Parliaments, Estates and Representation

Parliaments, Estates & Representation - Parlements, Etats et Representation is the journal of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions (ICHRPI) - Commission internationale pour l'histoire des Assemblees d'Etats (CIHAE). The aims of the journal, as of the Commission, are to promote research into the origin, growth and development of representative and parliamentary institutions throughout the world in all periods. In particular, it encourages the study of the development of representative institutions in a wide and comparative way. It facilitates the international exchange of bibliographical information. It is concerned with the political theory and institutional practice of representation as well as with the internal organization, political culture and the social and political background to parliaments and assemblies of estates. Representative urban institutions and international parliamentary organizations also fall within its remit. The journal publishes scholarly articles covering the whole spectrum of the history of representative institutions up to the present day. The journal welcomes all contributions which fall within its field of interest, including papers presented at conferences of the ICHRPI. Articles may be submitted in English, French or German.

Two issues a year.

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Latest articles

Volume 36 (2)

Editorial Board 2016
vol. 36 (2): 0-0
State formation in seventeenth-century Ireland: the Restoration financial settlement, 1660–62
vol. 36 (2): 115-136
Valencian parliamentary assemblies and the voting of servicios to rescue slaves. Duties and tax incomes in the eighteenth century
vol. 36 (2): 137-166
English constitutional law in Austrian popular legal literature of the nineteenth century
vol. 36 (2): 167-182
German influence on Italian jurists' perceptions of the British constitutional model in the late nineteenth century
vol. 36 (2): 183-195
Parliament and public opinion in Max Weber's analysis
vol. 36 (2): 196-210
‘As nearly subservient’ as it could be? Vocationalism and senatorial speaking behaviour in the Irish Senate 1938–45
vol. 36 (2): 211-231
A historical review of the critical judgement of Il Gattopardo (1958) on the Risorgimento
vol. 36 (2): 232-238
Sir Edward Coke and the Reformation of the Laws: Religion, Politics and Jurisprudence, 1578–1616
vol. 36 (2): 239-241
The French Revolution and the Birth of Electoral Democracy
vol. 36 (2): 241-243
The Politics of Parliamentary Procedure: The Formation of the Westminster Procedure as a Parliamentary Ideal Type
vol. 36 (2): 243-244
Parliamentarism and Democratic Theory: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
vol. 36 (2): 244-246
Magna Carta, Religion, and the Rule of Law
vol. 36 (2): 246-248
Conservative Orators from Baldwin to Cameron
vol. 36 (2): 248-249
The High Court, The Constitution and Australian Politics
vol. 36 (2): 250-251
The Political Theory of the Irish Constitution – Republicanism and the Basic Law
vol. 36 (2): 252-253
Anthony F. Upton (1929–2015)
vol. 36 (2): 254-255
René Pillorget (1924–2015)
vol. 36 (2): 256-257
Instructions for Authors
vol. 36 (2): 258-262
Commission Newsletter: Autumn 2016
vol. 36 (2): 263-267