Heythrop College Library

The Library, Heythrop College
Kensington Square, London, W8 5HN

(020) 7795 4250/4254 (history collection)
(020) 7795 4253 (fax)


History is located in the Theology Library.

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday term time 09.30-22.00
Friday term time 09.30-19.00
Monday - Friday vacation 09.30-17.30
Saturday term time 10.00-17.00


    University access arrangements apply for those with University of London status. Casual readers admitted on a one-off basis. Disabled access is limited. Borrowing rights for students registered for Heythrop courses and for those eligible under the M25 and SCONUL Access schemes.

    Reader places:

    47 in the location of the History Collection.

    Librarian in charge:

    Christopher Pedley

    Staff availabilty:

    A member of staff is always available when the Library is open, although numbers of staff are reduced after 1730 on weekdays, and on Saturdays.


    Some 100,000 volumes are on the Computer Catalogue out of a total of c. 200,000 volumes in the Library. This includes all periodicals. There is a card catalogue for the remainder (a separate one for pre-1801 imprints). 


    Library of Congress, modified in some subjects.


    Some 7,500 secondary titles in ecclesiastical history, with especial emphasis on the history of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Christian Churches. Primary sources are held in greater numbers (fathers of the Church, official documents of various kinds) but are difficult to quantify.

    Special collections or strengths:

    The history of early Christianity (up to c. 700), the history of the Papacy, and the history of Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism, in Britain. There are also strong collections in the history of Church Law and Liturgy.

    Additional facilities:

    Photocopying facilities are available. There is a canteen open to all.