Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness, and medical treatment in the past. It is committed to publishing work on the social history of medicine from a variety of disciplines. The journal offers its readers substantive and lively articles on a variety of themes, critical assessments of archives and sources, conference reports, up-to-date information on research in progress, a discussion point on topics of current controversy and concern, review articles, and wide-ranging book reviews.

Triannually: April, August, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 29 (1)

Embodying 'the new white race: Colonial Doctors and Settler Society in Algeria, 1878-1911
Ann Chopin, C., vol. 29 (1): 1-20
Patronage and Enlightened Medicine in the Eighteenth-century British Military: The Rise and Fall of Dr John Pringle, 1707-1782
Weidenhammer, E., vol. 29 (1): 21-43
Liberalism and the Crisis of Health Care in Harlem in the 1960s
Oltman, A., vol. 29 (1): 44-65
Accidents and Apathy: The Construction of the 'Robens Philosophy of Occupational Safety and Health Regulation in Britain, 1961-1974
Sirrs, C., vol. 29 (1): 66-88
More 'Marginal Men: A Prosopography of Scottish Shop-keeping Doctors in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Jenkinson, J., vol. 29 (1): 89-111
The Gospel of Good Obstetrics: Joseph Bolivar DeLee's Vision for Childbirth in the United States
Lewis, C. H., vol. 29 (1): 112-130
Were the First Transplants Done by Donation after Cardiac Death?
White, F. J., vol. 29 (1): 131-153
British Romantic Generalism in the Age of Specialism, 1870-1990
Casper, S. T., Welsh, R., vol. 29 (1): 154-174
Anne Kirkham and Cordelia Warr (eds), Wounds in the Middle Ages
Wallis, F., vol. 29 (1): 175-177
Sara F Matthews-Greico (ed), Cuckoldry, Impotence and Adultery in Europe (15th-17th Century)
Evans, J., vol. 29 (1): 177-178
John Slater, Marialuz Lopez-Terrada and Jose Pardo-Tomas (eds), Medical Cultures of the Early Modern Spanish Empire
Giurgevich, L., vol. 29 (1): 179-180
Erica Charters, Disease, War and the Imperial State: The Welfare of the British Armed Forces during the Seven Years' War
Neufeld, M., vol. 29 (1): 180-181
Kathleen Frederickson, The Ploy of Instinct: Victorian Sciences of Nature and Sexuality in Liberal Governance
Furlong, C., vol. 29 (1): 182-183
Juanita De Barros, Reproducing the British Caribbean: Sex, Gender, and Population Politics after Slavery
Salt, K. N., vol. 29 (1): 183-184
Astrid Stölzle, Kriegskrankenpflege im Ersten Weltkrieg. Das Pflegepersonal der freiwilligen Krankenpflege in den Etappen des Deutschen Kaiserreichs
Hackmann, M., vol. 29 (1): 184-185
Robert Jütte, Krankheit und Gesundheit in der Frühen Neuzeit
Hammond, M. L., vol. 29 (1): 185-187
Will Jackson, Madness and Marginality: The Lives of Kenya's White Insane
Greenwood, A., vol. 29 (1): 187-188
Bridie Andrews and Mary Brown Bullock (eds), Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China
Li, S., vol. 29 (1): 188-190
Alison S. Fell and Christine E. Hallett (eds), First World War Nursing: New Perspectives
Wall, R., vol. 29 (1): 190-191
Barry Doyle, The Politics of Hospital Provision in Early Twentieth-Century Britain
Mohan, J., vol. 29 (1): 192-193