Slavery & Abolition

Slavery & Abolition is the only journal devoted in its entirety to a discussion of the demographic, socio-economic, historical and psychological aspects of human bondage from the ancient period to the present. It is also concerned with the dismantling of the slave systems and with the legacy of slavery. The journal publishes research articles, comments, reflections and review articles. There are frequent special thematic issues and an important annual bibliographical supplement on slavery which provides the only comprehensive listing of books and articles in the field.

4 issues per year.

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Latest articles

Up from Childhood: When African-American Enslaved Children Learned of Their Servile Status
Slave Trading in a Republic of Credit: Financial Architecture of the US Slave Market, 1815–1840
‘The State of Slavery': Somerset, The Slave, Grace, and the Rise of Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery Constitutionalism in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World

Volume 36 (2)

Maintaining Network Boundaries: Islamic Law and Commerce from Sahara to Guinea Shores
vol. 36 (2): 211-232
Death Rites as Birthrights in Atlantic New Orleans: Kinship and Race in the Case of María Teresa v. Perine Dauphine
vol. 36 (2): 233-256
‘Tumult and Silence’ in the Study of the American Slave Revolts
vol. 36 (2): 257-274
‘The Light of Knowledge Follows the Impulse of Revolutions’: Prince Saunders, Baron de Vastey and the Haitian Influence on Antebellum Black Ideas of Elevation and Education
vol. 36 (2): 275-297
‘A Full Knowledge of the Subject of Slavery’: The Amistad, Expert Testimony, and the Origins of Atlantic Studies
vol. 36 (2): 298-318
Black Caribbean Empowerment and Early Eighteenth-Century Moravian Missions Documents
vol. 36 (2): 319-334
Frank Travels: Space, Power and Slave Mobility in the British Leeward Islands, c. 1700–1730
vol. 36 (2): 335-359
Calvinism, Proslavery and James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw
vol. 36 (2): 360-381
The New Slave Narrative and the Illegibility of Modern Slavery
vol. 36 (2): 382-405
The Diambourou: slavery and emancipation in Kayes – Mali [DVD]
vol. 36 (2): 406-408
Slaves and Englishmen: Human Bondage in the Early Modern Atlantic World
vol. 36 (2): 409-410
West African Warfare in Bahia and Cuba: Soldier Slaves in the Atlantic World, 1807–1844: Negro Comrades of the Crown: African Americans and the British Empire Fight the U.S. Before Emancipation
vol. 36 (2): 410-412
Ever Faithful: Race, Loyalty, and the Ends of Empire in Spanish Cuba
vol. 36 (2): 412-414
Rivers of gold, lives of bondage: Governing through slavery in colonial Quito
vol. 36 (2): 414-416
Mastering the Niger: James MacQueen's African geography & the struggle over Atlantic slavery
vol. 36 (2): 416-418
To render invisible: Jim Crow and public life in New South Jacksonville
vol. 36 (2): 418-419

Volume 36 (1)

Charles Dickens, the American South, and the Transatlantic Debate over Slavery
vol. 36 (1): 1-25