Scottish Archaeological Journal

Scottish Archaeological Journal publishes work which furthers the study of the archaeology of Scotland and neighbouring regions from the earliest prehistory to the present. The journal includes a range of papers reporting on fieldwork, discussion of museum collections and consideration of the social and intellectual context of Scottish archaeology. In addition to documenting new discoveries, the journal promotes scholarly discussion and debate by encouraging the submission of papers of synthesis and analysis.

Book reviews, a distinctive feature of the journal since its establishment (as the Glasgow Archaeological Journal) in 1969, provide a critical perspective on Scottish archaeology and a well-established forum for scholarly debate. In addition to books, recent volumes of the journal have reviewed new museums, exhibitions and research on Scotland published in periodical literature.

Published by Edinburgh University Press on behalf of the Glasgow Archaeological Society.

Published Mar & Oct

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Latest articles

Volume 32 (1)

Medieval lives: archaeology and the life course
vol. 32 (1): 0-0
Guest Editorial
vol. 32 (1): 0-0
Artefacts and sites: a long and problematic relationship
vol. 32 (1): 1-13
The curatorial consequences of being moved, moveable or portable: the case of carved stones
vol. 32 (1): 15-28
Finds assemblages from developer-funded archaeological investigations: making the most of our opportunities
vol. 32 (1): 29-44
Towards improved archaeological archiving in Scotland
vol. 32 (1): 45-56
SERFing in the Scottish heartlands: artefacts and the research strategy
vol. 32 (1): 57-72
Mapping material culture: exploring the interface between museum artefacts and their geographical context
vol. 32 (1): 73-93

Volume 30 (1-2)

Dalrymple Lectures Series, 2009–10
vol. 30 (1-2): 0-0
150 Years of Glasgow Archaeological Society
vol. 30 (1-2): 0-0
List of Dalrymple Lecturers in Archaeology, 1907–2008
vol. 30 (1-2): 0-0
Excavations and Survey on Brei Holm and Maiden Stack, Papa Stour, Shetland
vol. 30 (1-2): 1-64
A Later Prehistoric Enclosure Complex at Longnewton, Near Ancrum, Borders
vol. 30 (1-2): 65-78
The Archaeology of the Tolbooth, Broad Street, Stirling
vol. 30 (1-2): 79-159
A Coal Mine in the Sea: Culross and the Moat Pit
vol. 30 (1-2): 161-199
On a Medieval Antler Handle Found at Baker Street, Stirling
vol. 30 (1-2): 201-203
The Hunterian Redisplayed
vol. 30 (1-2): 205-209
Place and Memory: Excavations at the Pict's Knowe, Holywood and Holm Farm, Dumfries and Galloway, 1994–8 By Julian Thomas. Pp 320. Monochrome illustrations, 8 colour plates. ISBN 978 1 84217 247 6 Oxbow Books. 2007. Price £48 (hb)
vol. 30 (1-2): 209-211
Atlantic Connections and Adaptations: Economies, environments and subsistence in lands bordering the North Atlantic Edited by R. A. Housley and G. Coles. Pp 288. 101 black and white figures, 33 tables. ISBN 1 84217 106 2 Oxford: Oxbow Books. 2004. Price
vol. 30 (1-2): 211-212
Sæteren ved Argisbrekka. Økonomiske forandringer på Færøerne i vikingetid og tidlig middelalder (The Shieling at Argisbrekka. Economic development during the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages on the Faroe Islands) By Ditlev L. Mahler. Pp 525. 215 black and
vol. 30 (1-2): 213-214