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Latest articles

The London Zoo and the Victorians 1828–1859

Volume 20 (1)

Three Generations of Unconventional Family Values: A Case Study of the Ashursts
vol. 20 (1): 1-19
Reading Victorian Rags: Recycling, Redemption, and Dickens's Ragged Children
vol. 20 (1): 34-49
‘Discipline and Interference’: Ruskin's Political Economy, Natural Law, and the Moral Disorder of Victorian England
vol. 20 (1): 50-64
Arts and Crafts as a Transatlantic Movement: C. R. Ashbee in the United States, 1896–1915
vol. 20 (1): 65-86
Economic Imperialism and Financial Citizenship: Reconsidering British Subjectivity in Martin Chuzzlewit and Lawrie Todd
vol. 20 (1): 87-100
Victorian Failed Emigration and the Superfluity Debates: Elizabeth Murray's Ella Norman
vol. 20 (1): 101-120
Books for Children, Books for Adults: Age and the Novel from Defoe to James
vol. 20 (1): 130-133
Popular Fiction and Brain Science in the Late Nineteenth Century
vol. 20 (1): 134-136
Domestic Murder in Nineteenth-Century England: Literary and Cultural Representations
vol. 20 (1): 141-143

Volume 19 (4)

Editorial Board
vol. 19 (4): 0-0
Thomas Arnold, Christian Manliness and the Problem of Boyhood
vol. 19 (4): 425-441
Feminism, Nationalism, Separatism? The Case of Alice Stopford Green
vol. 19 (4): 442-456
‘Looking at the Others’: Oscar Wilde and the Reading Gaol Archive
vol. 19 (4): 457-480
Henry Mayhew at 200 – the ‘Other’ Victorian Bicentenary
vol. 19 (4): 481-496
‘What say you to free trade in literature?’ The Thief and the Politics of Piracy in the 1830s
vol. 19 (4): 497-506
Work, Poverty and Modernity in Mayhew's London
vol. 19 (4): 507-519
The Rat-Catcher's Prank: Interspecies Cunningness and Scavenging in Henry Mayhew's London
vol. 19 (4): 520-535
Did the Subaltern Speak? Mayhew and the coster-girl
vol. 19 (4): 536-549
Mayhew: On Reading, About Writing
vol. 19 (4): 550-561