Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness, and medical treatment in the past. It is committed to publishing work on the social history of medicine from a variety of disciplines. The journal offers its readers substantive and lively articles on a variety of themes, critical assessments of archives and sources, conference reports, up-to-date information on research in progress, a discussion point on topics of current controversy and concern, review articles, and wide-ranging book reviews.

Triannually: April, August, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (2)

Introduction: Infertility in Medieval and Early Modern Medicine
Oren-Magidor, D., Rider, C., vol. 29 (2): 211-223
Anne of Bohemia and Her Struggle to Conceive
Geaman, K. L., vol. 29 (2): 224-244
Men and Infertility in Late Medieval English Medicine
Rider, C., vol. 29 (2): 245-266
'In the Merry Month of May: Instructions for Ensuring Fertility in MS British Library, Lansdowne 380
Tyers, T. L., vol. 29 (2): 267-289
Literate Laywomen, Male Medical Practitioners and the Treatment of Fertility Problems in Early Modern England
Oren-Magidor, D., vol. 29 (2): 290-310
'They are called Imperfect men: Male Infertility and Sexual Health in Early Modern England
Evans, J., vol. 29 (2): 311-332
'Elderly years cause a Total dispaire of Conception: Old Age, Sex and Infertility in Early Modern England
Toulalan, S., vol. 29 (2): 333-359
Malaria and Colonialism in Korea, c.1876-c.1945
Kim, J.-R., vol. 29 (2): 360-383
Harnessing the Power of Difference: Colonialism and British Chronic Disease Research, 1940-1975
Moore, M. D., vol. 29 (2): 384-404
Leonard Smith, Insanity, Race and Colonialism: Managing Mental Disorder in the Post-Emancipation British Caribbean 1838-1914
Welch, P. L. V., vol. 29 (2): 405-406
Louise Hide, Gender and Class in English Asylums, 1890-1914
Coleborne, C., vol. 29 (2): 406-407
Howard Chiang (ed.), Psychiatry and Chinese History (Studies for the Society for the Social History of Medicine)
Jiang, L., vol. 29 (2): 408-409
Laure Murat, The Man Who Thought He Was Napoleon: Toward a Political History of Madness
Fauvel, A., vol. 29 (2): 409-411
Claudia Malacrida, A Special Hell: Institutional Life in Albertas Eugenic Years
Jirik, K. N., vol. 29 (2): 411-412
Maria Pia Donato, Sudden Death: Medicine and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Rome.
Laverda, A., vol. 29 (2): 412-414
Fabrice Brandli and Michel Porret (eds), Les Corps Meurtris: investigations judiciares et expertises medico-legales au XVIIIe siecle
McClive, C., vol. 29 (2): 414-415
Saurabh Mishra, Beastly Encounters of the Raj: Livelihoods, Livestock and Veterinary Health in North India
Hughes, J. E., vol. 29 (2): 415-417
Kim Price, Medical Negligence in Victorian Britain: The Crisis of Care under English Poor Law, c. 1834-1900
Ritch, A., vol. 29 (2): 417-418
D.S. Lucey and Virginia Crossman (eds), Health Care in Ireland and Britain from 1850: voluntary, regional and comparative perspectives
Jones, G., vol. 29 (2): 418-420
Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz, The London Lock Hospital in the Nineteenth Century: Gender, Sexuality and Social Reform
Hanley, A., vol. 29 (2): 420-422