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Before Middle Passage
Hall, Trevor P. (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472463722 Hardback £70
British Humanitarianism and the Congo Reform Movement, 1896-1913
Pavlakis, Dean (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472436474 Hardback £70
British Politics and Foreign Policy, 1744-57
Black, Jeremy (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472423696 Hardback £70
Concepts of Value in European Material Culture, 1500-1900
De Munck, Bert; Lyna, Dries (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472451965 Hardback £75
Conversion in Late Antiquity: Christianity, Islam, and Beyond
Papaconstantinou, Arietta; McLynn, Neil; Schwartz, Daniel (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409457381 Hardback £80
Eurasian Slavery, Ransom and Abolition in World History, 1500–1860
Witzenrath, Christoph (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472410580 Hardback £75
Festival Culture in the World of the Spanish Habsburgs
Cremades, Fernando Checa; Fernández–González, Laura (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409435617 Hardback £75
Precinct, Temple and Altar in Roman Spain
Fishwick, Duncan (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412652 Hardback £75
Science Policies and Twentieth-Century Dictatorships
Gómez, Amparo; Fco. Canales, Antonio; Balmer, Brian (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472422323 Hardback £70
The Use of Hereford
Smoth, William (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472412775 Hardback £150
Australia Circumnavigated
Morgan, Kenneth (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781908145116 Hardback £125
Cracks in the Dome
Longair, Sarah (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472437877 Hardback £75
Godfrey of Viterbo and his Readers
Foerster, Thomas (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442680 Hardback £70
The Milne Papers: Volume II
Beeler, John (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409446866 Hardback £100
Understanding Medieval Liturgy
Gittos, Helen; Hamilton, Sarah (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781409451501 Hardback £75
British Entrepreneurship in Poland
Dietz, Sarah (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472441386 Hardback £75
Camera Graeca
Carabott, Philip; Papargyriou, Eleni; Hamilakis, Yannis (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472424761 Hardback £75
Textual and Visual Representations of Power and Justice in Medieval France
Brown-Grant, Rosalind; Hedeman, Anne D.; Ribémont, Bernard (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472415707 Hardback £75
Transnational Networks and Cross-Religious Exchange in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean and Atlantic Worlds
Marriott, Brandon (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472435842 Hardback £65
‘And so began the Irish Nation’
Bradshaw, Brendan (2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472442567 Hardback £75