Institute of Classical Studies Library and the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies

Institute of Classical Studies Library and Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

(020) 7862 8710 (Colin Annis)
(020) 7862 8709 (Sue Willetts)
(020) 7862 8724 (Fax)
(020) 7862 8735 (Fax)


Senate House South Block: 3rd Floor (Entrance by main lifts)

Hours of opening:

Term time:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday   0930 - 2000
Monday and Friday 0930 - 1800
Saturday 1000 - 1630


Monday - Friday     0930 - 1800
Saturday  1000 - 1630

Note: Closed on Saturdays in August and on public and discretionary holidays. Also closed for two weeks at the end of August to include the Bank Holiday.


The Institute library is combined with the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies whose books may be consulted by all members, but borrowed by Society members only.  No Institute books may be borrowed.

Institute membership is available to the following:

Teachers in Classical Studies from UK and overseas universities and university colleges, research students in Classical Studies from UK and overseas universities and university colleges who are recommended by their academic supervisor. 

For details of the Societies' membership and subscription rates, together with downloadable membership forms, please refer to their respective websites, as follows:

Hellenic Society: (under Membership & Subscriptions)

Roman Society:  

Intending (full) members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing or other responsible person; students should be sponsored by their tutor/supervisor.

Admission is always allowed to consult material not available elsewhere in the University.  However, a maximum of two visits only is allowed to non-members.

Wheelchair access: notice is advisable for a first-time visit (phone or letter).

Reader places:

70 (without workstations) 15 (with workstations)

Librarians in charge:

Mr C H Annis (Librarian)

Mr P L Jackson (Deputy Librarian)

Staff availability:

Whenever the library is open.


Since the major retroconversion programme was completed in 1997, the Library’s entire holdings now appear on the University of London Research Library Services’ INNOPAC Millennium on-line cataloguing system. In addition there are print-outs of the Library’s periodicals holdings, together with a union catalogue on cards of Byzantine accessions in certain London libraries to 1989. The catalogues of the library and of all other libraries in the University of London Research Library Services can be found at




The whole library contains c.114,000 books and c.20,000 periodical volumes and receives c.675 current periodicals.

Covers all aspects of Graeco-Roman antiquity. At least half of the library consists of source and secondary material for the study of ancient history of the Mediterranean area.

Special collections or strengths:

Very strong in source material and works of reference. The main research collection for Greek and Roman history in London. Acquisitions include the library of the late Professor H H Scullard (King's College) left by him to the Roman Society.

Card indexes in the Reading Room for:

            Articles in Festschriften held by the Library (up to 1990)

            Bibliographical articles in selected periodicals

            Unpublished University of London theses held by the library

            Index to the Subject Catalogue

            Classical theses in progress and completed (British Universities up to1998)

The slide collection (Hellenic and Roman Societies) is available to members of the Societies for hire and to non-members of the Societies for reference only, but both members and non-members may purchase copies of slides sets with accompanying lecture notes and copies of the catalogues of the slides collection.

Additional facilities (available to members only):

Photocopying. Microfilm/fiche readers. Microscopes (papyrology). Word processing facilities. Internet searching. Major electronic resources in Classics, ancient history and related fields - for a complete listing, please refer to the Library’s Web-site at