The Sixties A Journal of History, Politics and Culture

No recent decade has been so powerfully transformative in the United States and much of the world as the 1960s. The era's social movements - from civil rights, to feminism, student and youth protest, environmentalism, and nascent conservativism - dramatically changed the political culture of the developed west. Meanwhile, the decade's decolonization struggles altered the nature and balance of global power. In Communist Europe, incipient democracy movements set the stage for the revolutions that ended the Cold War. Collectively, these movements gave the 1960s their signal identity, and dominate understandings of their historical legacy.

Whether in the United States, or across the globe, no recent decade has had such an enduring grip on politics, culture, and consciousness as the 1960s.

The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture, features cross-disciplinary, accessible and cutting-edge scholarship from academics and public intellectuals. In addition to research essays and book reviews, The Sixties includes conversations, interviews, graphics, and analyses of the ways the 1960s continue to be constructed in contemporary popular culture.

2 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Volume 0 (0)

“Talkin’ ‘bout my generation”: conflicts of generation building and Europe’s “1968”
Gordian knot: apartheid and the unmaking of the liberal world order
OUR BACK PAGES: CONVERSATIONS WITH THE SIXTIES Out of the blue: an airman’s unlikely journey through the Vietnam War, the Pentagon and the radical left
Engineers for change: competing visions of technology in 1960s America
Last season of innocence: the teen experience in the 1960s
Mad Men, mad world: sex, politics, style and the 1960s

Volume 6 (1)

Building the counterculture, creating right livelihoods: the counterculture at work
vol. 6 (1): 1-24
“Light from the East”: travel to China and Australian activism in the “long Sixties”
vol. 6 (1): 25-44
Lightshows and the cultural politics of light: mid-century cosmologies
vol. 6 (1): 45-64
The style of negation and the negation of style: the Anglicization of the Situationist International
vol. 6 (1): 65-81
Dangerous, divine, and marvelous? The legacy of the 1960s in the political cinema of Europe and Brazil
vol. 6 (1): 82-100
Zaprudered: the Kennedy assassination film in visual culture
vol. 6 (1): 101-104
All in the family: the realignment of American democracy since the 1960s
vol. 6 (1): 104-106
Are you experienced? How psychedelic consciousness transformed modern art
vol. 6 (1): 106-109
How we forgot the Cold War: a historical journey across America
vol. 6 (1): 109-110
Buying the farm: peace and war on a sixties commune
vol. 6 (1): 110-113
Equal time: television and the civil rights movement
vol. 6 (1): 113-116
Portland in the 1960s: stories from the counterculture
vol. 6 (1): 116-119
The John Lennon letters
vol. 6 (1): 119-122
Careless raptures and Newhouse traps: conversations with Daniel Aaron on the Sixties, aging, and utopian communities
vol. 6 (1): 123-141