Settler Colonial Studies

Settler Colonial Studies was established to respond to a growing demand for reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation. The journal aims to establish settler colonial studies as a distinct field of scholarly research. Scholars and students will find and contribute to historically-oriented research and analyses covering contemporary issues. We also aim to present multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, involving areas like history, law, genocide studies, indigenous, colonial and postcolonial studies, anthropology, historical geography, economics, politics, sociology, international relations, political science, literary criticism, cultural and gender studies and philosophy.

Publishes 4 issues a year.

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Latest articles

‘Blond Beasts of Prey’: A Nietzschean interpretation of the language of Britain's colonisation of New Zealand
Introduction: Indigeneity and the work of settler archives
Melissa Adams-Campbell, ONLINE EARLY
Archival recognition: the Pointe-au-Chien's and Isle de Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi-Chitmacha Confederation of Muskogees' fight for federal recognition
Courtney Rivard, ONLINE EARLY
Archival absence: the burden of history
Ashley Glassburn Falzetti, ONLINE EARLY
Life of Black Hawk: a Sauk and Mesquakie archive
Melissa Adams-Campbell, ONLINE EARLY
Brief response to ‘Indigeneity and the colonial work of the archives’
Rosa-Linda Fregoso, ONLINE EARLY
Settler-colonial citizenship: conceptualizing the relationship between Israel and its Palestinian citizens
Nadim N. Rouhana, ONLINE EARLY
Oral history, colonialist dispossession, and the state: the Palestinian case
Rosemary Sayigh, ONLINE EARLY
Second-rate victims: the forced sterilization of Indigenous peoples in the USA and Canada
Leonardo Pegoraro, ONLINE EARLY
Settler-colonialist management of entrances to the native urban space in Palestine
Emile Badarin, ONLINE EARLY
Do unto others as they have done unto you: explaining the varying tragic outcomes of settler colonialism
Shaiel Ben-Ephraim, ONLINE EARLY
Colonialism and the politicisation of difference
Suren Pillay, ONLINE EARLY
Recognition, sovereignty struggles, and indigenous rights in the United States
‘Killed for being in the way of the great land theft’: civilian-driven settler genocides in California and Queensland
Mohamed Adhikari, ONLINE EARLY
Madness and marginality: the lives of Kenya's White insane
Brett Shadle, ONLINE EARLY
The transit of empire: indigenous critiques of colonialism
Adam J. Barker, ONLINE EARLY

Volume 5 (1)

A German on the Prairies: Max Sering and settler colonialism in Canada
Robert L. Nelson, vol. 5 (1): 1-19
Contaminating and collapsing Indigenous space: judicial narratives of Canadian territoriality
Michael McCrossan, vol. 5 (1): 20-39