Renaissance Studies

Renaissance Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal which publishes articles and editions of documents on all aspects of Renaissance history and culture. The articles range over the history, art, architecture, religion, literature, and languages of Europe during the period. Editions of important documents appear in their original languages, with introduction, textual apparatus, notes and (occasionally) translations of the documents and sources into English. The journal also contains a substantial book reviews section and often illustrated reviews of major exhibitions worldwide.

Quarterly: March, June, September, December.

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Latest articles

Stephen Orgel, The Reader in the Book: A Study of Spaces and Traces. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. xiv + 171 pp. £25.00. ISBN: 978-0198737568 (hb).
Sjoerd Levelt, ONLINE EARLY
Harald E. Braun and Jesús Pérez-Magallón (eds.), The Transatlantic Hispanic Baroque: Complex Identities in the Atlantic World. Farnham: Ashgate, 2014. xiv + 315 pp. £80.00. ISBN: 978-1472427502 (hb).
Miles Pattenden, ONLINE EARLY
Palma il Vecchio: Lo sguardo della Bellezza (Bergamo, GAMeC-Accademia Carrara, 13 March–12 July 2015) Catalogue edited by Giovanni C. F. Villa, with essays by Renzo Villa, Luisa Attardi, Massimiliano Capella, Irina Artemieva, Eugenia De Beni, Gianluca Pol
Irene Brooke, ONLINE EARLY
Leonardo Bruni Aretino, Lettres familières, ed. and trans. Laurence Bernard-Pradelle. Montpellier: Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée, 2014. 2 vols: 552 + 532 pp. €119. ISBN 978-2367810386 (pb).
David Rundle, ONLINE EARLY
Nick Wilding, Galileo's Idol: Gianfrancesco Sagredo and the Politics of Knowledge. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014. 200 pp. 4 colour plates. $35.00. ISBN: 978-0226166971 (hb).
Andrew Fleck, ONLINE EARLY
David Norbrook, Stephen Harrison, and Philip Hardie (eds.), Lucretius and the Early Modern. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. xvi + 313 pp. £65.00. ISBN: 978-0198713845 (hb).
Douglas Clark, ONLINE EARLY
‘His wel beloved doughter Lady Mary’: representing Mary Tudor in 1534
Stephen Hamrick, ONLINE EARLY
J. B. Lethbridge and Paul J. Hecht (eds.), Spenser in the Moment. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2015. xviii + 254 pp. $70.00/£49.95. ISBN: 978-1611476842 (hb).
Rachel Stenner, ONLINE EARLY
Capturing eyes and moving souls: Peruzzi's perspective set for La Calandria and the performative agency of architectural bodies
Mari Yoko Hara, ONLINE EARLY
Weeping verse: Jasper Heywood's translation of Seneca's Troades (1559) and the politics of vicarious compassion
Kristine Steenbergh, ONLINE EARLY
Elizabeth I as Judith: reassessing the apocryphal widow's appearance in Elizabethan royal iconography
Aidan Norrie, ONLINE EARLY
John R. Decker and Mitzi Kirkland-Ives (eds.), Death, Torture and the Broken Body in European Art, 1300-1650. Farnham and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2015. xv + 264 pp. £65.00. ISBN: 978-1472433671 (hb).
Stephen Curtis, ONLINE EARLY
Writing the travelling self: travel and life-writing in Peter Mundy's (1597–1667) Itinerarium Mundii
Eva Johanna Holmberg, ONLINE EARLY
‘Lying by authority’: travel dissimulations in Fynes Moryson's Itinerary
Mareile Pfannebecker, ONLINE EARLY
Anders Ingram, Writing the Ottomans. Turkish History in Early Modern England. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. viii +195 pp. £55.00. ISBN: 978-113740152-6 (hb).
Colin Heywood, ONLINE EARLY
Celebrities and the stage: theatrical stardom in early modern Spain
Alejandro García-Reidy, ONLINE EARLY
Jennifer Clement, Reading Humility in Early Modern England. Farnham and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2015. xi + 153 pp. £60.00. ISBN: 978-1472453778 (hb).
Matthew Harrison, ONLINE EARLY
Donne's convalescence
Quantifying death, calculating revenge: mathematical justice in Henry Chettle's Tragedy of Hoffman
Joseph Jarrett, ONLINE EARLY
An example of ambivalent seventeenth-century Dante reception: Arcangela Tarabotti's uses of the Commedia in her Semplicità ingannata
Julie Robarts, ONLINE EARLY