Scottish Historical Review

The Scottish Historical Review is the premier journal in the field of Scottish Historical Studies, covering all periods of Scottish history from the early to the modern, encouraging a variety of historical approaches.

Contributors are regarded as authoritative in their subject area; the pages of the journal are regularly graced by leading Scottish historians.

In addition to its extensive book reviews, the Scottish Historical Review supports the compilation of List of Articles in Scottish History and List of Essays on Scottish History in Books, which cover articles published in the preceding year which is included in the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

Published Apr & Oct

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Latest articles

Volume 93 (1)

Our Friend in the North: The Origins, Evolution and Appeal of the Cult of St Duthac of Tain in the Later Middle Ages
vol. 93 (1): 1-28
Episcopacy in the Mind of Robert Baillie, 1637–1662
vol. 93 (1): 29-55
Poems and Festivals, Art and Artefact and the Commemoration of Robert Burns, c.1844–c.1896
vol. 93 (1): 56-79
Official Histories of Parliament and the Nature of the Union of 1707: A Forgotten Episode in Anglo-Scottish Academic Relations
vol. 93 (1): 80-108
‘The Earl and the Doctor’: Richard Jebb, James Donaldson and University Politics in Victorian Scotland
vol. 93 (1): 109-141
The Architecture of the Scottish Medieval Church, 1100–1560. By Richard Fawcett. Pp. xiii, 456. ISBN: 9780300170498. New Haven and London: Yale University Press (published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art), 2011. £50.00.
vol. 93 (1): 142-144
‘Of Laws of Ships and Shipmen’: Medieval Maritime Law and its Practice in Urban Northern Europe. By Edda Frankot. Pp. xiv, 223. ISBN: 9780748646241. Surrey: Edinburgh University Press for Scottish Historical Review Monographs, 2012. £45.00.
vol. 93 (1): 144-145
Short Scottish Prose Chronicles. Edited by Dan Embree, Edward Donald Kennedy and Kathleen Daly, with Latin translations by Susan Edgington. Pp. ix, 395. ISBN: 9781843837459. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2012. £60.00.
vol. 93 (1): 146-147
Scots in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 16th–18th Centuries: The Formation and Disappearance of an Ethnic Group. By Peter Paul Bajer. Pp. xxviii, 588. ISBN: 9789004212473. Leiden: Brill, 2012. €161.00.
vol. 93 (1): 147-149
A King Translated: The Writings of James VI & I and their Interpretation in the Low Countries, 1593–1603. By Astrid Stilma. Pp. xi, 324. ISBN: 9780754661887. Farnham: Ashgate, 2012. £70.00.
vol. 93 (1): 149-151
The Community of the College of Justice: Edinburgh and the Court of Session 1687–1808. By John Finlay. Pp. viii, 296. ISBN: 9780748645770. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012. £75.00.
vol. 93 (1): 151-152
The Stuarts in Italy, 1719–1766: A Royal Court in Permanent Exile. By Edward T. Corp. Pp. xi, 416. ISBN: 9780521513272. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. £62.00.
vol. 93 (1): 153-154
The Spirit of the Union: Popular Politics in Scotland, 1815–1820. By Gordon Pentland. Pp. x, 205. ISBN: 9781851961535. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011. £60.00.
vol. 93 (1): 154-156
‘Send Back the Money!’ The Free Church of Scotland and American Slavery. By Iain Whyte. Pp. 175. ISBN: 9780227173893. Cambridge: James Clarke & Co., 2012. £20.00.
vol. 93 (1): 156-158
Scotland and the 19th-Century World. Edited by Gerard Carruthers, David Goldie and Alastair Renfrew. Pp. 285. ISBN: 9789042035621. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2012. £51.00.
vol. 93 (1): 158-160

Volume 92 (2)

Courage, Fear and the Experience of the Later Medieval Scottish Soldier
vol. 92 (2): 179-206
‘Little Story Books’ and ‘Small Pamphlets’ in Edinburgh, 1680–1760: The Making of the Scottish Chapbook
vol. 92 (2): 207-230
Landowners and Urban Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
vol. 92 (2): 231-254
Hell-Raising and Hair-Razing: Violent Robbery in Nineteenth-Century Scotland
vol. 92 (2): 255-274
Druim Alban, Dorsum Britanniae – ‘the Spine of Britain’
vol. 92 (2): 275-289