Mediterranean Historical Review

Mediterranean Historical Review encourages the study of issues whose significance transcends a particular area or period. It integrates various problems in the ancient, medieval, early modern and contemporary history of the Mediterranean basin. The aim of Mediterranean Historical Review is to publish articles which emphasize contacts, relations and influences within the Mediterranean context as well as questions of a comparative and comparable nature.

Two issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 31 (2)

Editorial Board
vol. 31 (2): 0-0
Farewell to the co-editor of the Mediterranean Historical Review, Benjamin Arbel
vol. 31 (2): 111-113
The naval reform of Emperor John II Komnenos: a re-evaluation
vol. 31 (2): 115-138
Dualities in the transformation of the urban realm: Smyrna and Salonica 1840–1900
vol. 31 (2): 139-163
Between science and empire: the diplomatic struggle over Mesopotamian antiquities in Lisbon (1914–1926)
vol. 31 (2): 165-180
The Second Crusade: holy war on the periphery of Latin Christendom, edited by Jason T. Roche and Janus Møller Jensen
vol. 31 (2): 181-186
Plague and empire in the early modern Mediterranean world: the Ottoman experience, 1347–1600, by Nükhet Varlık
vol. 31 (2): 186-188
The new Christians of Spanish Naples, 1528–1671. A fragile elite, by Peter Mazur
vol. 31 (2): 188-191
Agents of empire: knights, corsairs, Jesuits and spies in the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world, by Noel Malcolm
vol. 31 (2): 191-195
Islands of the eastern Mediterranean. A history of cross-cultural encounters, edited by Özlem Çaykent and Luca Zavagno
vol. 31 (2): 195-197
Gibraltar and the Spanish Civil War 1936–1939. Local, national and international perspectives, by Julio Ponce Alberca
vol. 31 (2): 197-199
Divided rule: sovereignty and empire in French Tunisia, 1881–1938, by Mary Dewhurst Lewis
vol. 31 (2): 199-201
Iterations of loss: mutilation and aesthetic form, al-Shidyaq to Darwish, by Jeffrey Sacks
vol. 31 (2): 202-206
Publications Received
vol. 31 (2): 207-209

Volume 31 (1)

‘Enslaving Christians’: Greek slaves in late medieval Cyprus
vol. 31 (1): 1-19
Grand vizieral authority revisited: Köprülüs’ legacy and Kara Mustafa Paşa
vol. 31 (1): 21-42
Jesuit thalassology reconsidered: the Mediterranean and the geopolitics of Jesuit missionary aims in seventeenth-century Ethiopia
vol. 31 (1): 43-64
Cartographical evidence of efforts to develop Acre during the last decades of Ottoman rule: did the Ottomans neglect the city?
vol. 31 (1): 65-87
Back to the garden: nature and the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the present, by James H.S. McGregor
vol. 31 (1): 89-92
The business of identity: Jews, Muslims, and economic life in medieval Egypt, by Phillip I. Ackermann-Lieberman
vol. 31 (1): 92-94