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Volume 19 (1)

Money and Ritual in Eighteenth-Century South India
Parthasarathi, P., vol. 19 (1): 1-20
Structures of Time in Medieval Historiography
Spiegel, G., vol. 19 (1): 21-33
The Others and Their Stories: Byzantines, Franks, Lombards and Saracens in Ninth-century Neapolitan Narrative Texts
Berto, L. A., vol. 19 (1): 34-56
The Use of 'The Saracen Opinion on Knighthood in Medieval French Literature: LOrdene de Chevalerie and LApparicion Maistre Jehan de Meun
Cecen, Z. K., vol. 19 (1): 57-92
A Mirzas Demands for Women, Cot and Cattle: A Multilingual Performance in Medieval Odisha
Bedamatta, U., vol. 19 (1): 93-121
Cosmos and Power: A Comparative Dialogue on Astrology, Divination and Politics in Pre-modern Eurasia
Moin, A., vol. 19 (1): 122-129
The Mongols, Astrology and Eurasian History
Elverskog, J., vol. 19 (1): 130-135
Translating the Solar Cosmology of Sacred Kingship
Truschke, A., vol. 19 (1): 136-141
Astrology, Lettrism, Geomancy: The Occult-Scientific Methods of Post-Mongol Islamicate Imperialism
Melvin-Koushki, M., vol. 19 (1): 142-150
Book Review: Owen M. Phelan, The Formation of Christian Europe: The Carolingians, Baptism and the Imperium Christianum
West, C., vol. 19 (1): 151-153
Book Review: Sonja Filip and Alexandra Hilgner (eds), The Lady with the Phoenix Crown: Tang-Period Grave Goods of the Noblewoman Li Chui (711-736)
Brather, S., vol. 19 (1): 153-156
Book Review: Chris Wickham, Sleepwalking into a New World: The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century
De Angelis, G., vol. 19 (1): 156-161
Book Review: Munis D. Faruqui, The Princes of the Mughal Empire, 1504-1719
Anooshahr, A., vol. 19 (1): 161-163
Book Review: Yogesh Sharma and Pius Malekandathil (eds), Cities in Medieval India
Hasan, F., vol. 19 (1): 164-166

Volume 18 (2)

Introduction Autobiographical Writings in Pre-modern Europe and Asia: A Decentred Perspective
Siebenhüner, K., Church, S., vol. 18 (2): 193-213
Mir Taqi Mir's Zikr-i Mir: An Account of the Poet or an Account by the Poet?
Sabri, Z., vol. 18 (2): 214-249
Gathering the Threads: Religious Autobiography in Pre-colonial South Asia
Martinez, C., vol. 18 (2): 250-277
Talking to a Deity: The Royal Lady Hachijo-in at Prayer
Kawai, S., vol. 18 (2): 278-304
Medieval Chinese Autobiographical Writing: The Self-Written Epitaph
Wang, Y., vol. 18 (2): 305-345
Persons, the 'Autobiographical Person' and Cultural Concepts of the Person: Early Modern Self-narratives from German-speaking Areas in a Transcultural Perspective
Jancke, G., vol. 18 (2): 346-377