Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness, and medical treatment in the past. It is committed to publishing work on the social history of medicine from a variety of disciplines. The journal offers its readers substantive and lively articles on a variety of themes, critical assessments of archives and sources, conference reports, up-to-date information on research in progress, a discussion point on topics of current controversy and concern, review articles, and wide-ranging book reviews.

Triannually: April, August, December.

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Latest articles

Volume 28 (4)

Cryptic Pregnancies and their Legal Consequences in Pre-Modern Finland
Rautelin, M., vol. 28 (4): 663-685
'A virtue beyond all medicine': The Hanged Man's Hand, Gallows Tradition and Healing in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century England
Davies, O., Matteoni, F., vol. 28 (4): 686-705
Migration and Madness at Sea: The Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-century Voyage to New Zealand
McCarthy, A., vol. 28 (4): 706-724
Fathers and Hospital Childbirth in New Zealand
Bryder, L., vol. 28 (4): 725-741
Charles V. Roman and the Spectre of Polygenism in Progressive Era Public Health Research
Keel, T. D., vol. 28 (4): 742-766
'The bones tell a story the child is too young or too frightened to tell': The Battered Child Syndrome in Post-war Britain and America
Crane, J., vol. 28 (4): 767-788
'A Chequered (and Mated) Scientific Career': Robert Case and the Politics of Occupational Bladder Cancer
Higgins, D., Tweedale, G., vol. 28 (4): 789-804
Bolstering the Greatness of the Homeland: Productivity, Disability and Medicine in Franco's Spain, 1938-1966
Martinez-Perez, J., Del Cura, M., vol. 28 (4): 805-824
Making up 'Vulnerable' People: Human Subjects and the Subjective Experience of Medical Experiment
Campbell, N. D., Stark, L., vol. 28 (4): 825-848
'Dear Father my health has broken down': Writing Health in Irish Charity Letters, 1922-1940
Earner-Byrne, L., vol. 28 (4): 849-868
Medico-politics of Gendered Health: The Case of Cardiovascular Prevention in East and West Germany, 1949-1990
Madarasz-Lebenhagen, J., vol. 28 (4): 869-888
'Insane emigrants' in transit. Psychiatric Patients' Files as a Source for the History of Return Migration, c. 1910
Blok, G., vol. 28 (4): 889-901
William Clift's Sketches of Executed Murderers
Neher, A., vol. 28 (4): 902-921
Mrs Stone & Dr Smellie: Eighteenth-century Midwives and their Patients
Badger, F., vol. 28 (4): 922-923
Paula J. Martin. Suzanne Noël: Cosmetic Surgery, Feminism and Beauty in Early Twentieth-Century France
Davis, K., vol. 28 (4): 923-924
Barron H. Lerner, The Good Doctor: A Father, A Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics
Stark, L., vol. 28 (4): 925-926
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti (ed.), War, Art and Surgery: The Work of Henry Tonks and Julia Midgley
Callen, A., vol. 28 (4): 926-928
Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds, Nye: The Political Life of Aneurin Bevan
Seaton, A., vol. 28 (4): 928-929
Steven M. Oberhelman (ed.), Dreams, Healing, and Medicine in Greece: From Antiquity to the Present
Totelin, L., vol. 28 (4): 930-931
Megan J. Coyer and David E. Shuttleton (eds), Scottish Medicine and Literary Culture, 1726-1832
Wilson, E., vol. 28 (4): 931-933